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The Samuel F. Rush Family Ancestral History

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The Rush Family Ancestral History

Line of Descent

To assist the reader in identifying direct-line ancestors and following the generations of the Rush family, this listing contains the names of the members of each generation through which the family line of descent was continued.

1. Samuel F. Rush and Mary Catherine Dellezenne

2. Jehiel M. Rush and Laura Ann Wilbur

3. Susan M. Rush and Henry Vandervolgen

4. Mary Elizabeth Vandervolgan and Harrie Ira Dillon


It appears that there are sufficient clues in the available verifiable information to trace the Rush ancestry further. Based on material discovered so far, it may be possible one day to revise the line of descent to read as follows:

First Generation - Samuel Rush  (1751 - 1835)

             This Samuel Rush is believed to be the man identified in the History of Ontario County, New York: 1788-1876.
              He was a Revolutionary War Soldier and an early settler of Mancester, Ontario County, NY.  He is buried
              in the Village Cemetery, in the Village of Manchester, NY (Source:

Second Generation - Samuel F. Rush and Mary Catherine Dellezenne
Third Generation - Jehiel M. Rush and Laura Ann Wilbur
Fourth Generation - Susan M. Rush and Henry Vandervolgan
Fifth Generation - Mary Elizabeth Vandervolgan and Harrie Ira Dillon

Of the information I have from various sources, the Samuel Rush, listed in this note as First Generation, had eleven children. Among them were Mary, Marquis, Rhoda, and Russell M. If he is an ancestor of this family, then he also had a son named Samuel F. Rush. It appears from other information I have that Jehiel Rush also had a brother named Daniel. I believe further research will lead to confirming or refuting this information, since there are probably reliable sources available.

First Generation

The ancestral history of this particular branch of the Rush family in America begins with Samuel F. Rush, who is the earliest known ancestor through whom the direct line of descent may be traced. Samuel's father and grandmother are mentioned in the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Michigan (1888), but their names are not given. The Hillsdale County Album states that Samuel's father came to America from Scotland with his mother (i.e., Samuel's grandmother) when he was very young and that they settled in Connecticut. It remains unknown when that occurred. Other details concerning the early history of the family are also lacking.

Given the information locating various Rush ancestors in New York and Massachusetts, I have long wondered if it is true that Samuel Rush's father and grandmother settled in Connecticut. Perhaps, this information can be confirmed or refuted in some future genealogical research. The records we have of Samuel F. Rush's life indicate that he married Catherine Dellezenne, daughter of Michael Dellezenne.

Tombstone inscriptions at the Locust Corners Cemetery record that Samuel F. Rush died April 16, 1865, at the age of 83 years, 11 months. That would make his birth date to have been in May of 1781. The tombstone beside his reads, "Mary C. Rush." Possibly her name was Mary Catherine. She died March 13, 1857, aged 66 years, 11 months, and 11 days. That would make her birth date April 2, 1790.

The History of Ontario County, New York: 1788-1876 by Everts, Ensign & Everts is a source of some additional information that may be related to Samuel F. Rush. That source records that a Samuel Rush served in the Revolutionary War (p. 180), but it does not give any dates or any further information concerning his military service. The work also indicates that this Samuel Rush and his family were among the early settlers of Manchester, Ontario County, New York. The Ontario County History gives the following information:

It is from such brief and rambling records that one must piece together the clues to research and compile a family history. Given the birth date of Russell M. Rush in 1793, it is possible that he was a younger brother of Samuel F. Rush and that the Samuel referred to in the sketch is actually the father of Samuel F. Rush. There are sufficient clues that this information might be traced further.

The Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Michigan indicates that Samuel F. Rush was married to Catherine Dellezenne, daughter of Michael Dellezenne. Michael Dellezenne, according to the Hillsdale County Biographical Album, "was a native of France, who emigrated to America some time during the last century (i.e., the 1700's), and settled in the State of New York." The work also indicates that Catherine was a native of New York state. One might wonder when and under what conditions Michael Dellezenne's emigration to America took place. Given the political upheaval in France during much of the 1700's, it is possible that Dellezenne, like other ancestors of Mary Elizabeth Vandervolgan, fled France in search of a better and safer life.

The Hillsdale County History records that Samuel F. Rush "bought timbered land, improved a good farm, resided there (presumably, in Farmington, Ontario, New York) until 1840, and then came to the county (Hillsdale) and made his home in Pittsford Township, where he improved a farm from its wild state, and continued to live here until his death" (p. 189).

        Children of Samuel F. Rush and Mary Catherine Dellezenne

                Orissa Rush, b. 17 July 1806;  d. 11 July 1887;  m. Delonzo Turner   (Descendants of Orissa Rush & Delonzo Turner)   

                Jehiel Rush, b. 13 March 1808 in Ontario County, New York

                Daniel Rush, b. abt. 1810

                Marcus Rush,  b. abt. 1818

                Jane Rush, m. Peter Gates

                Andrew Jackson Rush, b. abt. 1821-1822

                James P. Rush - The 1870 U. S. Census shows Samuel F. Rush living with James P. Rush and James's wife, Melissa.  Living in the same household is also James Turner, age 15.
                                                    James Turner is probably the son of Delonzo Turner and Orissa Rush Turner.

