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Bay View Cemetery 1880

Mary's Point Road, Albert Co, N.B.

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Samuel V Coonan

died June 11, 1874 age 44 yrs

Olivia H his wife

died Mar 9, 1912 age 76 yrs

Edna E their daughter

died Feb 13, 1872 age 1 yr 6 mos


<===== back of stone

Herman B Coonan

1865 - 1942

Bertie J Bishop his wife

1873 - 1929

Carl L Coonan

1898 - 1975

Mayme A Reid

May 12, 1870

May 13, 1904

Erected in the Memory of

Leonora Sophia

Third daughter of John & Abigail

Reid who departed this life

August the 13th 1846

aged 3 years & 3 months & 15 days

In Memory of Abigail

beloved wife of John A Reid Esq

died Jan 19, 1883

aged 72 years


side of stone =====>

James W Reid

1836 - 1914



In Memory of Margaret

wife of James W Reid

who fell asleep

May 14, 1904 aged 64 years


<===== side of stone

Abner A 1869 - 1933

Beatrice E 1872 - 1965

Elise Bernice 1909 - 1938

Annie Margaret 1903 - 1983

John A Reid Esq

died April 5, 1874

aged 69 years


1868 - 1952


side of stone =====>


In affectionate remembrance of

Eugenia G Reid

beloved wife of George M Reid

who fell asleep in Jesus

Sept 18 1890 aged 33 years

also infant daughter




Infant son of G M & E G Reid

June 9, 1887

Chipman Reid

died May 27th 1901 aged 75 years

Susan beloved wife of Chipman Reid

died June 17th 1898 aged 71 years



<===== side of stone

In Memory of

George Moody Reid

June 10, 1851 - Aug 9, 1918


<===== all around this larger Reid monument


  Charlie 1893      Father         Mother


July 25th 1858 - July 1, 1906


       Abner A Reid       Beatrice E Reid

        1869 - 1933         1872 - 1965

Erected in Memory of


second daughter of

Timothy & Lois Bishop

who departed this life

March 28, 18(45)?

aged (6)? years 2 months (2)? days



Hial Bennett    Florence M his wife

1856 - 1929         1865 - 1936

Walter A

1887 - 1933



Infant 1884            Infant 1899


Infant 1896     Adriana 1902 - 1902



smaller stones all around this monument <=====     =====>

Abigail his wife

1821 - 1866




       Joshua Bennett     Ruth Bennett

         1827 - 1885        1813 - 1895


         Joshua M        Elias Bennett

        1857 - 1876        1818 - 1878


Wm Allan

1854 - 1880


1860 - 1886



In Memory of our loving Mother

Isabelle Gaines

died Oct 11 , 1919 age 61 yrs


<===== back of stone

Armour McFarlane

1814 - 1898

Mary Jane his wife

1822 - 1904

<===== side of stone

Irving 1881 - 1893

Edna B 1888 - 1891

Ralph B 1891 - 1893


John W Turner 1827 - 1920

Margaret C wife of John W Turner

died Feb 28, 1900 aged 68 yrs


<===== side of stone


Isabelle A Bishop 1860 - 1949

Wm H Turner 1869 - 1953

Annette Bishop 1887 - 1974




In Memory of Peter Murphy

died Nov 29, 1896 aged 74 yrs

Maggie his wife

died Mar 20, 1901 aged 77 yrs


<===== side of stone

Edmund S

1852 - 1924

Amelia J

1858 - 1924

<====== back of stone

J L Reid 1868 - 1932

May M Murphy 1864 - 1926

<===== side of stone

In Memory of Amelia Kieley

died Apr 1, 1861 aged 35 yrs

Arthur Murphy 1855 - 1914

Almon Murphy 1944 - 1914


Elmo J

son of Edward R & Annie Pearson

died Feb 28, 1900

aged 1 year


James Watson West 1924 -    

his wife

Norma Mae Milburn West 1927 -    

6 stones mentioned =====>



These six older monuments were moved

from the Sam West farm at N1465833

E724667 NB grid system in 1974

with the help of my son Wm C West & Mr

George C Bishop. My appreciation is here

noted James W West 1983


[stone 1]

Sacred to the Memory of


wife of Levi Elliott

who departed this life

May 8, 1829

in the 28 year of her age

[stone 2]


wife of Elijah West

died April 13th 1836

aged 39 years

[stone 3]

Elijah West

who died April 1, 1853

? in his (?)3 years


[stone 4]

Sacred to the Memory of Eunice E

wife of Samuel West

who departed this life April 12th 1840

in the 47th year of her age


[stone 5]

