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03/07/1906 Tomasz Eliasz Pacanow 24yrs old SS Vaderland url:
(see 1920 census, depew, ny, 57 Pernora Street, bakery laborer) age 55 in 1920 census
3/26/1899 Terez Eliasz Galicia   SS Pretoria url:
02/27/1906 Frans Leszczynski Biechow 38 Finland url:
(going to 56 Olmstead Ave, Depew, NY to brother-in-law Pawel Eliasz)
05/13/1906 Teofil Leszczynski Biechow 18 Graf Waldersee url:
(Leszczynsky sic; from Bechow to Depew for brother Franciszek Leszczynsky on 56 Olmstead Ave)
08/24/1906 Wincenty Eliasz Biechow 23 Batavia url:
(goes to 29 ?? St. to join brother Pawel Eliasz; cook)
06/02/1907 Pawel Eliasz Biechow 22 Badenia url:
(goes to 41 Neoga Str, Depew, NY to be brother-in-law Frank Wojciechowski; in 1910 census living w/ F. Woj. At 65 Neoga St. Depew age 25)
09/27/1909 Wincenty Eliasz Biechow 26 Kroonland url:
(name sic: Vnicsuz Eliasy; going to brother Pawel Eliasz at 41 Neoga St. Depew, NY; FROM: father Jos. Eliasz)
01/06/1910 Jan Eliasz Biechow 28 Kroonland url:
01/06/1910 Wiktoria Eliasz Biechow 21 Kroonland url:
05/13/1912 Antonina Leszczynska Biechow 21 Lapland url:
(going to 28 Como St for brother Teofil Leszczynski; from father Tomasz Leszczynski Biechow, Stopnica))
01/26/1910 Mikolaj Leszczynski Biechow 17 Finland url:
(spell:Mikolaj Lezezyuski(sic); going to brother Teofil Leszczynski on 41 Negoa St, Depew, NY; from father Tomasz Leszczynski Biechow, Kielce)
05/07/1913 Pawel Eliasz Biechow 26 Kroonland url:
(goes to 34 Penora St., Depew, NY w/ brother Wincenty, from wife Aniela Eliasz)