                Lewis Rush, b. abt. 1829

                Seraph Rush, b. abt. 1831

                John Rush, b. abt. 1834

NOTE: The reader may wish to refer to the information contained in the biographical sketch of Henry and Susan Vandervolgen in Appendix C. The names and birth dates of the children of Samuel F. Rush and Catherine Dellezenne, except Jehiel, are unknown. However, it is very likely that Daniel Rush was their son.

NOTE: See information from 1850 Census in Appendix I. It may well be possible to trace this ancestral history of the Rush family to an earlier time given the often surprising number of biographical records that can be found by the persistent genealogical researcher.

Second Generation

Jehiel M. Rush, son of Samuel F. Rush and Mary Catherine Dellezenne, was the second generation ancestor through whom the family line continued. Jehiel was born in Ontario County, New York on March 13, 1808. According to the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Michigan, Jehiel "was reared on a farm in his native state until twenty years old, and then he learned to be a carpenter, and followed that trade in New York State for some years" (p. 188).

On August 28, 1835, he married Laura Ann Wilber (or Wilbur), daughter of Ephraim and Susan Leonard Wilber. Laura was born in Wrentham, Massachusetts, near Boston, on February 15, 1815. U. S. Census records from 1800 confirm that a man named Ephraim Wilbore and his family lived in Bristol County, Massachusetts at that time. This man was quite probably Laura Wilbur's father. At the same time (1800), the record shows a Job Leonard also living in Bristol County, Massachusetts. Job Leonard was the name of Susan Leonard Wilber's father.

In 1837, Jehiel and Laura moved to Michigan. The Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Michigan records that they "located near Hillsdale, where Mr. Rush bought a tract of timbered land. He cleared some of his land, and continued to work at his trade (carpentry) a part of the time." The Hillsdale Album continues the record of Jehiel and Laura's life with the following account:

Tombstones at the Locust Corners Cemetery in Pittsford Township, Hillsdale County record that Jehiel was born in 1808 and that Laura was born in 1815, thus confirming the dates given in the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale County. The tombstones also indicate that Jehiel died in 1898 and that Laura died in 1906. Those dates would indicate that Jehiel and Laura both lived to be about ninety years old, an age of uncommon longevity for that period of history.

Jehiel and Laura had five children, all daughters:

Susan M. Rush, b. 8/27/1836; d. 3/22/1919;

Eliza Ann Rush, m. Jonathan Stafford 
          m.  unknown;  Eliza and Jonathan had two children (perhaps more);
                                        a son, Shirley Stafford and
                                        a daughter, Laura Alice Stafford

Adelaide Rush, b. 1841; d. 1844.

Alice Rush, b. 4/8/1848;

Delora Rush, b. 1854; d. 1936.   Delora never married.  She is buried at Locust Corners Cemetery, Pittsford Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan.

Jehiel and Laura celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary in 1860 just a few days before the marriage of their eldest daughter, Susan, to Henry Vandervolgan. In 1885, Susan and Henry celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary and Jehiel and Laura celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary. There are family stories indicating that these two occasions were marked with one party to which were invited many friends and relatives. It might also be noted that Jehiel and Laura Rush lived together to celebrate sixty-two anniversaries. In the 1800's, this was an unusual milestone. It is further of note that Henry Vandervolgan and John C. Vandervolgan were brothers.

Third Generation

The third generation descendant of the Rush family was Susan M. Rush, daughter of Jehiel M. and Laura Ann Wilber (Wilbur) Rush.

 Susan was born August 27, 1836 and died on March 22, 1919.

On September 13, 1860, she married Henry Vandervolgen, son of Freeman Schermerhorn Vandervolgen and Mary Clement Vandervolgen.

Henry Vandervolgen was born December 15, 1834 in Root, Montgomery County, New York and died in Hillsdale County, Michigan on October 11, 1917.

Both Susan and Henry are buried at the Locust Corners Cemetery, Pittsford Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan.

Susan was born in Macedon, Wayne County, New York. In 1837, when she was barely a year old, her parents moved to Michigan, and were among the first settlers of Hillsdale County.

Henry's parents, Freeman S. and Mary Clement Vandervolgen, came to Michigan in 1838 and also settled in Hillsdale County.

It may be noted that Susan's sister, Alice Rush, married Henry's brother, John C. Vandervolgen.

Alice was born April 8, 1848 and John was born April 16, 1840. They were married November 24, 1868. They had no children.

Henry Vandervolgen and Susan Rush Vandervolgen had two children:


Anna Laura Vandervolgen, b. September 21, 1861; d. January 6, 1988.

Mary Elizabeth Vandervolgen, b. November 3, 1866; d. February 8, 1955.

For additional information about Henry and Susan M. Rush Vandervolgen, see The Vandervolgen Family Ancestral History.

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