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Shenstone - Steeves Cemetery

Hwy 910, Albert Co, N.B.


GPS coordinates:       45.91677N      -64.72659W


One of my husbands favourite hobbies is to go out on his ATV. While out with his friends they came across this small cemetery in the middle of the woods. I was thrilled when he informed me of this and together we made a trip out there to take pictures and transcribe the stones. I'm looking for help on giving this cemetery it's original name. I'll be looking forward to hearing from anybody with knowledge of this cemetery.    Thanks!



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As we're hiking into the woods we can barely make out the little cemetery through the trees.


The closer we get the better we can make out the few headstones. We found stakes clearly showing the cemetery boundaries. We believe this is frequented by moose as we found "a lot" of moose droppings near and in the cemetery area.

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Alfred M Steeves

1828 - 1904

Elizabeth A his wife

1834 - 1890

[looks to be the newest stone in the cemetery]


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Elizabeth A wife of

Alfred M Steeves

died Dec 17, 1890

aged 56 years

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In Memory of

John H Steeves

who died Sept 22, 1868

in the 68 year of his age

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footstone for above headstone


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and 8 infant



Erected by John H Steeves

In Memory of his wife


who rests here with 7 of their

infant children lying at her feet

and was interred with her

last infant on her bosom.

She died Dec the 17th 1839

in the 34th year of her age


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In Memory of


daughter of S & [R or P] Reed

died Nov 23, 1853

in the 18 year of her age



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Frances E

daughter of A & E Steves

died Aug 31, 1860

aged 6 years

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footstone with no headstone

no letters on the stone


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footstone with no headstone


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[this A R headstone is located on the opposite side of the cemetery from the A R footstone]

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Missing/Broken  stone



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Shenstone - Steeves Cemetery




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