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Jeremiah SMITH (1778?-1848)

Jeremiah SMITH1 was born in 1778 (approx.) in Chelmsford Higher Easter, Essex, England.2 His Conviction was 'stealing' on 12 March 1787 in Chelmsford, Essex, England.3 He was found guilty of stealing goods and money to the value of One Pound Sixteen Shillings and Eleven and One Half Pence, including a silk handkerchief valued at 6 pence and a canvas purse, value one penny, the property of James Young. The articles were kept in the dwelling of a James Beard. He was found NOT GUILTY of breaking & entering.

At the time of his trial, Jeremiah was 13 years of age and lived at Higher Easter in Essex. He was tried with John Swales, William Norman & Joseph Bridge and sentenced to seven years transportation.

He was sent to the Prison Hulk "Justitia" on 24 April 788 and held there for 3 years until he was shipped aboard the "William & Ann". Public Record Office document T1/654 RC/6554 states that Jeremiah , Convict No.241 was employed, with others "In raising gravel from Barking and Woolwich Shoals and washing the same for the purpose of raising the ground level. They were also employed in repairing the Thames Wall and on the new works at His Majesty's Dock Yard at Woolwich." This document is a report from Duncan Campbell, contractor for the Thames Hulks, for convicts ordered for hard Labor for the period 12th July 1788 to 12th October 1788. Jeremiah travelled from Port Jackson, NSW, Australia to Essex, England arriving on 28 August 1791. He was a Third Fleet Convict who arrived aboard the transport ship "William & Ann". It was one of the oldest and most decrepit ships of the Third Fleet, having been built in one of the King's yards as early as 1759. She was 370 tons and mastered by one, E. Bunker. The Master, Bunker was later fined for assaulting some of the soldiers on board during the voyage. Consequently it is likely that the conditions on board were very bad and the prisoners harshly treated, 5 convicts died during the voyage, 5 required hospital treatment when they arrived and the rest were very ill. At the time of his arrival, Jeremiah Smith was still only 17 years of age.

The "William & Ann" set sail from Plymouth on 27th March 1791 as part of the Third Fleet and after a voyage of 154 days arrived at Port Jackson in New South Wales on 28th August 1791, sailing direct from Rio de Janeiro. He was a Sawyer, Farmer, Landowner .4 His Military Service was 'NSW Corps' on 4 December 1797 in Sydney, NSW.5 Jeremiah was a private attached to Major Johnton's Co.. Jeremiah Military Service was '73rd Regt' in 1797.6 in 1810 after service of 12 years he was discharged. Jeremiah Desertion was 'from NSW Corps' in 1800 in Sydney.5 Jeremiah was charged with desertion on 9 march 1801 with James Stewart and John Stubbard and sentances to 500 lashes.

He was detached to V.D.L under Capt. Johnston Co: and arrived at Point Dalrymple on the 4 Nov 1804 with Lt Col: Paterson. On 1 September 1808 Jeremiah was described as Fair Complexion, 5ft 8ins, Sandy hair, hazel eyes & thin visage .7 He married Sophia AKERS on 23 September 1811 at St John Anglican Church in Parramatta, NSW when she was 16. Witnesses to the marriage were John WALBY & Ann ACRES.8 He experienced Muster in 1814.4 He was discribed as landowner off stores. Jeremiah experienced Muster in 1822.9 Jeremiah Smith FBS (Free by Servitude) per William & Ann, landowner at Liverpool. Sophia born in the colony wife of Jeremiah + 5 children aged 4 - 12. Jeremiah experienced Muster in 1828 in Airds, NSW.10 Jeremiah Smith: per William & Ann ,1791, 7 years, Sawyer. Sophia and 4 children 2 - 10. Jeremiah died on 30 May 1848 in Campbelltown, NSW (aged 70).11 He was buried on 1 June 1848 in St Peter's Anglian Church in Campbelltown. Service Performed by W Stack.12


Sophia AKERS1 was the daughter of Thomas AKERS (1758?-1824) and Ann HINCHLEY (1757-bef1831). She and Jeremiah SMITH had the following children:


Eliza Jane SMITH (1812-1870)

Thomas SMITH (1814-1873)

Ann SMITH (1815-1893)

John SMITH (1817-1886)

Jeremiah SMITH (1821-1906)

Mary Ann SMITH (1824-1905)

Joseph SMITH (1827-1872)

Margaret SMITH (1829-1925)

William SMITH (1832-1876)

Henry SMITH (1835-1872)


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