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Date (s) Description Source
1882 Pelagia is born in Kroczyce see 9/1/1902 marriage record
10/21/1887 Louis Kedzierski is born in Stopnica see 6/5/1917 WWI Draft Reg (source of birth date, place)
2/11/1891 Wlodzimierz is born in Tumlin (or Samsonow see Haller's Army Form) see 3/7/1914 Ship Manifest [birth date source WWI Draft Reg]
12 Dec 1893 Jan Kedzierski is born in ?, Poland. Karen Sasgen, genealogist, family member
circa 1895 Theodore Kedzierski is born in Poland Karen Sasgen, genealogist, family member
circa 1896 Photo of Julian, Kazimiera, Pelagia, Ludwik, Wlodzimierz, Jan, Tadeusz see photo
9/15/1902 Pelagia is married in Pacanow (where she was born in Kroczyce & raised in Pacanow) church record #27 from Pacanow parish Marriages of 1902 [see photo, text in Russian/Cyrillic]
3/19/1906 -10/29/1906 Working in Sosnowiec (Debowa Gora) at Count Renard's Mill Certificate of Release for Lucyan 10/29/1906
10/6/1906 Russian Passport (listing Bobrek) for Lucyan Kendzierski see image of Passport in Russian/Cyrillic (also German)
11/16/1906 Lucyan Kendzierski arrives; born in Spotnica [sic Stopnica] Ship Manifest/Batavia(Ninska->Hamburg->NYC->Schenectady)
3/7/1914 Wlodzimierz arrives w/ Jan Eliasz (bro-in-law, whose wife is Pelagia) Ship Manifest/Graf Waldersee(Bobrek->Hamburg->NYC->Buffalo)
6/5/1917 Louis Kendzierski of 118 Lakeview Ave, Syracuse, Onondaga Cty, NY born in Stopnica, WWI Draft Reg
11/24/1917 Louis Kendzierski of Lakeview Ave, Syracuse, Onondaga Cty, NY Receive Natl Certificate (US Citizen) [former Russian Empire citizen]
11/16/1918 Wlodzimierz enlists in Haller's Army in Detroit,MI w/ wife Franciszka in Pacanow; Nearest US relative Lucyan in Syracuse; was born in Samsonow, pow Tumlin, gub Kielce; Notification to mother Kazimiera and father Juljan in Pacanow Haller's Army Form dated 11/16/1918 from Platt St in Detroit, MI
Timeline of Kędzierski From Poland to USA Back: Kazimiera, Pelagia, Julian
Front: Theodore(baby), Louis, Jan, Wlodzimierz