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Pioneer or Foster Cemetery, Covelo

Brush, Clifford A. (1916-1980)
Brush, Elsie A. (1863-1878)
Brush, Henry Seymour (1890-1957)
Brush, Nelson & Amelia
Brush, Seymour Ivan (1859-1937)
Foster, Charles Lee (1870-1944)
Foster, Mary Ellen (Lambert) (1880-1965)
Foster, Robert (1815-1868)
Hinman, Chara B. (1964-1974)
Hinman, Loyal & Bruni
Marsh, Sarah Mildred Foster (1913-1945)
Phillips, Emma (Brush) (1872-1963)
Springer, Grace (1874-1874)
Springer, Van (1833-1878)
Westerman, Delia R. (Brush) & Son

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