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Hattie MOORE


Hattie Moore & Jules Meilleur

Hattie Moore & Jules Meilleur

born 20 mai 1875 in Rolph Township ON,
died 13 sep 1939 in Mattawa ON, at 64.

Father :  Charles MOORE
Mother : Isabelle MORIN

born 10 mar 1874 in Rolph Township ON,
died 8 mar 1943 in Windsor ON, at 68,
the reason Jules Meilleur ended up in Windsor after his wife Hattie died in Mattawa is that he went there to live with his daughter Lydia and her husband).
Father :  Joseph-Séraphin MEILLEUR
Mother : Elmire MOORE
Note : Jules Meilleur and Hattie Moore are first degree cousins with John Moore as a common ancestor.

Married 2 jan 1895 in Mattawa ON,

12 children.

1.1. Leah (Leona Marion) MEILLEUR, born 28 aoû 1895 in USA, died 18 sep 1980 in Stratford ON, 85 ans.
(1) She married William Robert PRATT, born 24 fév 1898 in Palmerston Township in Addington County, (son of Andrew PRATT and May (Mary) KELFORD) died 1961 in Victorville CA, 62 years old, occupation He worked for the rails and ended up as a Justice of the Peace in Southern California. 5 children.
(2) Married cir 1943, Frank MORIN, born in Mattawa ON, died cir 1945.
(3) Married cir 1946, George SIMPSON, died 1961 in Mattawa ON.

1.2. Lydia (Harrietta) MEILLEUR, born 16 avr 1896, died 1970 in Windsor ON, 73 ans. She married Gordon I LAUR, died 1981 in Windsor ON. 8 children.

1.3. Joseph MEILLEUR, born 12 jun 1898 in Munising MI, died 20 avr 1935 in Mattawa ON, 36 years old. Married 1916 in Cobalt ON, Pomela ROMAIN, born 1 nov 1898 in Rapide-des-Joachims QC, (daughter of Samuel ROMAIN and Mary Jane Louise MEILLEUR) died 6 sep 1949 in Haileybury ON, 50 years old. Joseph Meilleur and Pomela Romain are first degree cousins with Joseph Séraphin Meilleur as a common ancester. 10 children.

Jules Meilleur and his son Joseph, probably in the Mattawa On area in the mid-1920s
Jules Meilleur and his son Joseph, probably in the Mattawa ON area in the mid-1920s

1.4. Murdock MEILLEUR, born 18 mar 1901, funeral in St. Anne's Roman Catholic, Nipissing ON.

1.5. Lorena (Leah ou Doreen) MEILLEUR.

1.6. Harriette (Henriette) MEILLEUR, born 24 avr 1904. Married 12 jul 1926 in Mattawa ON, Arthur VILLENEUVE. 7 children.

1.7. Lawrence MEILLEUR.

1.8. Dick (Richard) MEILLEUR.

1.9. Russell MEILLEUR.

1.10. Leonard MEILLEUR, died 1973 in Windsor ON, occupation : Ford Motor Co in Windsor ON. He married Eileen Margaret MOORE, born 28 jul 1915, died 22 feb 2004 in Regional Hospital, Metropolitan Campus, Windsor ON, 88 ans, funeral 24 in Most Precious Blood Church, Windsor ON, buried in Heavenly Rest Cemetery, Windsor ON, occupation : Retired from Canteen of Canada. 3 children.

1.11. Violet MEILLEUR.

1.12. Jérôme Charles MEILLEUR, born 22 oct 1911 in Mattawa ON, died 7 jul 1981 at 69, occupation : Ford Motor Co in Windsor ON for 30 years. Married 22 nov 1933 in Mattawa ON, Marie-Ange GRANDMONT. born 22 jun 1911 in Témiscamingue QC, (daughter of Moïse GRANDMONT and Exilda LAFRAMBOISE), died 21 oct 1997 in Windsor ON, at 86 years old. 6 children.


Researches by Hector Levesque, Toronto ON, and Paul Meilleur, Ste-Adele QC

Update Jan 28, 2002 by René Tourginy,
Update Jun 21, 2004 by Caleb Gardiner, from London ON
Update and pictures Oct 29, 2004 by John Levesque, from North Bay ON
Update Sep 28, 2005 by Teri Burton, from NS

Update Dec 4, 2007 by Michael Carey, from Peterborough ON

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