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208. John ELLIS (8) was born on 19 Sep 1771 in Ashfield,Franklin,MA. He died in 1848 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. Per Ellis genealogy (1888):

"John ELLIS Jr., fourth child of Lieut. John Ellis, was born in Ashfield, Sept. 19th, 1771. He lived with his father until about the age of 19 when he enlisted in the army and went with Gen. Anthony Wayne in a campaign against the Indians in Ohio and Indiana from 1793 to 1795. In a hard fought battle at Falling-Timbers, Ind., he was severely wounded. After his discharge he went down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans, and thence by vessel to New York, and from there home. Soon after his arrival in Ashfield he was married to Abilena Phillips of that town, Dec. 30th, 1795. They then settled in Sempronius (now Niles), N.Y., where they raised a large family of 15 children, all but two of whom grew to maturity, and most of them to old age.

John Ellis was a Methodist in the early part of his life. He was quite a bible student and often an exhorter in the meetings. In the later years of his life he inclined to universalism. He was an honest, sincere and christian man. He died at Niles, NY in 1848." He was married to Abilena PHILLIPS on 30 Dec 1795 in Ashfield,Franklin,MA.

209. Abilena PHILLIPS(8) was born in 1776 in Ashfield,Franklin,MA. She died in 1854 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"Abilena Phillips was born in Ashfield in 1776. She was a daughter of Vespasian Phillips, of Ashfield. She was a true and devoted wife and mother, and a good christian woman. After the death of her husband she lived with her son Anthony W. Ellis in Niles, where she died in 1854. She has a numerous posterity in New York, Ohio and several western states." Children were:

child i. Vespasian ELLIS(8) was born in 1797 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. He died in 1818.
child ii. Sylvia ELLIS(8) was born on 7 Oct 1798 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. She died in Sep 1837 in Perrysburg,Cattaraugus,NY. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"In the spring of 1816, she was married in Sempronius to Mr. John Sprague, and the next year moved to Perrysburg, Cattaraugus Co, NY. Mrs. Sprague died at Perrysburg, in Sept. 1837, leaving five children.

John and Sylvia Ellis Sprague were formerly Baptists, but afterwards became Universalists."

