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Jan Clement

For the Clement Family History in America, Jan Clement seems to be one of the family members about whom we will never know all we would like to know. We do not know for certain when or where he was born. We do not know his parents' names. However, recently discovered information suggests that Jan Clement may have been born in 1643 (perhaps in France) and lived in the Netherlands before coming to the new land. While the name Jan Clement actually may be a common name, one might speculate on the number of Jan Clements who lived in the Netherlands in the 1660s, were associated with the French Huegonots, and who left the Netherlands to come to America.

An important historical source indicates that Jan Clement came to America in 1665. The evidence is found in the Oath of Allegiance to the British King that Jan took in 1687. (The link will take you to an copy of the oath. You may scroll to Jan Clement's name.) In 1687, Jan Clement stated that he had been in America for 22 years. If Jan was born in 1643, that would have made him 22 years old when he came to this country.

There also is significant evidence to indicate that he married Marie Bouquet (Boucquet, Bokee) and that they had five children.

In my particular branch of the family, the story has always been that Jan Clement was a French Huguenot who came to America to escape the religious persecution that preceded the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

The following information about Jan Clement was found at
the Olive Tree Genealogy web site.

Date Posted at the Olive Tree Genealogy Web Site:
Thu Jan 16 08:28:09 1997
Name of Person who posted the information:
Lee Harris
E- mail Address:

Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: Before 1665

Origin of Immigrant:
Holland or Germany

Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth:

        (MEVC Note: This would have made him about 15 when he came to America. It appears he traveled alone--although we do not know for sure.)

Immigrant's Date & Place of Death:
? NY

Immigrant's Spouse:
Maria/Mary Boequet/Bokee

Source of Information:
Immigration to Middle Colonies: A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists & Associations . Data from the NY Genealogical Record - Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc. 1978 (P. 34) , Fiche #6046669/Salt Lake City , "Calendar of Wills on File and Recorded in the Files of the Court of Appeals, the County Clerk at Albany and the Secretary of State, NY, 1626-1836, #1388 R4, 5th Anne, 28 June 1707, Will of Benjamin Roberts.

Immigrant's Children:

Pieter/Peter Clement married
        (1) Anna Ruyting 26 Nov 1707, Schenectady,
        (2) Anna Vedder 28 Jul 1721

Joseph Clement
        married Anna/Annatje Peek, d/o Jacobus Peek, abt 1714

Elisabeth Clement

Fransyntje Clement

        Jan Clement took the Oath of Allegiance to the British King in Sept 1687, at which time he stated that he had been resident for 22 years, putting his date of arrival about 1665.

        He married Maria Bocquet, daughter of Jerome Boquet/Bockee, from Walslant, who arrived on De Bonte Koe, Apr 1663. Marie was 9 years old at the time of arrival.

        After Jan's death, Marie married Benjamin/Bent Roberts. By Will made 28 Jun 1706, Roberts devised his farm at Maalwyck to his wife Maria, and in case of her remarriage,         to his stepsons, Pieter and Joseph Clement.

        According to "History of the Schenectady Patents" by Jonathan Pearson, A.M. and others, 1883, P. 71, it lists property of Bent Roberts at Maalwyck and that of Ludovicus             Cobes, a neighbor. Cobes left his property to his daughter, Maria, who in turn left it to her daughter, Clara Kleyn. It would appear there were 3 granddaughters: Clara,                 Baefie and Anna Kleyn. It states that Anna Kleyn was the wife of Pieter Clement. According to other records Pieter would have been married to Anna Ruyting at this time. My         direct line (i.e., the line of descent for Lee Harris) is from Jan, Joseph and Ludovicus Cobes Clement. The Cobes appear to have some relationship to the Clements other than         being just neighbors.

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