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Surname First Name Location Event Age Title Pub. Issue Date Page No Comments Myref
Meany Andrew   Allocated   Royal Ulster Constabulary WIT 28/12/1912 22 Allocated to Galway W.R. n/a
Meaney Anna M. Dublin Ejectment Decree   Echo of Kidnapping Case IT 11/07/1933   Of St. Stephens Green n/a
Meany Anne Carlow Larceny   News of the Week - carlow Petty Sessions WIT 14/12/1912 2 Residing Pollerton Rd Carlow n/a
Meaney Anthony Limerick Marriage   Social & Personal IT 15/05/1954 7   n/a
Meany Boy Kilkenny Birth   BMD's WIT 29/09/1917 6 To Mr & Mrs John Meany n/a
Meaney Bridget Dublin? Drowning 70 Inquest WIT 12/10/1878 2   n/a
Meanie Bridget Carlow Small Ad   House Parlourmaids Disengaged IT 08/12/1908 2 Chapel Street Tullow Carlow n/a
Meany Bridget Dublin? Death 0 Nurse Childs Death IT 12/08/1905 8   n/a
Meaney Captain Limmerick?     Evacuation of Limerick IT 13/03/1922 6   n/a
Meaney Constable Mountpottinger Station Allocation   Belfast & the North WIT 28/01/1911 22 Allocated to Co Mayo n/a
Meany Constable Down Drowned   Co Down Policeman Drowned WIT 19/06/1909 13 Hilltown Co.Down n/a
Meaney Constable Wexford RIC Exam     WIT 22/12/1906 17 Promotion Examination n/a
Meeney Corpopral       Men From Kilmainham IT 24/12/1907 5 Veterans of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham n/a
Meaney D. Cork Convention   Farmers Warn Government IT 15/05/1933 7 Of Blarney n/a
Meaney D.   War Casualty   Roll Of Honour - missing in action IT 21/10/1914 6 10030 Pte. Royal Munster Fusiliers n/a
Meaney D. Thomasown? Judgement   Land Commision Judgements WIT 25/12/1909 17   n/a
Meaney David Dublin Funeral   Funeral of member of Telegraph Messenger Force IT 11/05/1891 6 Residing Lower Gloucester Street n/a
Meaney David Bray Witness   Death Following Fall IT 19/01/1950 3 Of Wolfe Tone Square South Bray n/a
Meaney Denis Kilkenny Fire   Married While Home Was Burning IT 31/01/1947 6 Lower Grange Goresbridge, Daughter Bredha n/a
Meaney E.   Wounded   Roll Of Honour - Wounded IT 19/10/1915 6 9908, Pte, 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Rifles n/a
Meaney E.W. Leinster Awards   Motor Cycling - Summer Trial Results IT 04/06/1929 12   n/a
Meaney Ellen Mrs Clonmel Horse Bite   Bitten By Horse IT 31/03/1947 6 Heywood Road Clonmel n/a
Meaney Elsie Donnybrook Marriage   Births Deaths & Marriages WIT 07/12/1929 34 Father W.G. Meaney n/a
Meaney F.   Wounded   Roll Of Honour - Gas Poisioning IT 25/10/1915 8 5515, Pte, 2nd Batt Royal Dublin Fusiliers n/a
Meaney Francis Kilrush Notice   Intoxicating Liquor Act IT 12/10/1934 6 Francis Street Kilrush n/a
Meaney George P. Queenstown Remains Identified   Passenger Bodies Identified - Lucitania IT 10/05/1915 9 Cunard CO Statement n/a
Meaney J. Dublin Housing Draw   250 Tennants Names Came From Drum IT 03/04/1951 3 14 George Place n/a
Meany J.   Wounded   Roll of Honour IT 28/09/1915 6 5633, Pte, 1st Batt Royal Munster Fusiliers n/a
Meaney J. Waterford Wounded   Roll Of Honour - Wounded IT 25/05/1915 5 Royal Irish Fusiliers n/a
Meaney J.F (Sergeant) Ennis Award   Prevention - Certificate of Merit TP 23/07/1949 3 Civic Guard n/a
Meany J.J. Dublin? Funeral   Funeral of J.J. Meany IT 11/12/1911 12 Brother Joseph Meany n/a
Meaney James Dublin Damages Claim   Injuries Action Dismissed IT 22/11/1952 4 30 Seafield Rd Dublin. Merchant Seaman n/a
Meaney Joe Kildare Tulip Bed   …Colour as Far as the Eye Can See. TP 17/05/1952 2 Wife Children & Photo n/a
