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William Docherty (1824-?) married Margaret Palmer (1824-?)
Thomas Docherty (1848-1895) married Janet Strachan (1850-1929)
Thomas Docherty (1873-1945) married Margaret Brown
Margaret Docherty (1907-1995) married John Levendoski

~1846/7 to Margaret Palmer
b. ~1824 at Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
William Docherty
Edward Docherty
Mary Docherty

b. ~1853 at Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland
b. Jul. 8, 1862 8 at Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland
b. ~1865 at Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland
In the 1881 Census, William and Margaret Docherty are both 57 years old.  William's occupation is Coal Miner (also that of his sons William and Edward).  The family was dwelling at 11 Byrehill Row in Kilwinning.
May 20, 1848
Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland
Feb. 21, 1872 to Janet Strachan 4
at Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland
Feb. 22, 1895
Pratt City, Jefferson Co., AL
William Docherty
Robert Docherty
Margaret Palmer Docherty

Susan Docherty
Susan Docherty
Mary Docherty
Edward Docherty
John Miller Docherty
b. Aug. 19, 1869 7 at Kilwinning; d. Oct. 29, 1923

b. May 15, 1874 at Stevenston 5; d. Jul. 5, 1962
b. Jul. 22, 1876 at Stevenston; d. Jul 30, 1940 at Pratt City, AL; buried at Fraternal Cemetery, Pratt City
b. Jan. 16, 1878 at Kilwinning; d. 1878
b. Jun. 13, 1880 at Kilwinning; d. May 1966
b. Nov. 15, 1882 at Kilwinning; d. Nov. 5, 1968
b. Oct. 11, 1884 at Kilwinning; d. Aug. 1941
b. May 3, 1888 at Pratt City, AL; d. Oct. 3, 1890
see Family Group Record at  Ancestral File Frame for more information on the siblings of Thomas Docherty Jr.
In the 1881 Census, Thomas' occupation is listed as Coal Miner and the family dwelling was Corsehill in Kilwinning.
Jan. 4, 1873 2 3 4
Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland
Aug. 20,1891 to Margaret Brown 4
b. ~1871
Nov. 15, 1945
Christopher, IL
Anne Docherty
Thomas Docherty, III
William Miller Docherty

Mary Docherty
Robert Docherty
John Docherty
Jeanette Docherty
Agnes Docherty

b. Sep. 6, 1902 in Pratt City, AL; d. Mar. 11, 1980 in Aurora, Kane Co., IL

Eldorado, IL; d. Sep. 30, 1914 in a rock slide at the mine

unmarried, no issue

Aug. 8, 1907
married 1st
John Levendoski
in Illinois?
married 2nd
Richard Moore Simmons
b. Brooklyn NY; d. Cape Coral FL
other info
SSN issued in Illinois before 1951
Nov. 30, 1995
Alpharetta, Fulton Co., GA
see John Levendoski

 1  The framework for the Docherty lineage was provided by David Bruce Docherty from records maintained by LDS in Salt Lake City.  I am not precisely sure how he determined that this particular Docherty lineage was the relevant one, but I presume that he had knowledge from his father.
 2  International Genealogical Index Record at LDS  provides name as Thomas Childs Docherty, birth date of Jan. 4, 1873 at Stevenston, Ayr, Scotland, parents Thomas Docherty and Janet Strachan
 3  International Genealogical Index Record at LDS provides name as Thomas Docherty; birth date of Jan. 4,1873 at Stewarton, Ayr, Scotland, parents Thomas Docherty and Janet Strachen
 4  Ancestral File Frame at LDS provides name as Thomas Docherty; birth date of Jan. 4, 1873 at Stewarton, Ayr, Scotland, parents Thomas Docherty and Janet Strachan, spouse Margaret Brown; submitted by a descendant of Margaret Palmer Docherty.  Furthermore, this Pedigree provides a good deal of information on both Docherty and Strachan.
 5 Although both Stevenston and Stewarton are mentioned by different researchers, Stevenston seems more likely since it's much closer to Kilwinning and this is confirmed by the 1881 Scotland Census; for all future references, Stevenston will be used
 6  From 1881 Scotland Census; see Docherty Research for citations
 7  According to both of the sources cited at footnotes #4 and #6, the eldest son is William Docherty, aged 11 in 1881 Census.  Not clear why the marriage date is almost three years after his birth!