child iii. Azel ELLIS(8) was born on 25 Nov 1799 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. He died on 21 Mar 1863 in Marseilles,Wyandot,OH. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"At about 25 years of age he married Phebe McGee, and she died about one year later. October 30th, 1828, he married Mary Hagerman, who was born in New Jersey, Oct. 23rd, 1795. They had three children, Edward, Phebe and Lydia. About 1841, Mr. Azel Ellis and family settled on a farm in Marseilles, Wyandot Co., Ohio, where he died March 21st, 1863, and his wife Oct. 5th, 1859. He was a carpenter and builder, and an upright and honorable man."
child iv. Harriet ELLIS(8) was born in 1801 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. She died in 1801 in Niles,Cayuga,NY.
child v. Tamer ELLIS(8) was born on 18 Aug 1802 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. She died in 1855 in Marseilles,Wyandot,OH. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"Tamer Ellis married Matthew Vanderbilt, of Sempronius, NY, and they had three children, Abilena, Andrew and Hannah. About 1840, Mr. Vanderbilt and family settled in Marseilles, Ohio, on a farm where Mrs. Vanderbilt died in 1855 and Mr. Vanderbilt in 1877."
child104 vi. Hiram ELLIS.
child vii. Elisha ELLIS(8) was born on 7 Apr 1805 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"When a youth of thirteen years he went with his uncle, Elisha Phillips, when the latter with his family removed to Mt. Vernon, Posey Co., Indiana, on the Ohio river, in the extreme southwestern part of the State. They went down the Alleghany and Ohio rivers, on rafts and flat-boats with their household goods, and settled in what was then a very wild country. When Elisha reached manhood (1828), he married Miss Hannah Bradley, and purchased a new farm at Farmersville, Posey Co., two miles north of Mt. Vernon, where he raised his family, and where himself and wife now reside, at an advanced age of over 81 years. When he first saw Mt. Vernon, now the county seat of Posey Co., in 1818 it had but two log huts. Now it has a populationi of 6000. In his youth Mr. Ellis was a cooper and carpenter. When 21 years of age he visited his old home and parents in Niles, for the last time. In 1849, when the gold-fever broke out in California, he went there by way of the Mississippi river, Isthmus of Panama, which latter he crossed on foot, and sail vessel to San Francisco. The vessel was becalmed and they were 90 days out of sight of land, and were reduced to exceedingly low rations of water and food. He remained in California about one year. In 1827 he was appointed a captain in the State militia, and held the commission for five years, and is always addressed by acquaintances as the "Old Captain." He is widely known, and esteemed as an upright, honorable and Christian man of the Universalist faith."
child viii. Richard ELLIS(8) was born on 16 Jun 1806 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. He died in 1853 in Farmersville,Posey,IN. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"Richard Ellis married Mary P. Selover of Niles, where they lived until about 1836, when with his family he settled on a farm in Jackson, Hardin Co, Ohio, where their three youngest children were born. In 1849 Mr. Ellis went to California, and on his way home he stopped at his brother Ebenezer's, who then lived at Farmersville, Inc., where he was taken sick and died in 1853."
child ix. Hon. Pitts ELLIS(8) was born on 29 Feb 1808 in Murray,Genesee,NY. He died on 1 Feb 1876 in Genesee,Waukesha,WI. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"Hon. Pitts Ellis was born in the town of Murray, Genesee Co., NY (where his parents lived for a time). He received a good education for those times, and in early life was a mechanic. In later life he was a farmer, and dealer in cattle and produce. He was married in Perrysburg, NY to Miss Lucia M. Balcom, and they had five children, four of whom grew to maturity and are now living. In 1841 he was one of the pioneers in the settlement of Wisconsin. He located at North Prairie, and afterwards at Genesee, Waukesha Co. He was the first justice of that town, also supervisor and register of deeds of the county. He was elected to the territorial legislature in 1845, and in 1846 to the constitutional convention, on which the territory was admitted as a state to the Union. He was again a member of the Legislature in 1850. He was a strong advocate of temperance, and the same may be said of all his brothers and sisters. He was an upright, honorable and Christian man."
child x. John J. ELLIS(8) was born on 14 Mar 1810 in Murray,Genesee,NY. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"John J. Ellis married Catharine Selover and they have raised five children. Mr. Ellis and his wife reside in the town of Sennett, Cayuga Co, NY, about three miles from Auburn, where he has a home and shop, in which he carries on the business of manufacturing wagons and carriages. He is quite a mechanical genius, and has invented several very useful implements. He is widely known and esteemed as an upright, honorable and Christian man, although not a church member."
child xi. Charles ELLIS(8) was born in 1811 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. He died in 1812 in Niles,Cayuga,NY.
child xii. Benjamin ELLIS(8) was born on 11 Jun 1813 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. He died on 18 Mar 1881. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"Birth date is from the family bible of his parents in Niles. His children in Ohio, have records giving the date of his birth as 1810. He married Jemima Vanderbilt at Niles, where their four oldest children were born. In 1850 he settled in Wyandot Co. Ohio, on a farm. They had eight children.

In 1856 Mr. Ellis left his farm, and engaged in the grocery business in Marseilles, until the war of the rebellion, when he sold out and enlisted in Co. D, 81st Ohio Infantry Volunteers. He served thirteen months when he was discharged for disability. He was in the battles of Pittsburg Landing, Shiloh and the siege of Corinth. After his discharge he was made First Lieut. of Co. G, 144 Reg. of Ohio National Guards. After the close of the war he engaged as a carpenter and builder. He was a man of unusual intelligence, strictly sober and temperate, a great bible scholar, a member of the Methodist church, and an upright and highly respected man."
child xiii. Ebenezer ELLIS(8) was born on 18 Jun 1815 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"At 22 years of age he left New York, and settled in Farmersville, Ind., where he married Miss Theodocia Phillips, April 11th, 1839. They raised six children, all born in Farmersville. In 1859 he removed to Genesee, Wis. His wife and himself with their son Pitts, now reside in Arkansas City, Kansas."
child xiv. Ruth ELLIS(8) was born on 24 Mar 1818 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. Per Ellis Genealogy:

"She married Mr. George Hall, and for several years they resided in Richland, Kalamazoo Co., Mich. Mr Hall died there in 1872. Mrs. Hall still lives there with her children. The names of the latter were: Maria, Horace and Abilena."
child xv. Anthony Wayne ELLIS(8) was born on 6 Jan 1820 in Niles,Cayuga,NY. Per Ellis Genealogy (1888):

"Was born in Niles, NY, where he now resides on a farm. He has been a farmer all his life. He married Miss Hannah Van Etten, in Niles, and they have raised three children. In the old age of his parents, Mr. Ellis lived with them, and from the old family bible, and other sources he has sent the writer family records, and much other information of value in compiling this book. Mr. Anthony W. Ellis was the youngest of his parents' large family (16 children) and they are all noted for being men and women of the strictest sobriety, morality, and sound religious principles, although not all of the so-called orthodox faith. He was named in honor of Gen. Anthony Wayne, under whom his father was a soldier, and for whom he had great admiration."

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