Meaney John Kilkee Cross Death   Irish & General News - Child Eaten by Pig WIT 29/11/1884 2   n/a
Meany John Kilkenny Tenant   Applications to Purchase Incumbered Estates IT 26/07/1890 9   n/a
Meaney John Dublin Death   Accidents - Railway Porter Accident IT 20/03/1890 6 Residing Love Lane n/a
Meany John Blarney Prize   Cork Agricultural Society Show IT 10/07/1890 5   n/a
Meany John Kilkenny Death   Death of Alderman John Meany Kilkenny IT 04/08/1890 6   n/a
Meany John Dalkey Meeting   Dalkey Town Commissioners - improvements on Coliemore Road IT 02/08/1892 6   n/a
Meany John Higginstown Kilkenny Death   BMD's IT 18/11/1954 11   n/a
Meany John Rathmines Marriage   Wedding IT 01/09/1945 3 Father J. Meany Mother D. Meany. Best Man P.Meany n/a
Meany John Kilkenny Manslaughter 26 Kilkenny Murder Charge IT 09/10/1912 11 Charged with Death of Brother Wm. Meany at Higginstown n/a
Meany John Kilkenny Murder   In Kilkenny Courthouse WIT 05/10/1912 3 Father Andrew, Sister ellen, Brother Andrew. n/a
Meany John Dublin Death   BMD's WIT 16/12/1911 24 Father Patrick J. Meany Blackhall Street G.Father James Meany Bolouhern Co. Clare n/a
Meaney John Clonmmel Small Ad 47 Male Servants Wanting Places IT 14/10/1902 2 Residing 1 Parnel Street n/a
Meaney John Goresbridge Kilkenny Accident   Crash Pospones Wedding IT 14/04/1955 8 Father Denis Meaney Hacketstown n/a
Meaney John H. (Sergeant) Carrick-on-Shannon Inquest   The Auburn Ambush - The Inquest IT 04/11/1920 5   n/a
Meaney Joseph Dublin? Charitable Legacy   Legal Notices IT 04/12/1929 14 Sons John Meaney & Joseph R. Meaney n/a
Meaney Joseph  Leighlin Bridge Carlow Ordination   97 Ordained at Four Centres IT 08/06/1954 9 To Serve in Kildare & Leighlin Diocese n/a
Meaney Joseph (Rev) Leighlin Bridge Carlow Curate   Crate Appointed IT 05/08/1954 7 At Borris n/a
Meany Joseph R. Dublin? Death   Deaths IT 19/09/1916 1 Father Patrick J. Meany Blackhall Street n/a
Meaney Julia   Francis Assisi Stall   Societyof St. Vincent De Paul - Annual Bazar WIT 14/05/1910 15   n/a
Meaney Julia Gwendoline Sacramento CA Marriage   BMD's WIT 28/11/1914 9 Father Pierce Anthoney Meaney Strand road Sandymount n/a
Meaney Leonard Ballyrea Tiermaclane   19 Quarry Man's Fatal Fall IT 28/11/1953 13   n/a
Meaney Lily Macroom Arrest   Women Arrested at Macroom WIT 24/03/1923 2   n/a
Meaney Lily Macroom Arrest   Troops Ambushed IT 20/03/1923 7   n/a
Meaney M.   Photograph   Student Teachers of Rural Science WIT 09/10/1915 5 Photograph with names n/a
Meaney Marjorie   Arrivals   Passengers on Royal Mail Steamers IT 26/02/1925 7   n/a
Meaney Martin Dublin Witness   Artist Gets Two Months… IT 24/02/1954 8   n/a
Meany Martin Kilkenny Murder   Remand on Charge of Murder IT 31/07/1948 5 36 Connolly Street Kilkenny n/a
Meaney Martin Donnycarney Death 4 Dublin School-Children in Accident IT 21/06/1937 3   n/a
Meaney Martin Donnycarney Death 4 Motor-Cycle Accident IT 19/06/1937 10   n/a
Meany Martin Galway Transfer   Transfers WIT 30/06/1917 8 To Kilkenny n/a
Meany Martin Galway Wounded   Royal Irish  Constabulary Notes WIT 03/06/1916 8 Sinn Fein Rebellion n/a
Meaney Martin   RIC Allocation   Royal Irish  Constabulary WIT 24/08/1912 22 Allocated to Galway W.R. n/a
Meaney Martin J. Maynooth Awards   Degree Day at Maynooth - The Degrees IT 31/10/1929 11 St. Patrick's College n/a
Meaney Mary Cashel Prize   RDS Horse Show - Embriodery Prize IT 28/08/1912 12 Main Street Cashel n/a