In Memory of Margaret Brewster

wife of Samuel West

who departed this life August 12 1830

aged 51

[stone 6]

Samuel West 1779 - 1856

A native of Nova Scotia

Lieut Samuel West 1rd Westmod Batt

Permitted to retire with Rank

because of debility & lawness Aug 1825


Carlton O'Connor 1914 -    


Arva Brewster 1918 - 2010

Edward F Brewster 1896 - 1961

his wife

Alice H Pearson 1884 - 1972

Hilda L Brewster 1915 - 1916

Lester F White 1904 - 1975



Albert D Smith

died Sept 28 1903 aged 74 years

Lydia his wife

died May 10 1914 aged 75 years


<===== side of stone

Theadora L

died Feb 1 1880 aged 10 years

Gilbert E

died at Nelson B C Feb 1 1899 aged 27 yrs

Children of Lydia P & Albert D Smith

<===== side of stone

Joseph C 1880 - 1934

Harold P 1877 - 1958

Abigail Mattix

The older monuments - opposite -

were moved from the New Horton

Island cemetery. Repaired and

re-erected here in 1985

By J W West



[stone 1]

Milton A

son of Allen & Elisabeth West

died May 4 1872

aged 2 years & 4 mos


[stone 2]


daugther of Allen & Elizabeth West

died Nov 3 1866

aged 17 years

[stone 3]

Infant child of

Allen & Elizabeth West

died Oct 20 1852

AEt 3 mos & 20 days

[stone 4]

In Memory of Eleanor

wife of Allen West

died Nov 3, 1866

aged 17 years & 11 mons

[stone 5]

Allen B West

died May 31, 1890

aged 76 years


Preston P Wilbur 1913 - 1985

his wife

Edna Brewster 1920 - 2010


<===== back of stone

Glendeen Wilbur Dixon 1905 - 1991

Weldon M Wilbur 1902 - 2000



son of Richard & Mary A Sage

died June 2, 1887

aged 7 years



dau. of W H & L Layton

died Nov 9, 1861 aged 13 years 7 mos


died Dec 12, 1861 aged 11 years 8 mos

Norman Morrisey 1920 - 1969

his wife

Kathleen G Smith 1928 - 2005


Mary J

daughter of Richard & Mary Ann Sage

died June 1, 1888

age 20 years


<=====     =====>

William T

son of Richard & Mary A Sage

died May 20, 1889

age 23 years



Samuel 1870 - 1939

wife Rachel Long 1879 - 1949


Edna M 1899 - 1899

Daughter 1901 - 1901

Harold O 1904 - 1904

Georgie P 1906 - 1907

Fern M 1922 - 1922


<===== back of stone


Murray A 1903 - 1983

wife Maude Smith 1906 - 1988


Eliza Wilbur 1830 - 1911



David L

1965 - 1978


James G Lynn

1911 - 1999

Hazel Marie Anderson

1905 - 1941

wife of Roland Smith


Grace E

dau of Wm G & Minnie B Davis

Born March 1, 1896

Died April 13, 1899


<===== side of stone

Herbert S

son of Wm G & Minnie B Davis

Born Sept 26, 1889

Died Jan 29, 1907


Wayne E Carter 1940 - 1992

Beloved husband of Marian G Lynn


<===== back of stone

Infant son

April 16, 1968

Rev Stewart Lynn 1912 - 2004

Beloved husband of

Janet M Donaldson 1916 - 2008


<===== back of stone

Son Stewart William

Aug 1, 1940 - Nov 28, 1941

Buried in Glasgow, Scotland


Martha M Jonah 1896 - 1962

wife of

Raymond F Pearson 1897 - 1969


Hazen W Forsythe 1834 - 1921

his wife

Patience E Handren 1865 - 1935

Infant daughter

Henrietta 1887 - 1887


Minor A Govang 1891 - 1967

his wife

Beatrice L Steeves 1894 - 1981

their daughter

Velma Unice 1931 -    



Cecil A 1892 - 1910

Dorothea M 1897 - 1898

Calkins 1894 - 1895

Interred at Joggins, N.S.

