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9858. John ALSOP (204) was born in 1595. He died in 1631. From Alsop's Tables:
"born in 1595 ..... On May 1, 1617, John Alsopp married Temperance Gilbert, daughter of William Gilbert of Mickleover, and inherited the Alsopp fortune from his father Anthony who died not long after his son's wedding. John died in 1631 at the early age of 36 and his wife remarried William Hopkins of Derby." He was married to Temperance GILBERT on 1 May 1617.

9859. Temperance GILBERT. Children were:

child i. Anthony ALSOP(205) was born in 1619 in Alsopp Manor. He died after 1691. From Alsop's Tables:
"Anthony, the first son of John and Temperance, was born in 1619 in the Alsopp Manor House and in June, 1637, he married Eleanor, the fourth daughter of Sir John Gell of Hopton, co. Derby .... They were wed at Carsington which was the village next to Hopton and only about five miles east of Alsop-En-Le-Dale.

In 1663, when Dugdale's Visitation of Derbyshire was revised, Anthony was given as 50 years of age.......Anthony and his wife resided in the large Alsop mansion located north-west of the village church. Eleanor died on 5 Mar 1712/13 and was buried at Wirksworth.

Very few records have been discovered which give any detailed information on the reason or reasons for the loss of the Alsop estate. This township which had been granted to Gweno about the year 1200, and had been inherited by the eldest son for seventeen additional generations, was sold in 1691 by Anthony Alsop to one of his wife's relatives, Sir Philip Gell, baronet. In the years 1688 and 1689, he also sold the various other estates that he possessed in Alsop, Newton, and Thorpe, to John Barron of Derby. Glover in his "History of Derbyshire" describes the events as having ruined the Alsop estate."
child ii. John ALSOP(206) signed a will on 16 Jan 1643 in Bonsall,Derby,England. He died in 1646 in Bonsall,Derby,England. He had an estate probated on 10 Feb 1646 in Bonsall,Derby,England. From Alsop's Tables:
"John Alsop, brother of Anthony, and second son of John and Temperance Gilbert Alsop, died in 1646 and left a will which gives much insight into this particular generation of the family:

John Allsopp of Bonsall in the county of Derby, gentleman, Jan. 16, 1643 proved 10 Feb. 1646. To be buried in the church at Allsopp in the Dale. To my dear mother Temperance Hopkines fifty pounds which is now remaining in the hands of Anthony Allsopp my eldest brother, as by bond may appear, if she be living: if in case she be dead then the said fifty pounds to go to my two brothers and sister now living in New England, equally to be divided amongst them or the survivor or survivors of them. To my sister Jane Jackson now wife of Mr. Roger Jackson of Ashburne in the said County of Derby, gentleman, the like sum of fifty pounds, and also five pounds to be paid by John Gretrax of Bonsall aforesaid the first day of May next ensuing the date hereof. To my grandmother Mrs. Jane Allsopp twenty shillings to buy her a ring withall, and likewise I give and bequeath to my loving aunt Mrs Dorothy Hopkinson of Bonsall aforesaid widow all my "lead oare" which I have now lying at Bonsall. To my brother Mr. Anthony Allsopp of Allsopp in the Dale aforesaid the sum of ten shillings. For all the rest of my goods and debts now owing which came by my wife Mary Allsopp I give and bequeath unto my said loving wife, after my funeral expenses, debts and legacies being paid and discharged, so long as she shall keep herself unmarried or else she do marry with the good liking and consent of my executors and Jane Allsopp my grandmother. And if in case that she do marry without the full consent and good liking of my executors and grandmother aforesaid then all the said goods and debts which came by my said wife shall be and remain to said two brothers and sister now living in New England aforesaid.
Mr. Roger Jackson of Ashborne aforesaid, gentleman, and my said loving Aunt Mrs. Dorothy Hopkinson to be full executors.
Wit. Edward Fowler, William Fletcher, John Allen's mark, Richard Bullock.
Fines, 34."

child iii. Timothy ALSOP(207). From Alsop's Tables:
"Timothy married Elizabeth Heires of Weeton, co. York and had two sons, John and Timothy, who died without issue. He was in New Haven, Conn. on 2 Feb. 1646 as a witness in a Court proven in 1 New Haven Colonial Records, p. 297. His occupation was listed as a mariner. It is not known if he returned to his family in England or resided permanently in the new world."
child iv. Jane ALSOP(208).
child v. Mary ALSOP(209).
child4929 vi. Elizabeth ALSOP.
child vii. Clara ALSOP(210).
child viii. George ALSOP(211) died prior 12 Nov 1679 in New Haven,,CT. From Alsop's Tables:
"George Alsop, brother of Timothy and Elizabeth and fourth son of John and Temperance Gilbert Alsop, married Dorothy Bentley, daughter of William of Shirley, co. Derby. They had one son John, born 1661.....George Alsop moved to Milford, Connecticut about 1640 and evidentally did not reside continually in America as his son was born in England twenty years later. That he probably did not have smooth marital relations with his wife, Dorothy, is evidenced by the New Haven Court Record of 1 July 1673, which indicates that he would have been willing to have married in Milford except for a wife and two children, living in England.
Tradition says that George Alsop sheltered the regicides, or judges who condemned Charles I to death ..... Many of the judges who had condemned Charles I to death fled to New England for safety and were given refuge by George Alsop and others. Whalley and Goffe were two of the judges in exile who took advantage of Alsop hospitality.
His home became known as George's Celler Hill and it was sometimes called "Judge's Cell Hill." The New Haven Probate Records of 12 Nov. 1679 contain an invoice of the estate of George Alsop, deceased, or at least that part of his estate in Milford, Conn. Silvanus Baldwin, son of George's sister Elizabeth Alsop Baldwin Fowler, was named administrator of the estate."

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