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Dr. Mary Ellen Van Camp


Although I've loved dogs since childhood, my love of cats developed later in life when I acquired two felines of my own.

Because of my personal literary interests, this site will have a decided literary bent.

Cat Books

There are many delightful books written about cats by both well-known and lesser-known authors. This list which follows includes some of those that I have particularly enjoyed. The best ones, of course, are those which, whether fact or fiction, remain true to cats in spirit.

Abercrombie, Barbara. Charlie Anderson. Illustrated by Mark Graham. New York: Macmillan/Margaret K. McElderry Books, 1990.

Charlie Anderson is the story of a somewhat self-indulgent cat (aren't they all?) who comes to live with Sarah and Elizabeth. The girls and their mother take good care of Charlie when he shows up each night and then watch him leave for the woods each morning. One night, when Charlie does not come home, the girls worry about his welfare. The next day they go looking for him and soon learn the secret of his life. Mark Graham's capivating illustrations reveal an artist who truly knows cats and can believably paint them.

Baker, Leslie. The Third-Story Cat. Illustrated by Leslie Baker. Boston: Little, Brown, 1987.
This is the story of an apartment cat who ventures beyond the confines of her home to explore the park across the street and make new friends. Her journey there and back reveal Baker's understanding of cats she has known.


Calhoun, Mary. Cross-Country Cat. Illustrated by Erick Ingraham. A picture story book about the cross-courtry skiing adventure of Henry, a cat who is accidently left behind after his family visits a winter retreat.

Carle, Eric. Have You Seen My Cat? Illustrated by Eric Carle. Natick, MA: Picture Book Studio, 1987.

A nearly wordless picture book, like many of those by Eric Carle, either for adults to read to their very young children, or for beginning readers to try on their own.

Eisler, Colin. Cats Know Best. Illustrated by Lesley Anne Ivory. New York: Dial, 1988.

Lesley Anne Ivory's magnificent illustrations of cats set against elaborate backgrounds make this a visually-stunning work of art. Eisler's simple text makes the book appropriate for beginning readers. Older readers may be struck by the apparent incongruity of the well-wrought and highly detailed illustrations and the naive language of the text.

Miller, Sara Swan. Three Stories You Can Read to Your Cat. Illustrated by True Kelley. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997.

Sara Swan Miller's book is intended for beginning readers who want to show off their newly-learned reading skills. When adults are just too busy to listen, the very young reader can read to the cat. No doubt many family cats have tolerated, and perhaps even enjoyed, this role before; but, as far as I know, there have not been any books in the past that were written for very young readers and intended for the feline audience.

Great Links for Cat Lovers

There are many great Cat sites. Some have been created and are maintained by humans, and more than a few are the work of cats themselves. If you're a cat lover (or a cat), try one of these links.


Catsbuzz : Books and more for cat lovers.

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Cats in the Arts : Links to felines in books and music

The Cat Who Loves Reading : An insightful statement about why this cat (and almost any child) loves the time spent listening to someone reading aloud.

Cats Who Write : A laugh-out-loud site by Joanne Rocklin for those who love cats and know Children's Literature.

Cat Fanciers : An association for those who take their cats seriously.

If you're looking for information about various breeds of cats , the Cat Fanciers has a fine set of descriptions online.

Maine Coon Cats : One of my favorite breeds. Known as "gentle giants," these cats often retain their playful kittenish traits throughout their lives.

Legends of the Maine Coon Cat : Wonderful stories about the origins of the Maine Coon breed. Maybe they're true, and maybe ....

Canadian Cat Association

Cat Fancy

The Net Vet's Electronic Zoo: Cat Page

CatStuff : A great site with cat graphics, humor, cat stories, links, and more.

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