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These pictures aren't arranged in any particular order. They're just being plopped on here as they're scanned. Clicking on the thumbnail graphics will load the larger pictures.

Patrick John and Mary Boyle Gallagher, Meg's great-great-grandparents. No date.
Mary Boyle Gallagher. No date.
Four generations at Christmas 1999. Meghan, her Dad and Mom, Great-Grandma Helen Denny Cypher, Grandma Sandra Cypher Grau. And... oh, yeah... Uncle Phil.
Also Christmas 1999. Same cast of characters, just substitute Grandpa Joe for Great-Grandma Helen.
Doctor John K. Grau, Meghan's great-uncle. No date -- probably early 1940s.
Capt. John K. Grau, US Army Medical Corps, and Janet Gordon Grau. World War II vintage.
Karl Grau with three sons and four grandsons, 1957. From left: George, Tim, George Jr., Karl, John, Tommy, Joe and John Jr.
Edward W. "Pete" Grau (Meg's great-uncle), Karl Grau and Joe Grau. 1957.
Uncle Phil and I had a discussion about how to caption this one He suggested: "Uncle Dennis. Er.... Uh.... Uncle Dennis." Sounded good to me.
Great-grandfather Karl Grau in his semi-pro boxing days. He fought under the name "Young Ginger". Picture from somewhere around 1910-15.
Meg's great-grandmother, Marguerite Gallagher Grau. No date, but probably in the early 1930s, from the outfit.
Marguerite Gallagher Grau. No date.
Marguerite Gallagher Grau. No date.
My favorite aunt, Mary Gallagher Mulroy, with two of her children, Joe and Corrine. 1957. She was truly a great lady.
Great-grandfather Philip E. Cypher as Abraham Lincoln, with his children, Sandra and Dennis. 1950. Phil had been asked to portray Lincoln for the Butler County sesquicentennial celebration. Not only did Phil resemble Lincoln physically, he also shared his virtues of patriotism, patience, and good-humored concern for people.
Yeah, OK.... It's a baby picture of me, Grandpa Joe. Sometime in 1946, I'd imagine. Just put this one on here to give Uncle Phil a chuckle.
Meg's great-great-uncle, Henry Grau. No date.
Meg's great-great-grandparents Georg and Katerina Vaupel Grau. No date.
Great-great-grandpa Georg Grau (2nd from left) and his three sons, from left: Henry, Karl and Otto. No date.
Karl Grau and Joe Grau with Hubert F. Houlette, Sr. -- Meg's great-great-uncle -- and his daughter, Marilyn. 1953. Uncle "Bing" was my #1 favorite uncle and one of the nicest guys I've ever known.
Post-mortem photo of John Patrick Gallagher, killed when struck by a streetcar in 1908. In those days, it was fairly common to have post-mortem photos taken, especially when the family had no photo of the person.
Karl, Marguerite and Joe Grau. 1961.
Edward W. "Pete" Grau in Army uniform. World War II.
Meg's great-great-aunt, Frances Gallagher Livingston. Late 1930's or early 1940s, probably.
Grandpa Joe busily engaged in saving the world for democracy in the beautiful Republic of Vietnam. Late 1969.
George and Gladys Grau with their children, George Jr. and Margaret. 1954.
Karl Grau, October 1961. This snapshot really shows my father as I remember him -- surveying our back yard, wearing a sport shirt with pockets crammed with cigarettes, cough drops, and who-knows-what.
Wedding picture of George and Gladys Young Grau. No date.


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