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Arenac County Census

Delving into the unknown, I begin this trek in Arenac County. It is the easiest for me since I live here. Starting with the 1930 Census, I plan on going backwards through the years. Below the townships listed is a numbered key that contains the questions that were asked during the census. Please follow the active links below. Good Luck!

1930 Arenac Townships

Adams   Lincoln Standish
Arenac Mason

Sterling Village  

Augres Moffat Turner
Clayton Omer


Deep River

Sheet 1A - 4B      Sheet 5A - 8A

Sims Whitney

I found it easier to use these numbers below rather than typing the questions out all the time. I hope it is not too confusing.

1930 Answer Key


Line Number


Place of birth (person)*


Street, Avenue, Road, etc.


Place of birth (person's father)*


House number (in cities or towns)


Place of birth (person's mother)*


Number of dwelling house in order of visitation


Language spoken in home before coming to the U.S.


Number of family in order of visitation


Year of immigration to the U.S.


Name of each person whose places of abode on April 1, 1930, was in this family.


Naturalized or Alien


Relationship of this person to the head of the family


Whether able to speak English


House owned or rented




Value of home, if owned, or monthly rent, if rented




Radio Set


Class of Worker


Does this family live on a farm?


Whether actually at work




Line number for unemployment


Color or race


Whether a veteran of the U.S. military


Age at last birthday


What War or expedition


Marital condition


No. of farm schedule


Age at first marriage


Attended school or college anytime since September 1, 1929

* Sometimes under the places of birth columns, census takers would list a Canadian-born person as English (E) or French (F). If this is true, I will use the letters within the columns.


Whether able to read or write