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Page 1 Maghera CP 1911 Census

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Tullymore (Tollymore)
No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age M. Status Occupation Sex Yrs Wed No of Child -ren Still Alive Place of Birth F.D.
1 Margaret Clarisa? Knox Head CI 72 F Income From Dividends Widow   6 6 Down  
  Kate Knox Visitor CE 37 F   S       England  
  Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Servant CI 14 F General Domestic Servant S       Down  
  Margaret Mary Murtagh Servant RC 23 F Cook Domestic Servant S       Armagh  
2 John Steele Husband Pres 47 M Gardener Domestic Servant M 19 0 0 Antrim  
  Mary Steele Wife Pres 46 F   M       Antrim  
3 Uninhabited - Margaret Knox                    
4 Uninhabited - Lady Mab? Sowerby                    
5 Alfred McSpadden Head CI 43 M Farmer M 18 4 4 Down  
  Mary E. McSpadden Wife CI 38 F   M       Down  
  Samuel McSpadden Son CI 17 M Gardener Domestic Servant S       Down  
  James McSpadden Son CI 14 M   S       Down  
  Robert McSpadden Son CI 8 M   S       Down  
  Adelaid McSpadden Dau CI 6 F   S       Down  
6 Grace Chaine Head CI 65 F Income From Dividends S       Antrim  
  Grace Nickson Cousin CI 46 F Income From Dividends S       Tyrone  
  Mary? Douaghey?? Cook RC 36 F Cook Domestic Servant S       Tyrone  
  Della McMullan? Maid RC 30 F Parlour Maid Domestic Servant S       Down  
7 George Smyth Head RC 76 M   M 40     Down  
  Ann Smyth Wife RC 72 F   M       Down  
8 James Mitchell Head CI 41 M General Labourer M 1 0   Down  
  Matilda Mitchell Wife CI 40 F   M       Down  
9 Daniel Joseph Murray Head RC 49 M Wine Merchant M 21 1 1 Antrim  
  Eleanor Murray Wife RC 39 F   M       Queens  
  Daniel Joseph B? Murray Son RC 19 M Apprentice S       Down  
  Elizabeth Mary O'connell Fitzsimmons Visitor RC 40 F   S       Dublin  
  Annie Song? Servant RC 53 F Cook Domestic Servant S       Louth  
  Mary Ann Mallon Servant RC 25 F Housemaid Domestic Servant S       Cavan  
  Richard Pinder Servant RC 21 M Chauffer S       Queens  
10 Uninhabited - Daniel Joseph Murray                        
11 Mary McGuirk Servant RC 24 F Cook Domestic Servant S       Meath  
  Ethel Drennan? Lodger Pres 15 F Embroiderer S       Antrim  
12 Elizabeth Wylie Head CI 19 F   S       Tyrone  
  Mary Wylie Sister CI 16 F   S       Antrim  
  Edyth Agnes Wylie Sister CI 11 F Scholar S       Antrim  
  Samuel James Wylie Brother CI 8 M Scholar S       Down  
13 John Drennan Head Pres 65 M Gardener Domestic Servant M 35 9 7 Down  
  Sarah Drennan Wife Pres 58 F No Occupation M       Down  
  Mary Drennan Dau Pres 34 F Seamstress S       Down  
  Margaret Drennan Dau Pres 20 F Seamstress S       Down  
  Robert Daniel Drennan Son Pres 18 M Gardener Domestic Servant S       Down  
14 George Brush Head CI 88 M Land Proprieter M 42 3 2 Down  
  Harriett Brush Wife CI 69 F   M       Armagh  
  Maria H? Brush Dau CI 41 F   S       Dublin  
  Fanny Hunter Servant CI 41 F House & Parlour Maid Widow       Down  
  Deborah ??air Nurse CI 31 F Attendant Domestic Servant S       Armagh  
  Elizabeth Thompson Nurse CI 55 F Nurse-Attendant Widow       Down  
