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Jacob & Todosia Menzak with Grandson Alexander Ewanchuk

In 1907 Yakiw (Jacob) & Todosia Mynzak (Menzak) and their children, 16 year old Filip (Philip), 14 year old Ivan (John) and 6 year old Frosina (Rose) left Bukovina aboard the SS Carpathia departing from Hamburg, Germany to Canada. Their dream was the promise of a new and better life and land of their own. Awaiting them were their 21 year old daughter Maria, her 31 year old husband Hrizko Ivanchuk ( Harry Ewanchuk) and their baby child Lena. Their small family had made their way across the ocean to the "New World" one year earlier in 1906.

S.S. Carpathia

From their arrival at Halifax the family travelled across land by rairoad and wagon, ultimately arriving at their new homestead in Ispas, Alberta- legally described as Section 4, Township 57, Range 13 West of the 4th meridian in the province of Alberta, Canada. Standing before them was an expanse of trees and heavy brush from which they would have to carve out a home, fields and, ultimately a living. Staring out Jacob must have let out a heavy sigh at the prospect of the work before him and his family.

This is their story and their legacy- a legacy born of sweat and perserverance that now encompasses over 700 descendants spanning seven generations whose roots are commonly bound to that single piece of land and a family of nine immigrants. It is a story that parallels so many immigrant families of the time and thus provides a historical perspective for all.

As a final note this page is dedicated to Alexander Ewanchuk, who planted the seed for further research in the early 1990's, to my late mother, Mary (nee Menzak) Kerychuk who provided the inspiration to carry on for nearly a decade, to my wife Deb for all her assistance and support and to the countless individuals who continue to contribute time and information.

Ultimately, however, this page is dedicated to the many immigrant families of Ukrainian descent who opened up the " Canadian West " or followed the " American Dream ". We are living testament to their endurance , as their spirit lives on in each of us. Carry that spirit forth with pride and honour and embrace your proud heritage.

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