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Anonymous Pictures


The following are unidentified family pictures that have been passed on to me. I would appreciate hearing from anybody who might be able to help identify these people. [click on thumbnail for larger picture]



These 7 pictures, found directly below, were located in my grandfathers' [Etienne Ouellet] photo album after he passed away. I believe these people belong to the Ouellet and/or Levesque family lines.



unknowno01.jpg (191197 bytes)



unknowno02.jpg (201430 bytes)


unknowno03.jpg (192962 bytes)

unknowno04.jpg (78473 bytes)

unknowno07.jpg (169561 bytes)



unknowno05.jpg (241251 bytes)

2nd from left my grandmother Yvonne [Dumont] Ouellet

next to Yvonne - tante Emma [Ouellet] Dumont

next to Emma - my grandfather Etienne Ouellet

Remaining people are unknown


unknowno06.jpg (92451 bytes)


more pictures .....



The pictures below belong to the McCluskey family line - please contact me if you think you can help??




unknownm01.jpg (66019 bytes)



unknownm02.jpg (86516 bytes)

unknownm03.jpg (72854 bytes)

unknownm04.jpg (65466 bytes)



contact - mhlewis


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