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The Wilbur Family

For genealogical researchers, there is a wealth information to be found about the Wilbur family in America.

 The family name, like many early ancestral names, has had several spellings, but the lines of descent may be traced for many generations.

Line of Descent

First Generation...............Thomas Wilbore and Alice _______

Second Generation.............Nicholas Wilbore and Ann _______

Third Generation.....Nicholas Wilbore and Elizabeth Thickines

Fourth Generation.....Samuel Wilbore and Ann Bradford

Fifth Generation .......Shadrach Wilbore and Mary Deane

Sixth Generation.....Shadrach Wilbore and Joanna Neal

Seventh Generation....Meshach Wilbore and Elizabeth Leonard

Eighth Generation.....Ephraim Wilber, Sr. and Hannah Field

Ninth Generation.....Ephraim Wilber, Jr. and Susannah Leonard

Tenth Generation.....Laura A. Wilbur and Jehiel Rush

Eleventh Generation ....Susan M. Rush and Henry Vandervolgan

Twelfth Generation ...Mary Elizabeth VanderVolgan and Harrie Ira Dillon

The Wilbur Family

<>First Generation and Their Children

Thomas Wilbore and his wife, Alice (maiden name unknown) were the first generation for this branch of the family.

Child:  Nicholas Wilbore

Second Generation and Their Children

Nicholas Wilbore and his wife, Ann (maiden name unknown) were the second generation.

Child:  Nicholas Wilbore

Third Generation and Their Children

Nicholas Wilbore and Elizabeth Thickiness were the third generation.

Child:  Samuel Wilbore

Fourth Generation and Their Children

Samuel Wilbore and his wife,  Ann Bradford, were the fourth generation.

Child:  Shadrach Wilbore

<> Fifth Generation and Their Children
Shadrach Wilbore and his wife,  Mary Deane were the fifth generation

Child: Shadrach Wilbore

<>Sixth Generation and Their Children
<>Shadrach Wilbore and his wife, Joanna Neal

Child:  Meshach Wilbore

Seventh Generation and Their Children

Meshach Wilbore and his wife, Elizabeth Leonard

Child:  Ephraim Wilbore

Eighth Generation and Their Children

Ephraim Wilbur and his wife, Hannah Field

Child:  Ephraim Wilbur, Jr.

Ninth Generation and Their Children

Ephraim Wilbur, Jr. and his wife,  Susannah Leonard

Child:  Laura Ann Wilber

Tenth Generation and Their Children

Laura Ann Wilber and Jehiel Rush


Susan M. Rush

Alice Rush

Eliza Rush

Delora Rush

Vital Records of Norton, Massachusetts to the Year 1850
Published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Mass., 1906.

Norton, Massachusetts

Pg. 402: Ephraim Wilbur, husband of Hannah, March 1, 1814 in 69th year--G.R. 4 [Gravestone Record--Timothy Plain Cemetery]

Hannah Wilbur, wife of Ephraim, July 6, 1815 wid. Ephraim, in 64th year, G.R. 4 [Gravestone Record - Timothy Plain Cemetery]

This Ephraim Wilbur was the father of Ephraim Wilbur, Jr.

Pg. 341: Ephraim Wilber Jr. and Susan Leonard int. October 13, 1811 (marriage record)

Massachusetts --1800 Census Index

Bristol Co., Mass. Ephraim Wilbore (father of Ephraim Wilber, Jr.)
        2 males under 10 ,
        1 male 10-16,
        1 male 16-26,
        1 male 45+,
        1 female under 10,
        1 female 10-16,
        2 females 45+
        0 freepersons,
        0 slaves

This book also lists a Job Leonard in Bristol Co., Mass. in 1800.

Mass. 1810 Census Index lists Ephraim Wilber--in Bristol County

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