Edna G Brewster 1903 - 1970

wife of Harold Brewster 1899 - 1985

Gnr Fred Brewster 1921 - 1944

Interred Calais, France


<===== back of stone

George A Brewster

1866 - 1941

Harold G Brewster, Private

29 June 1985   age 86


Edna G

1903 - 1970


side of stone =====>

Arelia S Geldart 1869 - 1943


smaller stone on ground




Eliza B

wife of Allen Bishop

died Oct 16, 1898

aged 57 yrs

<===== side of stone

Allen Bishop

died Nov 22, 1911

age 75 yrs

Sarah A

daughter of Ezra R & Sarah Downie

died May 8, 1891

aged 18 years


Thomas Ezra 1866 - 1944

Nettie M

wife of T E Downie

1880 - 1911




daughter of Ezra R & Sarah E Downie

died Mar 9, 1882

age 20 years


Ethel L

daut. of E A & V E West

died Sept 28, 1880

AEt 10 mo's

Arnold S Long 1919 - 1990

William O Long 1884 - 1967


<=====     =====>

Mabel Bishop

1886 - 1956

wife of

William Long


side of stone =====>

George W 1862 - 1899

Flora M 1879 - 1905



Robert Stevens 1858 - 1940

E May his wife 1870 - 1927

Annie daughter of

May & Robert Stevens

died Sept 21, 1909 age 3 mos


<===== side of stone

William Stevesn 1827 - 1889

Annie E his wife 1837 - 1909


Hugh Alexander

1917 - 1974

his wife

Ina Cameron


back of stone =====>

Otis Cannon

died Nov 28, 1915 age 81 yrs

Almira his wife

died Sept 6, 1912 age 80 yrs

Edgar their son

died June 17, 1919 age 58 yrs


Capt Hugh Alcorn

died Oct 14, 1929 age 61 yrs

his wife Minnie A Cannon 1870 - 1942

Burns W Alcorn 1902 - 1930

<===== side of stone

Annie L 1859 - 1886

Edith H 1863 - 1887

daughters of

Mariner & Elizabeth Cannon

Samuel M Anderson

1873 - 1947

Mable Gaines Anderson

1894    Gram    1951


Carl Arden  1912 - 1967

his wife

Bernadean Snider  1915 - 2008

Dearly loved and always

remembered by daughters

Hazel and Eleanor


side of stone =====>

Nehemiah Stevens

died Aug 2, 1899

aged 61 yrs


Jacob S Beck

died May 15, 1905 aged 86 years

Mary A his wife

died May 8, 1902 aged 79 years

<===== side of stone

Edward Stevens

died Feb 1879 aged 69 yrs

Sarah Ann his wife

died May 28, 1865 aged 45 yrs

<===== side of stone

Adeline E

wife of Alfred Stevens

died Oct 3, 1878 aged 29 yrs


NB Provincial Archives - Daniel F Johnson's New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics
Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 77 Number 1135
Date December 4 1890
County Albert
Place Albert
Newspaper The Maple Leaf

