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Brown Munro Diary


On October 27, 2003 I had occasion to visit the LaSalle County Genealogy Guild.  I was researching the Holler and Stedman families.  After telling one of the assistants what I was looking for she showed me a book which had references to Dimmick Township, the location of Philip Holler's farm.  The book was titled, "Brown Munro, Sr.: A Life in Time (1829-1909)" and was written by Nancy Brown Brooker Bowers.  This was the beginning of discovering a new cousin and a whole new branch of the family.

Brown Munro was a farmer and a neighbor to Philip and Elizabeth Holler.  In fact, his wife, Mary Nisley, was the cousin of Elizabeth Holler, and along with her parents came to Illinois with the Holler Family from Pennsylvania in 1846.  I discovered through the book that Elizabeth's mother was Elizabeth Nisley, Mary's aunt.

Brown Munro kept a diary from 1864 until his death in 1909.  Cousin Nancy has given me the entries for various members of the family and I can't thank her enough for her assistance and generosity. 

Collins Family Hochlander Family Holler, Ella Holler, Emma Holler Family Holler, Frank Holler, George Holler, Harmon
Holler, Hattie Parks Holler, Hattie Watts Holler, Irvin Holler, Jessica Holler, Kate Holler, Martha Holler, Mary Holler, Philip
Holler, Samuel Moore Family Neill, Jennie Ott, Elizabeth Ott, Hiram Ott, Jemima Ott, John Ott, Philip
Ott, Samuel Stedman, Anna Watts Family          


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