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Garcia de Taos
Funeral Notices and Obituries

From the Garcia de Taos Files and
From The Denver Rocky Mountain News (RM News) and The Denver Post (DP)

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J B Garcia Grave Nora Garcia Grave

Garcia, Albert George
Garcia, Ambrosia
Garcia, Andrew I.
Garcia, Augustine
Garcia, Augustine J.
Garcia, Bennie W.
Garcia, Bradford Bruce
Garcia, Carla Schmidt-Marston
Garcia, Courtney
Garcia, Cyrus Walford
Garcia, Dana
Garcia, Daniella Ruth
Garcia, David Edward Patrick
Garcia, David (Gilbert)
Garcia, Donne
Garcia-Dale, Doris Mae Groves ted & Doris Grave
Garcia, Eduardo
Garcia, Emma H.
Garcia, Estevan (Steve)
Garcia, Eugene A.
Garcia-Turner, Felicia Nicole
Garcia, Fidel G. SR.
Garcia, Frances E.
Garcia, Frances L.
Garcia, Frank (The Candy Man)
Garcia, Fred A.
Garcia, Gary Gene
Garcia, Gloria E.
Garcia, Gloria J.(Wheeler)
Garcia, Henry
Garcia, Ida V.
Garcia, Jake
Garcia, Jeremy "J.J."
Garcia, Jerome John
Garcia, Joe S.
Garcia, John T.
Garcia, Johnny, Jr.
Garcia, Jose Bonifacio
Garcia, Jose "Carlos" Sr.
Garcia, Joseph Timothy
Garcia, Juan (John)
Garcia, Kenneth Gilbert
Garcia, Kenneth John
Garcia, Larry Dario
Garcia, Laura Corrine
Garcia, Laura Estella
Garcia, Leona J. "Gango"
Garcia, Leroy Bonifacio Leroy B. Garcia Grave
Garcia, Lori Lynn Victoria
Garcia, Louis
Garcia, Luciano
Garcia, Luis Daniel
Garcia, Luiy Ann (Pfau)
Garcia, Lupe
Garcia, Macario
Garcia, Manuel Richard, JR.
Garcia, Manuela "Vita"
Garcia, Maria M.(Julia) Romero
Steve & Julia Grave
Garcia, Mary
Garcia, Mary Angelina
Garcia, Melvin Bernard Melvin B. Garcia Grave
Garcia, Mark Patrick
Garcia, Novar A.
Garcia, Patricia
Garcia-Vasquez, Pauline
Garcia, Procoro J.
Garcia, Roderick (Rod)
Garcia (Collins), Ronald Robert
Garcia, Roy Rueben
Garcia, Stephen Wesley
Garcia, Theodore Gilbert
Garcia, Thomasita
Garcia, Tiburcio
Garcia, Valerie Ann Anaya

Mimbers of the GARCIA DE TAOS family by marriage

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