Remininces by an old resident dated Boston, Nov. 17, 1890 - History of Harvey Corner (Albert Co.) - Dear Sir: Being somewhat at leisure thinking of old times and looking back to the years of 1825 to 1830, I thought I would write the history of Harvey, New Horton and Rocher at the time which might be interesting to some of my old associates, as well as the younger people. We will start from Passmores now Harvey Corner and then go up the hill (then all woods) to the gate that opened to the path leading to the house of grandfather Bray. I suppose it may be interesting to the younger generation to know the names of the families, as I proceed with my letter, Gideon BRAY, Benjamin BRAY, Patty BRAY and Olive BRAY completes this family. We will now return to the highway, onward a few rods was the well known Baptist meeting house merely boarded and shingled with rough boards for seats, used only in warm weather, no fireplace or stove. We move on until we come to John SMITH's farm and residence about one hundred rods to the left, his children by his first wife, Jane SMITH, Nathaniel SMITH, John SMITH, William SMITH and Robert SMITH, his second wife a Mrs. REED, her children, Granville REED, Joseph REED and Susan REED, their children by second marriage, Gilford SMITH, Gilbert SMITH and Eliza SMITH, making a very large and happy family. Mr. Smith was a very successful farmer, was also in the lumbering business having a saw mill at Locher Lake. He was the only magistrate south of Shepody River and a gentleman of high standing in that part of the county. The next farm was owned by David OLIVER who soon after moved to Rocher. Next on the right was Taylor STEVENS on the late John REED farm, his children John STEVENS, Edward STEVENS and Ann STEVENS. Then down to the left was the widow Reed's home Inn holder and fortnightly post-office. Her children were Dunkin REED, Gideon REED, John REED and Ruxby REED, late Mrs. William WEST. Next by the mills lived Dunkin, his children, William, James, Ralph and Susan. The saw and grist mills were the only ones south of Shepody river in 1826. The old saw mill would saw about 6 to 8 per day, finally she was new geared and would keep two or three men very busy. People from all quarters came to see the improvement. Over the brook by the noted old willow tree was Jas. TURNBULL's house, his wife, Sarah daughter of Squire REED, a loyalist to the Crown, who at the time of the Revolutionary war with others moved from Conn. to Horton, N.S., from there to New Horton. He was a manufacturer of shoe and knee buckles which were the fashion in King George time. He had two sons, Benjamin REED and James REED, also two daughters, Sarah REED and Betsy REED. The family of Mr. Turnbull was Rufus REED, Louis HUNT, J.S. DODGE and Jerusha COPP (having no children of their own). Next farm above lived Rev. Nathan CLEVELAND, preacher of the Baptist faith for a good number of years and honest man. On the same farm lived Samuel SLOAN, wife and one son Joseph SLOAN. Next farm above, Mrs. Betsy COPP. Her child by first husband was William PECK, by second husband, Eliza COPP, Mary COPP, Jerusha COPP, David COPP and Lucy COPP. On the next above lived Samuel WEST, his children were Mary Ann WEST, Rebecca WEST, Jane WEST, William WEST and Allen WEST, a good industrious family. On the next farm lived William REED who married the widow of James REED, she having one son, the late William J. REED. Her children by last husband were Edwin REED and Chipman REED. Alfred HUNT was one of their family. Mr. Reed was a farmer and ornamental stone cutter, a very good and industrious citizen. Adjoining was David AKERLY's farm, his children, David, Zillah AKERLY, Betsy AKERLY, Sally AKERLY, Eleanor AKERLY and Asael AKERLY. Asael was killed by the limb of a tree falling on him. Next, Gilbert FORSYTHE, children, Jane FORSYTHE and James FORSYTHE. The next building was the school house which the boys will remember by the birch-rod. Our first school teacher was Levi WELLS, next Thomas COCHRAN, (drunk part of the time in school), next Giles SMITH, next William SMITH (rum again). It might be of interest to some of the boys to have the roll called. Here it is: Charles GOFF, Joseph GOFF, Reuben WILBUR, William WILBUR, Mary Ann FERGUSON, Jane FERGUSON, William FERGUSON, James FERGUSON, William CANNON, Hannah CANNON, Sarah CANNON, Laura CANNON, John CANNON, Mariner CANNON; Betsy WILBUR, Obedian WILBUR, Levi WILBUR, Ruth WILBUR, Sarah Forsythe KINNIE, Alfred HUNT, Aldia HUNT, Asael AKERLY, Eleanor AKERLY, Ephraim BENNETT, Betsy CANNON, William J. REED, Edwin REED, Jane WEST, Allen WEST, Mary COPP, Jerusha COPP, David COPP, Alexander BREWSTER, William D. REED and James Ralph REED, John STEVENS, Edward STEVENS, J.S. DODGE, George OLIVER, William OLIVER and Elisha OLIVER. The next was the Hunt farm occupied by Benjamin BRAY, children, Allen BRAY, Austen BRAY and Ann BRAY. Later this farm was owned by Abial PECK. Next farm Grandfather Forsythe family, Gilbert FORSYTHE, John FORSYTHE, Harding FORSYTHE, Caleb FORSYTHE, Sarah Forsthe KINNIE grand daughter. Half mile further down the road David WILBUR and his children, Mary Ann