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02/27/1906 Frans Leszczynski arr. On SS Finland; (going to 56 Olmstead Ave, Depew, NY to brother-in-law Pawel Eliasz)
05/13/1906 Teofil L. arr. on SS Graf Waldersee; (Leszczynsky sic; from Bechow to Depew for brother Franciszek Leszczynsky on 56 Olmstead Ave)
03/14/1907 Adam Gawlikowski(Gawlik) comes to Depew, NY from Opatov, Poland on the SS Vaderland to stay with friend Felix Kocialski at 26 Neoga St.; Felix is living at 258 Penora Str in 1918.
01/26/1910 Mikolaj Leszczynski arr. On SS Finland; (spell:Mikolaj Lezezyuski(sic); going to brother Teofil Leszczynski on 41 Neoga St, Depew, NY; from father Tomasz Leszczynski Biechow, Kielce)[line 3 above Mikolaj is a Jan ELIASZ ???]
02/22/1910 Stanley Sobieszcanski arrives in Baltimore on SS Koln from Bremen age 24 from his father ? Sob. To cousin Piotr Szczepka at 65 Neoga Str in Depew, NY.
04/27/1910 Marya Eliasz->Bro. Jan Eliasz @235 11Str. Niagara Falls, NY (from bro-in-law Jan Leszczynski in Ksiaznice, Kielce, Poland)
04/28/1910 NY-Erie-Lancaster Census: ED: 19-284, Sheet 17B; Teofil and Mikolaj both single live at 78 Neoga St., boaders of Albert Blizniak; Frank Leszczynski lives at 41 Neoga Street ; ED:284, Sheet 10B
05/31/1910 Josef Eliasz arrives Ellis Island on SS Finland from wife Walerya in Zabiec to brother-in-law Teofil Leszczynski@41 Neoga Street, Depew, NY [same as Teofil's family later on]
03/18/1912 Rozalia Wlecial Arrives on SS Lapland through Ellis Island from Antwerp port, last residence Pacanow, pow Stopnica from father Maciej Wlecial, age 21, single, going to brother Boleslaw in Niagra Falls, NY
05/13/1912 Antonina Leszczynska arr. SS Lapland; (going to 28 Como St to brother Teofil Leszczynski; from father Tomasz Leszczynski Biechow, Stopnica)
1912 Antonina Leszczynska marries Stanley Roman Sobieszczanski in Depew, NY
08/19/1912 Adam Gawlikowski(Gawlik) marries Rozalia Wlecialowski(Wlecial) @ Sweetest Heart of Mary in Detroit, MI
06/25/1913 Antoni Gawlik comes to US on SS Lutzow from father Marcin Gawlik in Opatowiec to brother Adam already @728 Garfield St Detroit, MI. He comes with wife and three kids.
09/15/1913 Valeria(Waleria, age 27) Eliasz arr. in USA with Alice(Alexandra, age 4) in Philadelphia on SS Prinz Aldabert; Sailed 9/2/1913 from Hamburg, Germany (from father Tomasz Leszczynski, Pachanow, Poland; to husband Josef Eliaz[sic]@90 Penora St., Depew, NY)
08/27/1914 Catherine Eliasz born, Depew, NY / baptised 8/30/1914 @ St Augustine 425 Penora St, Depew, NY; Francis Leszczynski and his wife Stella are the God Parents
10/05/1916 Stephen E. Eliasz born in Toledo, OH (baptised 11/8/1916 St Anthony's @416 Nebraska, Toledo, OH)
06/05/1917 Thomas & Michael Leszczynski register for WWI draft (Teofil@ 90 Penora St, / Michael @ 2 Lavarack, Depew, NY)
06/15/1917 Wm Wlecialowski registers for WWI draft (@15 Playfair Detroit, MI)
09/12/1917 Stanley Sobieszczanski registers for WWI draft (@1257 Buckingham, Toledo, OH)
07/10/1918 Joseph Eliasz Declares Intent to be US Citizen; uses 53 Burger, Detroit, MI as address [next door to sister]
09/12/1918 Joseph Eliasz register for WWI draft (@1108 Campbell St, Toldeo, OH); Wincenty Eliasz also regs. @ 1048 Campbell St, Toledo, OH
09/12/1918 Jan Eliasz register for WWI draft lives@296 Denton Hamtramck (nearest relative is brother Jozef Eliasz @1108 Campbell St, Toldeo, OH)
09/12/1918 Adam Gawlikowski WWI Registration lists Washington Twp, Macomb County, MI as home
09/13/1918 Antoni Gawlikowski WWI Registration lists 103 Dublin St, Hamtramck, MI as home
03/14/1919 Joseph S. Eliasz born in Toldeo, OH (@1108 Campbell Street in birth register)/ baptised 3/23/1919 @ St Anthony in Toledo, OH [Victoria Mylek is God Mother]
01/02/1920 US Census: 1108 Campbell Street Joseph ELIASZ family in Toledo, OH (uncle Joe 10/12 of a year old)
01/10/1920 US Census: 1257 Buckingham Street Stanley SOBIESZCZANSKI family in Toledo, OH (Antonina is on next block over from Busha)
01/16/1920 US Census: 121 Dublin Ave in Hamtramck, MI John Eliasz lives with Adam/Rosa Gawlikowski family. Antoni Gawlik family here too
01/16/1920 US Census: 61 Neoga Street in Depew, NY Michael Leszczynski lives with Albert/Mary Mrozek(Felicia's parents) family. ED: 315, Sheet 23B
01/29/1920 US Census: 55 Burger in Hamtramck, MI Mary Eliasz Gronek Family lives in MI. Chester Eliasz remembers them living across the street on Harper at some point.