Meeney Mary (Miss) Balbriggan Dublin Bridesmaid   Weddings IT 20/06/1951 5   n/a
Meeney Mary Kate Cork Death   BMD's TP 16/01/1943 11 D. 04/01/1943 Parkdale Ballinlough Rd Cork. n/a
Meaney Maureen (Miss) Dublin Dance   Fifth Annual dance IT 18/04/1931 5   n/a
Meaney Maureen Edith Dublin Birth   BMD's IT 18/09/1948 10 Sandymount. B. 12/09/1948 Parents Edith & Fred. n/a
Meany Maurice   Probate   The Law Courts IT 28/11/1907 5   n/a
Meaney Maurice   Probate     IT 25/11/1907 12   n/a
Meany Michael Limerick Rent Appeal   Land Commision Judgements IT 22/12/1914 2 Fair Rent Appeals n/a
Meaney Michael Howth? Witness   Inquest in Howth Tram Accident WIT 10/05/1913 11 Motorman n/a
Meany Michael   Allocated   Royal Ulster Constabulary WIT 30/01/1909 22 Allocated to Wexford n/a
Meaney Michael (Pte) Kilkenny Theft   Rifle Bolts Theft Charge IT 01/06/1945 2 12 Mths Hard Labour n/a
Meaney Michael (Pte) Kilkenny Theft   Rifle Bolts Theft Charge IT 31/05/1945 2 5th Field Co. Supply & Transport n/a
Meaney Michael (Rev. Father SJ) Limerick     BMD's WIT 17/02/1934 20   n/a
Meany Miss  Rathmines Masseuse   Medical IT 29/12/1916 1 Castlewood Ave n/a
Meaney Miss M.   Disaster fund   Lucitania Relief Fund IT 29/05/1915 7   n/a
Meaney Mr Ballinamona Hunt   The Scarteen Hunt IT 13/02/1931 10   n/a
Meaney Mr   Arrivals   Fasionable Intelligence IT 13/07/1912 8 From Scotland by Laird Line n/a
Meaney Mr P. Limerick     Limerick Bakers Work at A Loss - A Loss on Baking WIT 09/10/1926 1 Manager of J. Russell & Sons Bakery n/a
Meany Mrs Limerick Death   Extraordinary Riot in Limerick WIT 25/12/1897 8   n/a
Meany Mrs Blarney Sale   Anngrove Cattle & Horse Sale - Buyer of Clysdale Horses IT 10/10/1908 12   n/a
Meaney Nellie Blackrock Dublin Engagement   Social & Personal IT 28/03/1953 7 Seapoint Manor. Parents Mr & Mrs Lawrence Meany n/a
Meany Norah Drombanny Ballyneety Settlement   £1000 For Loss of Husband IT 06/02/1954 11 Widow of Thomas Meany, Daughter Bridget. n/a
Meany Norah Limerick Death 14 Ptomaine Poisoning - Eight Others Dead IT 06/11/1908 4   n/a
Meaney Olive   Award   Institute of Shorthand-Writers Ireland WIT 05/06/1909 2   n/a
Meeney P. (Captain) Leitrim? Best Man   Wedding IT 27/01/1950 5 Best Man n/a
Meaney Pat  Ennis Winter Assizes     IT 14/11/1906 6   n/a
Meaney Pat  Cutteen, Quin, Clare Police Case   Daring Outrage in Clare WIT 22/09/1906 7   n/a
Meaney Patrick Carlow Murder   Charge of Murder Committed in 1880 IT 22/08/1887 3   n/a
Meaney Patrick Dublin? Criminal Court 58 Learceny & Indecency IT 30/01/1937 3 Buckingham buildings n/a
Meaney Patrick Cashel     Demolition of Houses IT 30/10/1936 2 Brother Thomas F. Meaney n/a
Meaney Patrick Dublin Assault   Unpeaceful Picketing WIT 28/03/1925 8 At Leary's Public House Amiens Street n/a
Meaney Patrick Dublin Inquest   Nurse Children - Deputy Coroners Comments… IT 11/02/1924 7   n/a
Meaney Patrick Cahernorry Seconder   General Election - Full List of Nominations IT 20/08/1923 4   n/a
Meaney Patrick Limerick Death   Reported Death of Escaping Prisoner WIT 21/10/1922 2 Died Castleconnell n/a
Meaney Patrick Carlow Death   Destruction of Ballybrack Barracks WIT 29/05/1920 4 John Meaney (Brother) n/a
Meaney Patrick Mayo RIC Promotion   Official List WIT 26/12/1914 8 Constable to Acting Sergeant n/a
Meaney Patrick Co. Clare Death   Fatal Accident at Newcastle West IT 11/12/1914 3 Cattle Dealer n/a
Meaney Patrick   Police Transfer   Royal Irish  Constabulary WIT 26/12/1908 22 Transferred to Co.Down n/a
