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Old Family Pictures


A few years back, out of the blue,  I was contacted by a distant cousin. He proceeded to inform me that one of my many forum posts caught his eye.  Jim then told me that he was in the possession of some "very old" family pictures that I might be interested in. He was more than kind enough to share these with me and since then finding pictures of my family members has been a great endeavor of mine. 

If you believe you can add to my collection I would be delighted to hear from you.   [click on the red leaf for email]


Below you will find a few of what were long lost family pics....

   Louis Ouellet & Hermine Dumont & family.jpg (90949 bytes) [1]      David Dumont 1809 - 1896.jpg (81841 bytes) [2]       David Dumont shortly before he died 1896.jpg (88697 bytes) [3]      M Thecle Malenfant 1st wife of David Dumont.jpg (312634 bytes) [4]      Tharsile Dubet 2nd wife to David Dumont.jpg (138434 bytes) [5]     Emma Ouellet wife of Etienne Dumont copy.jpg (43677 bytes) [6]     McLaughlin photo.jpg (184614 bytes) [7]

[1] Picture of Louis Ouellet and Hermine Dumont with part of their family. Third from the left [back row] is Louis Ouellet [son of Jean Baptiste & Léocadie Roy Desjardins]. Sitting directly in front of him is his wife Hermine Dumont [daughter of David & Marie Thècle Malenfant]. Back row: 4th and 5th are my great grand parents Joseph Alphonse Ouellet and his wife Almanda Verret. I have not been able to definitely identify the remaining people in the picture. I believe that the names are as follows: Back row left to right: Louis Ouellet [son]; Etienne Dumont [son in law]; Louis Ouellet [father]; Joseph Ouellet [son]; Almanda Verret [wife of Joseph]; Eugène Ouellet [son] Front row left to right: woman holding child [unknown]; Emma Ouellet [wife of Etienne Dumont]; Hermine Dumont [mother]; unknown; Angélique Verret [wife of Louis Ouellet son sister to Almanda Verret]; unknown. 

[2] David Dumont [1809 - 1896] father of Hermine Dumont [wife of Louis Ouellet]. David was the son of Jean Baptiste Gueret dit Dumont and Marie Madeleine Vaillancourt.

[3] David Dumont shortly before he died in 1896.

[4] Marie Thècle Malenfant 1st wife to David Dumont and mother to Hermine wife of Louis Ouellet. Date of picture unknown.

[5] Tharsile Dubé 2nd wife of David Dumont. 

[6] Emma Ouellet daughter of Louis and Hermine and wife to Etienne Dumont.

[7] McLaughlin & McCluskey clan from Grand Falls, Victoria Co, N.B.  Back row starting at the left: first gentleman is my great grandfather William McCluskey and in the front row starting on the right is my grand father Lawrence McCluskey son of William. The rest of the group is a mixture of McCluskey's and McLaughlin's.





Breaking Through Brick walls



Running into brick walls while doing genealogy is not an uncommon occurence. Like most of you I've had my share of these. Below are my prime setbacks in reaching my goal. Don't hesitate to contact me if you think you can be of any help. send me an email 


Mulherin      Long      Lewis      McAlmon      Kennedy      Pennington  


[1] Arthur Mulherin was born in Ireland in April 1826. The last information I find on Arthur [widowed by then] is on the 1911 census living in Grand Falls with his daughter Mary Ellen and her husband John Austin. Brick wall: when did he die and where was he buried?

[2] John Long was born April 4, 1831 i'm told in Emerald Jct on Prince Edward Island. I believe he had a brother James Long living in the same area [Drummond, Victoria Co, N.B.]. These are the only two Longs' in this area showing with P. E. I. as a birth place. Their father showing as born in Ireland and mother on P.E.I. Brick wall: who were his parents and did he have other sibblings besides James?

[3] George B Lewis son of Ichabod and Elizabeth Killam was born Feb 13, 1842. He first married Pheobe McAlmon c.1864. After Pheobe died he married Elizabeth Ann Taylor [daughter of George and Sarah unknown - I believe Sarah's maiden name to be Leaman]. Brick wall: when did George die and where was he buried?

[4] Pheobe McAlmon - not much is known of Pheobe. She was born c.1842 and is believed to be the daughter of John and Mary Ann O'Blenis. She died between 1891 and 1901 [showing on the 1891 census and not on the 1901 census. George her husband is showing as a widower on the 1901 census. On certain documents Pheobe's name also shows as McCallum and Campbell. Brick wall: when did Pheobe die and where was she buried?

[5] Carrie Kennedy married to James Edward "Jack" Hope [marriage date unknown]. She was born c.1862 in USA. I think they were moving to and from Canada and USA quite a bit as some of the children show as being born Canada and some in USA. Jack's death certificate in 1936 mentions that he was a "widower" and the "late Carrie Hope" as the wife. Brick wall: who was Carrie Kennedy? her parents; sibblings; where and when did she die? where and when was she born?  - SOLVED April 8, 2011

[6] John H Pennington son of William E and Isabella Slipp was born 1848 in Maine, USA. He married Margaret Jonah c.1867 and from there started moving around between Canada and USA [Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, New York...] Maggie and John separate and eventually divorce as Maggie marries once more c.1886 Westmorland Co. It is believed that he may have gone to South America at some point and possibly may have come back to either Canada or USA. See Rick Crumes' site. Brick wall: did John remarry at some point? have more children? where and when did he die? 




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Research Information


McCluskey/McCloskey - various marriage records from New Brunswick; Quebec; Ontario; Maine, USA

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