WILBUR, Watie WILBUR, Obediah WILBUR, Levi WILBUR and Ruth WILBUR. Next Otis CANNON, children, William CANNON, Hannah CANNON, Sarah CANNON, Laura CANNON, John CANNON and Mariner CANNON. Next William FERGUSON, family, William FERGUSON, Mary Ann FERGUSON, Jane FERGUSON, James FERGUSON. Next Benjamin WILBUR, John WILBUR and Reuben WIBUR (brother), also Joseph WILBUR. Next farm Grandfather Goff's, very old people, David GOFF, jr., his children Charles GOFF and Joseph GOFF. One mile down the right road were Isaac ELLIOTT, sons, Smith ELLIOTT, George ELLIOTT and Isiah ELLIOTT, close by in the woods, James TAYLOR, children Jane TAYLOR and William TAYLOR. Away down to Rocher Head lived Daniel COPP and his wife, no children. We will now take a run over the beach. First house, Charles ANDERSON and family. Next grandmother Anderson, children Charles ANDERSON, William ANDERSON, Aaron ANDERSON, Rebecca ANDERSON, Nancy ANDERSON, Nelson ANDERSON and Olive ANDERSON. Next, Charles CANNON, wife and daughter Betsey CANNON. Here the road ends and we will now return up back of the beach. The first house and farm was owned by Samuel COPP, his children, Obediah COPP, Delila COPP, Chandler COPP and Jonathan COPP. Next was John COPP wife and daughter Mary COPP, next James COPP and wife. Further along by the little brook lived Convers RICHARDSON of Vermont, he had two sons, also his brother Timothy RICHARDSON lived with him. He ran a saw mill and farmed. Next was William ANDERSON, farmer. Next David OLIVER, his children, George OLIVER, William OLIVER and John OLIVER perished on Nantasket beach with shipmates John ELLIOT and a Mr. DeWOLF. He also had two other sons and one daughter, Elisha OLIVER, Bartlett OLIVER and Mary OLIVER, his business was farming and lumbering, a very industrious man. We will now start from Harvey Corner down the bank road, after passing through the woods, we arrive at Thomas STEVENS' home, one the right his sons, Aaron STEVENS, Elisha STEVENS and daughters. Next the widow Brewster, children Luke BREWSTER, Hannah BREWSTER, Joseph BREWSTER and John BREWSTER. Next farm Ezra BISHOP, boys, Joseph BISHOP and Harding BISHOP. Opposite lived Capt. Newton WELLS, children Newton WELLS, James WELLS and two daughters. Down by the river we find Capt. Isaac TURNER, his children, Elizabeth TURNER, William TURNER and John TURNER. Capt. Turner was heavily engaged in the lumber business at Rocher, also running a large store at the Bank. A very enterprising gentleman. Next over the little brook we find Capt. Hiram EDGETT ship building and trading, his sons Hiram EDGETT and Edward EDGETT. Next grandfather Bishop, sons, Ezra BISHOP, Timothy BISHOP, Joshua BISHOP, William BISHOP, Ann BISHOP and Thomas BISHOP. Then over the horn Elijah WEST, in the woods. Next lived Thomas BREWSTER children, Edward BREWSTER, John BREWSTER and Margaret BREWSTER. On the point or hill lived George TURNER, oner son Henry Alewis TURNER. Half a mile further lived Aaron STEVENS farming and tending fish weirs. We will now return once more to Harvey Corner. On the corner stood Mr. PASSMORE's blacksmith shop and to the west, on the bank of the mill pond, stood his house. His children were James PASSMORE, Joel PASSMORE and two daughters. Over the horn to the left lived the widow Stevens, sons, Edward STEVENS, Nehemiah STEVENS and Rebecca STEVENS. Opposite lived Jonathan ROBINSON, his children were Nelson ROBINSON, Joseph ROBINSON, Leve ROBINSON, William ROBINSON, Ann ROBINSON and Lucinda ROBINSON, farmers and Inn holders. Next up the hill was Aaron STEVENS, school teacher, children, John STEVENS, Mary STEVENS, Jonathan STEVENS and Axie STEVENS. On the next farm lived Nathan BENNETT, children, Josiah BENNETT, Robert BENNETT and Katy BENNETT. Next farm John BENNETT, his children, Sutherland BENNETT, Rachel BENNETT, Sarah BENNETT, Ruth BENNETT, Eliza BENNETT, Elias BENNETT, Johial BENNETT, John BENNETT, Mary BENNETT, Jane BENNETT, Joshua BENNETT and Caleb BENNETT. Next farm George BENNETT, farming and store keeping, his sister Mary Ann BENNETT kept house for him. At the bottom of the hill was Hiram STEVENS, his children, Harding STEVEMS and others. Collins CHRISTOPHER, his children, Charles CHRISTOPHER and Mary Ann CHRISTOPHER. On the farm Nathaniel LOCK, one child, late Mrs. PULSIFER of Salmon River. On the corner as you go to the bridge lived Council TURNER, an industrious farmer and one son John TURNER. We now turn to the left and on the left lived Deacon Joseph TURNER, children, the late Elisha P. TURNER, Allen TURNER and two daughters. One mile further lived grandfather Tingley, his children, William TINGLEY, Daniel TINGLEY, Josiah TINGLEY, Charles TINGLEY, Thomas TINGLEY, Agreen TINGLEY, David TINGLEY and Abigail TINGLEY. Daniel, jr. lived on the corner by the lane, children Josiah TINGLEY and others whose names I have forgot. The Tingleys were heavily engaged in the lumbering business, also farmers. William TINGLEY lived one mile up the lake. With very few exceptions the above record includes all the inhabitants, except children under five years of age. (see original)




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