15 Uninhabited - George Brush                        
16 Francis Faulkner Head RC 50 M Garden Labourer M 20 4 3 Down  
  Alice Faulkner Wife RC 49 F   M       Down  
  John Faulkner Son RC 19 M Garden Labourer S       Down  
  Michael Faulkner Son RC 16 M Post Boy S       Down  
  Mary Ann Faulkner Dau RC 14 F Scholar S       Down  
17 Uninhabited - Wm. Holmes                    
18 John Meaney Head RC 27 M Farm Labourer M <1     Down  
  Mary Ann Meaney Wife RC 24 F   M       Down  
  Mary Jordan Mother in Law RC 54 F   S       Down  
  Mary Joyce Cousin RC 12 F Scholar S       Down  
19 John Meaney Head RC 60 M Farmer M       Down  
  Hugh Meaney Son RC 28 M Posting Establishman S       Down  
19 Sarah O'Flynn Head RC 79 F   S       Down  
20 Alice Doyle Head RC 70 F   Widow       Down  
  Bernard Doyle Son RC 35 M Farmer S       Down  
  Alice Doyle Dau RC 20 F   S       Down  
  Kathleen Doyle Dau RC 20 F   S       Down  
21 Mary Ann Burns Head RC 69 F   Widow   5 5 Down  
  John Burns Son RC 33 M Farmer S       Down  
22 George William Young Head CI 49 M Justice of the Peace Land Agent M       Belfast  
  Bridget Dalton Servant RC 28 F Cook Domestic Servant S       Templemoore Tipperary  
  Winifred Fitzgerald Servant RC 21 F Parlour Maid Domestic Servant S       Cahir Tipperary  
  Mary Agnes Fitzgerald Servant RC 19 F Housemaid Domestic Servant S       Cahir Tipperary  
23 Winifred Yerrits? Head RC 16 F   S       England  
  John Yerrits? Brother RC 17 M   S       Derry  
  Lillie Yerrits? Sister RC 6 F Scholar S       Antrim  
24 James Keers Head Pres 45 M Presbytarian Minister M 10 0   Down  
  Mary Charlotte Keers Wife Pres 45 F   M       Down  
  Mary Ann O'Niel Servant RC 21 F Domestic Servant S       Down  
25 Stewart Dalzell Head Pres 32 M Farm Labourer M 13 3 3 Down  
  Ellen Dalzell Wife Pres 32 F   M       Down  
  Martha Jane Dalzell Dau Pres 11 F Scholar S       Down  
  Robert Alexander Dalzell Son Pres 5 M Scholar S       Down  
  Ann Mary Dalzell Dau Pres 3 F   S       Down  
26 John Hughes Head Pres 29 M Gardener Domestic Servant M 5 2 2 Down  
  Sarah Elizabeth Hughes Wife Pres 30 F   M       Armagh  
  Isobella Jane Hughes Dau Pres 4 F   S       Down  
  John Francis Hughes Son Pres 3 M   S       Antrim  
27 John Goldfinch Head CI 49 M Commander Royal Navy Retired M 4 1 1 Australia  
  Edith Goldfinch Wife CI 37 F   M       Derry  
  Rosalind Goldfinch Dau CI 3 F   S       Down  
  Ellen Forde Servant CI 49 F Nurse Domestic Servant S       Tyrone  
  Hellen Donnelly Servant RC 27 F Cook Domestic Servant S       Antrim  
  Annie Aikin Servant CI 18 F Parlour Maid Domestic Servant S       Down  
28 John McCrickard Head RC 47 M Farmer M 12 3 3 Down  
  Mary McCrickard Wife RC 34 F   M       Down  
  James McCrickard Son RC 19 M Labourer S       Down  
  John McCrickard Son RC 11 M Scholar S       Down  
  Maggie McCrickard Dau RC 8 F Scholar S       Down  
  Arthur McCrickard Son RC 2 M   S       Down  
28 Margaret O'Flaherty Head RC 44 F Maternity Nurse M 9 2 1 Louth  
  William John O'Flaherty Son RC 5 M   S       ????  
  Bridget Fitzpatrick Visitor RC 20 F Housemaid Out Of Employment S       Down