Meaney Patrick Roscommon Second Class   Favourable Records - Good Police Duty WIT 29/02/1908 22 RIC Constable n/a
Meany Patrick Quin Clare Winter Assizes   Sentences at the Winter Assizes wounding WIT 22/12/1906 11 Sentenced 15 Years n/a
Meany Patrick Quin Clare Shooting   The Clare Shooting Case IT 14/12/1906 7   n/a
Meany Patrick Culteen Clare Shooting   Clare Shooting Outrage WIT 17/11/1906 24   n/a
Meaney Patrick Conan? Cork Small Ad 25 Male Servants Wanting Places IT 01/09/1902 2   n/a
Meaney Phillip Youghal Death 21 Fatal Accident to a Bicyclist WIT 08/05/1886 6 Uncle in Carrick-on-Suir n/a
Meaney Pierce Saint Leonards Arrest   The Protection Act WIT 12/11/1881 6   n/a
Meany Robert Kilkenny Drowning   Two Kikenny Boys Drowned WIT 20/01/1940 10 The Butts Kilkenny n/a
Meaney Susan Ballinacurra Limerick Birth   BMD's IT 22/03/1952 14 DOB 15/03/1952. Parents Edith & Fred Meaney n/a
Meaney Susan (Mrs) Dublin Injunction   Injunction Given Against Forcible Ejection IT 25/02/1950 9 Of 3 Mountjoy Place n/a
Meaney Susan Elizabeth Sandymount In Memoriam   In Memoriam IT 17/07/1924 1 Died 17/07/1916 n/a
Meaney T. Drogheda Award   Irish Police News - Favourable Records. WIT 01/08/1925 17 Garda n/a
Meany Thomas Higginstown Nominator   North Kilkenny Election IT 16/12/1890 5   n/a
Meaney Thomas Gortnamuck Theft 26 Stole Father's Cattle IT 21/09/1953 9   n/a
Meany Thomas Kilkenny Sentenced 17 Three Men Sentenced for Robbing Woman IT 03/10/1951 3 28 Thomas St. Kilkenny n/a
Meaney Thomas Kilkenny Will   Irish Wills IT 31/03/1950 7 The Rower. Co Kilkenny n/a
Meaney Thomas Corofin Clare Station Master   Clare Slander Action IT 28/06/1928 13   n/a
Meaney Thomas Corofin Clare Station Master   Alleged Slander IT 27/06/1928 3   n/a
Meany Thomas Kilkenny Manslaughter 26 Kilkenny Manslaughter Case WIT 14/12/1912 1 Charged with Death of Brother Wm. Meany at Higginstown n/a
Meany Thomas Kilkenny Manslaughter   Co Kilkenny Farmers Strange Death WIT 07/09/1912 4 As per other reports n/a
Meaney Thomas Leighlin Bridge Carlow Petty Sessions   Charge Against a Postal Clerk WIT 03/10/1903 18 Clerk in Greystones Post Office Co. Wicklow n/a
Meaney Thomas Leighlin Bridge Carlow Petty Sessions   Charge Against a Postal Clerk IT 28/09/1903 9 Clerk in Greystones Post Office Co. Wicklow n/a
Meany Thomas F. Cashel Death 50 Drowned in Pond IT 19/02/1946 3 46 Main Street Cashel Tipperary n/a
Meaney Timothy Macroom Assault   Road Blocking - Macroom Men Fined IT 19/10/1933 4   n/a
Meaney W.   War Casualty   Roll Of Honour - missing in action IT 21/10/1914 6 978D Pte. Royal Munster Fusiliers n/a
Meany William Kilkenny Manslaughter 18 Co Kilkenny Farmers Strange Death WIT 07/09/1912 4 As per other reports n/a
Meany William Kilkenny Inquest 18 A Verdict of Homicide IT 03/09/1912 6 As per other reports n/a
Meaney William George Sandymount Dublin Death   Deaths IT 21/05/1953 10 28 Farney Park. Died 20/05/1953 n/a
Meaney Wm. New Ross Petty Sessions   Burglary at New Ross IT 27/02/1905 10 Has Previous Convictions n/a
Meany   Wilford Theft   Bray Borough Court & Petty Sessions IT 29/09/1890 6   n/a
Meany   Carlow Small Ad   Groom etc IT 22/11/1893 2   n/a
Meaney   White Abbey Kildare For Sale   Dogs IT 18/05/1929 3   n/a
Meaney   Doonass     National Soldiers Attacked at Doonas IT 05/12/1922 6 Meaney's Hotel n/a
TP= Times Pictorial, IT = Irish Times, WIT = Weekly Irish Times. (The Irish Times can be accessed by by subscription at )