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Gerhardt "Garrett" Fiscus, son of Gerhart "Gerhardt" Fiscus, was born around 1720 in Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany. He married Mary Magdalena, who was born about 1725 in Rhine Palatinate, Germany. Her parents are unknown. Garrett and Mary were married before 1744 when they eimmigrated to the U.S. from Germany. She died in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania about 1797, Garrett died there in 1797.

Some information about Garrett and Mary:

  • Garrett and Mary emigrated to America aboard the ship Phoenix from Rotterdam, Holland with Captain William Wilson, arriving in Philadelphia on October 20, 1744 - Wayne Fiscus, p.11. Captain Wilson listed 110 male and 55 female passengers. The total number of passenger who landed was only 107. The rest either died or were left off at Province Isle to recover from illness. On the same day, Garrett took the oath to the government. One can only assume that Garrett was the son of the immigrant Gerhard who landed the year before on September 2, 1743 - J.A and Elma Fiscus, p.24
  • "December 7, 1745 - Garrett Fiscus of Philadelphia, a tailor, in consideration of 21 pounds paid by Conrad Reif of Philadelphia to Benjamin Shoemaker for his and his wife's passage from Holland indents himself a servant to Conrad Reif for four years from this date. Customary dues." Benjamin Shoemaker was once a mayor of Philadelphia, and Conraid Reif lived near Benjamin Franklin - Wayne Fiscus, p.23; J.A and Elma Fiscus, p.24
  • Gerhardt Fiscus and Mary Magdalena lived at first in the Philadelphia area where Gerhardt worked as an indentured servant to pay for his and Mary's passage. They apparently later lived in Lancaster County a while (map to the right) then settled in Westmoreland County [maybe about 1769] which is just east of Pttsburgh (map to the right). They had six children and by one account, had seven children. Their eldest child a son, John Fiscus, married Catherine Fans (Frans?) and had six children. - Wayne Fiscus, p.12
  • Garrett was a tailor. He lived near Benjamin Franklin and tradition says there was a marriage between the families. Garrett later went from Philadelphia to Lancaster where he was a trustee of the High Dutch Church - Elma Fiscus 1975 letter to Mary Smith
    • List of dates for Garrett Fiscus:
      • On August 1, 1769, Garrett Fiscus, as Trustee of German High Dutch Church, deeded two lots in Maytown, Pennsylvania, Lancaster County
      • In 1759 he had 130 acres of land
      • In 1769 he was assessed taxes in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
      • On April 11, 1769 he purchased land in Greensburg, Westmoreland County
      • On April 6, 1773, Garret Fiskes was named to the First Grand Jury on New Court at Hannastown, Pennsylvania
      • In 1773 Garrat Fiskis and in 1783 Garard Fiskis was listed on the tax rolls of Mt. Pleasant Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
      • On June 19, 1778, Garet Fiskey took the Oath of Fidelity to Penna
      • In 1790 the census of Westmoreland County for Garet Fiskes showed one male, one male under 16 (orphaned grandson John McCologh), and one female.
      • On February 12, 1794, Garrett Fiscos agreed to sell some land in Westmoreland County - J.A and Elma Fiscus, pp. 21, 30
      • Shortly after 1769, Garrett Fiscus and his three sons, John, Charles and Abraham, came from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, via the Forbes Road - J.A. and Elma Fiscus, p.27
    • According to the text of a contract, on June 18, 1790, Garrett Fiscus agreed to sell to Abraham Fiscus (his son) and Adam Weaver (his son-in-law) his plantation in Unity Township, Westmoreland County, for annual payments of grain and animals until Garrett died - J.A and Elma Fiscus, p.35
    • From records of the German Reformed Church of E. Donegal Township, Maytown, Pennsylvania 1765-1819 "Jacob Downer sold to Garrett Fiscus and Christian Fox as trustees for the High Dutch Church two lots in Maytown for 5 shillings each and a yearly rental of six pence each" This was in August 1769. 1759 Donegal Township 70 acres cultivated, 130 acres uncultivated Garete Fiscus 3 horses, 2 cows. 1769 Dec. 1st donegal Township Garet Fiskey 15 shillings land 1 1t., 12 S, 1p. 1771 Bedfored County taxables list
    • When he made his last will and testament on September 30, 1797, Gerhart Fiscos (Garrett Fiscus) lived in Unity Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
    • The following tax records were found in the Lancaster County Historical Society Library:
      • 1759 Donegal Township 70 acres cultivated, 130 acres uncultivated
           Garete Fiscus 3 horses, 2 cows
      • 1769 Dec. 1st Donegal Township
           Garet Fiskey 15 shillings Land 1 lt., 12 S, 1 p
      • 1771 Bedford County Taxables list:
        • John Fiskes
        • Garrat Fiskes
        • Charles Fiskes (single)

      • 1773 Westmoreland County Taxables list:
        • John Fiskis Mount Pleasant Township
        • Garrad Fiskis
        • Abraham Fiskis (born 1759)
        • Charles Fiskis

      • 1777 Oath of Fidelity and Allegiance Sworn before Hugh Martin Esquire:
        • October 14, 1777 - Charles Siskey
        • April 25, 1777 - John Fiskey
        • June 19, 1777 - Garet Fiskey

Children of Gerhardt Fiscus and Mary Magdalena were:

  1. Karl Ludwig Fiscus (1745 - ?) born November 29, 1745 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Probably died young, because Garrett's will in Westmoreland County names John as the eldest and does not account for Karl
  2. John Fiscus I (1745 - 1810) was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and died 1810 in Unity Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. We will be following John, since he is the direct ancestor of Hester Fiscus
  3. Catherine Fiscus (1754 - ?) married Adam Weaver, who was Revolutionary War Veteran. His occupation was Reverand
  4. Abraham Fiscus (1759 or 1760 - ?) was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and died April 30, 1834 in Plum Creek Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. He married Catherine Lopp
  5. Charles "Charley" "Carl" Fiscus (1762 - 1804) died September 25, 1804 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
  6. Mary Fiscus (? - ?) was born after 1745. She married William Deal
  7. Barbara Fiscus (? - ?) was born after 1745 and died before 1797. She was killed by ?

Note*** This side of the family (below) is not a direct ancestor of Hester Fiscus, but the brother of Gerhart. So while they may not be directly related, I included them because it helps the perspective of the story ***

Maria Margaretha Fiscus, daughter of Johann "Jacob" Frederick "Frederich" Fiscus and Anna Elisabeth Schwind, was born in 1730. She died in childhood.

Anna Cunigunda "Kunigunda" Fiscus (1734-1804) , daughter of Johann "Jacob" Frederick "Frederich" Fiscus and Anna Elisabeth Schwind, was born in 1734 and married Michael Hauser (1731-1789). Their descendants Henry Hauser and Katherine Fiscus married in Owen County, Indiana.

Michael later moved to Iowa with his 2nd wife after Anna had passed away. There is a book "Alsatian-American Family Hauser" by Kenneth John Huaser, Jr. (1977).

It has some information about the Hauser's early years, including in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The two eldest Hauser brothers, Georg and Michael, were the first to go to North Carolina, in 1751, to see about getting good land there. They found the land was good and made their claims, then went back to Maryland late the following year to bring their family. Before they went back to North Carolina, the two young men married. Micheal is said to have married "his old sweetheart, Anna Fiscus". This is suggestive that they knew each other for a long time. The Fiscus and Hauser families likely knew each other in Pennsylvania as well as in Maryland. The second Fiscus-Hauser marriage in that family was done after the move into North Carolina.

Anna, in her memoir states that she lost her mother in her 16th year (around 1750?) and “they” moved “this side of the Susquehanna River in Maryland.”

Anna stated in her death record for the Moravian church in North Carolina that she had lived in Conestoga Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but there are no records in all of Lancaster for this family.

Maria Fiscus (1742-1786), daughter of Johann "Jacob" Frederick "Frederich" Fiscus and Anna Elisabeth Schwind, married 1) Johann Georg Baumgarten (1722-1779), and later 2) Johann Peter Schreyer (1735-1815)

Eleanorea Magaretha Fiscus (1746-1811), daughter of JJohann "Jacob" Frederick "Frederich" Fiscus and Anna Elisabeth Schwind, married Jacob Hauser (1733-1806)

Maria Barbara Fiscus (1736-1780), daughter of Johann "Jacob" Frederick "Frederich" Fiscus and Anna Elisabeth Schwind married Philipp Christoph Vogler (1723-1790)

Elisabeth Fiscus (1750-1825), daughter of Johann "Jacob" Frederick "Frederich" Fiscus and Anna Elisabeth Schwind, married Martin Walk (1737-1791)
I have Johan "Martin" WALK, Jr. (1737-1791) married to Elisabeth (Liesel) Fiscus (1750-1825). Frederick paid a debt to Peter Youngblood of Maryland with Pennsylvania money in 1751. Where did he earn that money? Did he have land in PA? Was in indentured, and this money was what he received after fulfilling seven years of servitude to someone? Who was that person, and how can he be found?

"Liesel" and Martin had a son named Abraham Walk who died in Crandall, Harrison County, Indianna.

Jacob Frederick Fiscus (ca. 1748-1830), son of Johann "Jacob" Frederick "Frederich" Fiscus and Anna Elisabeth Schwind, was born Jacob Frederick Fiscus married 1) Magdalena Schmidt (died abt. 1810), d/o Peter Schmidt; 2) Rebecca Arney (1783-1823)

John Adam Fishcus (1759-1839), son of Johann "Jacob" Frederick "Frederich" Fiscus and Eva Maria ?, was born Johann Adam Fiscus and married Elisabeth Spainhour (1761-1834). They moved to Indiana

Eve Maria Fishcus (1762-1853), daughter of Johann "Jacob" Frederick "Frederich" Fiscus and Eva Maria ?, was born Eva Maria Fiscus. She married Jacob Hilsabeck (1762-1848)

Given Name:  Gerhardt Fiscus
AKA:  Garrett
Birth:  Before 1732 in Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany
Death:  November of 1797 in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Spouse:  Mary Magdalena
Marriage:  About 1744
Father:  Gerhart "Gerhardt" Fiscus
Mother:  Unknnown
Children:  Karl Ludwig Fiscus, born in 1745
John Fiscus I, born in 1745
Catherine Fiscus, born in 1754
Abraham Fiscus, born in 1759
Charles "Carl" Fiscus, born in 1762
Mary Fiscus
Barbara Fiscus