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  Biographies From Wellington County Atlas, 1906.


Richard Talbot was b. in Tralee, County Kerry, Ire., in 1772, and d. in 1854. He came to Canada with his family in 1832. The Talbots were lease holders in Ireland, and before the lease terminated he came to Canada, leaving his son behind him on the leasehold. He came directly to Guelph, and soon after set. on 200 acres, lot 13, con. 6, Eramosa, the property now owned by his grandsons, Daniel and James. He was 60 years of age when he came to Canada, and was a strong, a vigorous man; an athlete, perfect at putting stones, leaping and jumping. At 60 years of age he cleared 36 feet at three standing jumps. The Talbots were in good circumstances in the old country, and kept hunters and highbred horses. Mr. Talbot was a man highly respected in the community. He had four sons: Thomas, who was killed by a falling tree; John, unm. ; Henry and James.

Henry Talbot (d.), was b. in 1810, and came with his father to Canada in 1832, and set. in Eramosa. He was a very popular man, and well educated for his time; very powerful, and was said to be the strongest man in the township. He never sought office; was very successful in accumulating a considerable property. He was a Methodist, and belonged to the Liberal party. He m. Margaret Stewart. Issue: Richard, b. 1839, set. in the U.S.; John, in U.S.; Daniel, Thomas, Harry and peter, in Alberta, and three daughters, Mrs. Torel (d.), Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Day, in Toronto.

Daniel, b. 1841, owns the old homestead, where he farms 200 acres of land and makes a specialty of thoroughbred Shorthorn cattle. Mr. Talbot has been prominent in municipal life. He was in the Eramosa Council for fourteen years, Deputy Reeve for three years, Reeve for a number of years, and County Commissioner for two years. He is an Independent politically. He m. Emily Day, a sister of Professor G. E. Day, of the O.A.C., Guelph. Issue: Alfred, Lillian, Netta (d.), Henry, and Thomas Clifford.

Peter was elected an M.P. for Strathcona, and was a member of the Assembly at Regina, resigning that office to accept the position of Senator, to which he was appointed. Since going to the North-West he has accumulated a large property.

James Talbot (d.), was b. in 1812, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ire., and came to Canada in 1832, and set. In Eramosa with his father and brother Henry. Mr. Talbot was a very vigorous man and a skilful axeman. He never sought office and was highly respected. He was a Methodist, and a Conservative. He accumulated a great deal of property, owning at one time 500 acres of land in one place, and a fine home in Guelph, which he disposed of before his death. He m. Jane Oliver, who is still living. Issue: Robert, Mrs. William Abbott, Detroit; Mrs. Geo. Duffield, Eramosa; Mrs. Joseph Gowdy, Mrs. Jessop, Mrs. Henry Awrey, in Guelph,; Thomas, in New York, and James, on the homestead.

Robert, b. 1849, owns 180 acres , lot 13, con. 7, Eramosa,. He has a large herd of thoroughbred Shorthorns, and has taken prized at Guelph and other fairs. Mr. Talbot is an enthusiastic horseman. He is the owner of two three year old colts, "Queen" and Britton," which have taken over a dozen first prized each, also a two year old, ""Gertie P.," which has never been beaten in the road class. He has a road mare, "Clear Grit," that has taken one hundred prizes. In 1905 at Guelph she took first prize as road and brood mare, at nineteen years of age. Mr. Taylor had taken a silver medal at the Toronto Exhibition for a carriage mare. In 1903 he took a diploma for Canadian grain exhibition, France, and in 1904 at Glasgow, Scot. In 1905 he took a diploma for Canadian Exhibit of grain at the World's Fair in St. Louis.

Mr. Talbot was a member of the Eramosa Township Council for some years, and is a Conservative. Both he and Mrs. Talbot are Methodists. Mr. Talbot is ranked among the strongest men in Eramosa. He m. Sarah Ann Fletcher, Dec. 30, 1874. They live on one of the most beautiful places between Eden Village and Guelph, known as "Fair View, " They have one son, James Wilbert, who m. Sophia Boyle in 1902.

James, b. 1857 on the homestead of his father, the late James Talbot. He has been twice married. First wife was Sarah McMillan. Issue: Pearl. In 1888 he m. Alice Johnston, his second wife. Issue: James Cecil.

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