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Allyson, Anthony, Arnold, Beseau, Bischoff, Black, Bossong, Brenner, Broder, Brown, Brunck, Chase, Chesley, Clare, Cooper, Courtright, Cove, Cowan, Deibel, Dunn, Durtoni, Evert, Frohnhoefer, Fryburger, Furman, Gerlach, Gleason, Gubser, Haberman, Hamilton, Helm, Hemminger, Henning, Hempel, Hickey, Hoffman, Hook, Hufstidkle, Huntzinger, Jacobs, Jewell, Johnson, Kiefer, Kirkland, Klewer, Kuthegger, Lahew, Lang, Leyendecker, Mains, Maloney, Marzluff, Maszk, McCoy, McCracken, McGinnis, McHugh/McCue, Merz, Minford, Moses, Mote, Muller, Murrell, Neal, Neilson, Oliver, Owens, Paul, Pierce, Powell, Quinatana, Raine, Reeb, Reynolds, Romick, Ross, Sander, Say, Schleicher, Schlick, Schlotz, Schroeder, Schwartz, Seddon, Senti, Sherlock, Siegler, Simon, Slater, Smith, Sparkenbuchin, Taggert, Theobald, Tschus, Ulrich, Vilven, Watson, Weekes, Weeks, Whedon, Williams, Willin, Wilson, Wimberley, Woods

Genealogical Resources on the Web

RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
Massive site for all sorts of genealogical information, organized by country, U.S. county, surname, ethnic group, you name it. Search engines, mailing lists, and links to other genealogy-related databases. Includes a searchable database of U.S. towns/counties.

FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
The records from the LDS Family History Centers, now available online.

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Ships' manifests listing immigrants to North America from all over the world: nearly 2,000 ships and growing steadily. The site includes the Compass, an extensive listing of external resources.

Cyndi's List
The ultimate list of resources and links.

Genealogical Research at the National Archives
No records here, but general information on what records are available, how to do research at the National Archives or request records copies, etc.

USGenWeb Project
Information and query boards organized by state and county.

WorldGenWeb Homepage
Information and query boards organized by country and region.

Strolling Along the Youghiogeny and Monongahela Rivers
A personal web site with genealogical information for the McKeesport and Elizabeth Township (Pennsylvania) area, particularly cemetery records.

Cowan Family Genealogy Forum
Query board for people seeking information on ancestors with the surname Cowan/Cowen/Cowin. Sponsored by Family Tree Maker® but free for anyone to use.

Black Family Genealogy Forum
Query board for people seeking information on ancestors with the surname Black. Sponsored by Family Tree Maker® but free for anyone to use.

Allegheny Cty, PA, Genealogy
General information, data contributed by users, query board, and links to related sites; part of RootsWeb.

RootsWeb Supporter
RootsWeb Supporter

Volunteer, Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

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