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Kathy Grant-Page's Photo Page

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The photographs and accompanying information on this page have been posted on behalf of Kathy Grant-Page. If you have any clues or can help with identification of the subjects please email her at

Kathy Grant-Page's Stray Photographs.

Picture 1. (Left)

This picture has the name J.M. Cunningham written on the front with the initials that look like "S.J" after his name. He is the spitting image of my grandfather Peter Grant (whos  mom was Catherine Cunningham)

I'm wondering if this is an uncle?  He might be a priest by what he's wearing?

The initials S. J. after his name stand for 'Society of Jesuits', confirming that he is a Roman Catholic priest.


Photo 2. (Right)

I don't know who this is.  I wonder if this is Kate Rogers (Jim McAuley's mom) maybe?

Photo 3. (Left)

I believe that this is my dad's uncle Simon Rogers. I think his last address was 61 Moneyscalp road



Photo 4. (Right)

I think this might be someone named "Jimmy"  (could be Jimmy Rogers). I don't know who the little girl is?


Photo 5. (Left)

The two people in the front are my grandparents Peter and Bridget (Rogers) Grant. I don't know who the people behind them are




Photo 6. (Right) 

My father is in the middle. Jimmy is on the right & Simon Rogers on the left.



Photo 7. (Left)

The commentary on the back of this photo says "B. Rogers and Jimmy taken in the rocks".

I don't think that is my grandmother Bridget Rogers because she doesn't look like her.  Jimmy Rogers is my grandmothers brother, but she also had an aunt named Bridget.  I'm wondering if that is her



Photo 8. (Right)

This picture's commentary says "Simon and Jimmy taken in the big field"




Photo 9. (Left)

This is the picture that says "Taken at Byre". Could this be Kate Rogers?



Photo 10. (Right)

The commentary on the back of this picture says  "will Jimmy know his uncle" I wonder what that means?



Photo 11. (Left)

I can't read or understand the commentary on the back of this one. It says something like "Roe m Moha 8 (unknown word) OConnell Street"
I might be reading it wrong, but that's the best I can work it out. The only thing I can decipher for sure is the O'Connell Street and the 8 but everything else I am only trying to figure out and that's the best I can figure it.


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