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Jacob Janse Schermerhorn

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The following information is from the Olive Tree Genealogy web site
created and maintained by Lorinne McGinnis Schultz.

"Date of Posting to the Olive Tree Genealogy Web Site:
Fri Jan 24 20:42:15 1997

Author: Brian Bartley
E- mail:

Address: 3253 Devonshire Rd.,
Box 24, RR#1,
Camlachie, Ont N0N 1E0

Surname of Immigrant: Schermerhooren
Given name(s) of Immigrant: Jacob Janse

Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: before 1648

Origin of Immigrant:
Waterland, Holland

Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth:
1622, Waterland, Holland

Immigrant's Date & Place of Death:
c.1688, Schenectady, NY

Immigrant's Spouse: Jannetje Segers

Source of Information:
Genealogies of the First Settlers of Schenectady, by Jonathan Pearson,
Published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore.

Immigrant's Children:
Reyer Schermerhooren m. Ariaantje Bratt July 1676 d. Feb 19, 1719

Symon Schermerhooren

Helena Schermerhooren m. Myndert Harmense Van der Bogart

Jacob Schermerhooren

Machtelt Schermerhooren m. Johannes Beekman

Cornelis Schermerhooren

Jannetje Schermerhooren m. Caspar Springsteen, July 28, 1695

Neeltje Schermerhooren m. Barent Ten Eyck

Lucas Schermerhooren, b. 1676? in Schenectady; m. Lysbeth Janse Damen, December 1, 1700. (This information is from one of Lucas's descendants.)

Family also known as Schermerhorn. Quote from aforementioned book follows: "Jacob Janse (Schermerhorn), was born in 1622, in Waterland, Holland, it is said; though in 1654 his father was living in Amsterdam.

He came to Beverwyck quite early where he prospered as a brewer and a trader. In 1648 he was arrested at Fort Orange by Governor Stuyvesant's order, on a charge of selling arms and ammunition to the Indians. His books and papers were seized, and he himself was removed a prisoner to Fort Amsterdam, where he was sentenced to banishment for five years with the confiscation of all his property.

By the interferance of some leading citizens, the first part of the sentence was struck out, but his property was totally lost. These proceedings against Schermerhorn formed subsequently a ground of a complaint against Stuyvesant to the States General. [O'Callaghan's Hist. N.Y. I.,441]

He made his will May 20, 1688, and soon after died at Schenectady.

His estate was large for the times, amounting to 56,882 guilders.

His wife was Jannetje Segers, dau. of Cornelis Segerese Van Voorhoudt.

Brian Bartley's line is through Jacob's daughter, Jannetje Schermerhorn, who married Caspar Springsteen b.c. 1670 at Boswyck, L.I. the son of Melchior Sringsteen and Gertruyd Bartholds (Bartels). " (OTE, posting by Brian Bartley, see info at head of posting)

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