07/07/1920 Boleslaw Wlecialowski coming back from WWI on SS Matoika going to sister Rozalia Gawlikowski @ 121 Dublin in Detroit, MI
11/27/1920 Bernice Eliasz born in Detroit, MI -- just 10 months after 1920 census in Toledo, OH
02/11/1924 Ted Eliasz born in Detroit, MI
08/18/1926 Chester S. Eliasz born in Detroit, MI
06/24/1928 Chester Eliasz baptised @Corpus Christi Church - 2291 East Outer Drive, Detroit, MI. This is the same church where my grandfather Joseph built the Bell Tower,
1929 Detroit City Directory - Jos (Valeria) Eliasz @ 18453 Dean Ave, Detroit, MI / Alice Eliasz @ 2634 Harper Ave Detroit, MI
1929 Detroit City Directory - Wm Wlecialowski @ 3121 Nevada, Detroit [not there in 1930 census ED82-278SHT50A/B]; MI / Antoni Gawlikowski @ 2689 Dublin Ave, Detroit, MI
01/06/1930 Joseph Eliasz (grandpa) died in Detroit, MI on job site; Found by Steve Eliasz who was bringing his dad lunch(Buried Mt Olivet, Detroit,MI) - Death Certificate; Also says Valeria lives @ 2634 Harper Ave; Joseph was @ 18453 Dean Ave.
04/04/1930 US Census: Valeria ELIASZ family live at 2634 Harper Ave, Detroit, MI
01-Apr-30 US Census: John ELIASZ living with GAWLIKOWSKIs on Fairchild Rd across from grandma's future farm; Wm Wlecialowski not here or at 3121 Nevada in Detroit.
04/06/1930 US Census: Stanley/Antonina Sobieszczanski Family living on 1447 Avondale in Toledo, OH [4 blks from 1920 census]; ED:42-127. SHT22B
05/01/1930 US Census: Mary Eliasz Gronek Family living on North Town Line Rd. in St Clair county, MI (rural, no street address)
11/30/1936 Theophilus Leszczynski SS-5; Living at 253 Penora Street, Depew, NY
12/05/1936 Alice Eliasz applies for SSN (see SS5 form) lives at 6468 Craig Street, Detroit, MI
06/22/1937 Emil Leszczynski SS-5; Living at 253 Penora Street, Depew, NY
1937 25th Anniversary Antonina & Stanley (my dad remembers his mom taking him and his siblings to Toledo for this)
08/23/1938 Matt Edward Sobieszczanski SS-5; Lives at 1447 Avondale Ave, Toledo, OH
11/28/1938 Rose Gawlikowski SS-5; Living @2695 Garfield, Detroit,MI; Her mom is Katherine Elias!!
03/02/1942 Valeria Eliasz's petition to become US Citizen is granted; lives at 6468 Craig St, Detroit, MI; filed Decl of Intent 03/03/1939
1944 - 1946 Chester Eliasz serves in US Navy for WWII aboard the USS Dixie (Tender Destroyer). Meets uncle Steve in Bay of Leyte.
10/04/1947 Stanley Sobieszczanski Lives at 1447 Avondale Ave, Toledo, OH; Valeria Eliasz lives at 6468 Craig St, Detroit, OH [src: Marriage Certificate for them]; After marr. They move to Beech Grove, IN (near Indianapolis) where Stanley dies in 1953
12/20/1956 Chester Eliasz marries Rosemary (Vespek) Hicks; Chester lives at 48440 Fairchild Rd (listed as Mt Clemens, MI); Rosemary lives at 6101 Goff, Utica, MI. The Fairchild Rd address is his mom's farm house which she bought after Stanley died in 1953 and Valeria moves back to MI.