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Annie SMITH (1852-1904)

Annie SMITH,1 daughter of Jeremiah SMITH (1821-1906) and Catherine GRADY (1836-1919), was born on 1 January 1852 at "Armprior" Larbert near in Braidwood, NSW.2 She was baptised on 8 February 1852 at Arnprior Larbert near in Braidwood. Christened at Arniprior nr Braidwood by Rev. Michael Kavanagh, witnesses were William Jelly and Mary Grady.3 She married Emmanuel August SELLICK on 30 July 1870 at St Andrews in Braidwood .3 She died on 10 July 1904 at Walace St in Braidwood (aged 52). The cause was Bronchitis, Asthma and Heart Disease.3 She was buried on 12 July 1904 in Nelligen, NSW.


Emmanuel August SELLICK was the son of Samuel SELLICK ( - ) and Ann MAYO ( - ). He and Annie SMITH had the following children:


Robert SELLICK ( - )

Mary Ann SELLICK (1871-1885)

Lousia SELLICK (1872-1946)

Miriam SELLICK (1873-1939)

Sarah Ann Elizabeth SELLICK (1874-1943)

Emma SELLICK (1876-1941)

Elizabeth SELLICK (1877-1957)

Emily SELLICK (1879-1960)

Samuel SELLICK (1880-1962)

Thomas SELLICK (1882-1958?)

Ann SELLICK (1884- )

Rosina SELLICK (1885-1910)

Emanuel SELLICK (1887-1959)

Henry SELLICK (1889-1898)

Alice Helena Breatrice SELLICK (1891- )

Frederick George SELLICK (1894-1957)


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