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Meeting House Lane Kilkeel 1911

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No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Occupation M. Status Yrs Wed No of Child -ren Still Alive Place of Birth F.D.
1 James Mcguigan Head RC 30 Labourer M 9 0 0 Armagh  
  Maggie Mcguigan Wife RC 29   M       Armagh  
  Mary Kearns Boarder RC 26   M 7 2 2 Louth  
  Owen Kearns Boarder RC 5   S       Liverpool  
  Ellen Kearns Boarder RC 15m   S       Down  
2 Thomas Wilson Head Pres 71 Painter & Glazier M 4 2 2 Down  
  Margaret Helen Wilson Wife Pres 28   M       Fermanagh  
  William Thomas Wilson Son Pres 3   S       Down  
  James Wilson Son Pres 1   S       Down  
  Wm James Dane Neph Pres 6 Scholar S       Belfast  
3 Andrew Newell Head Pres 50 Master Carpenter M 25 7 7 Down  
  Elizabeth Jane Newell Wife Pres 42   M       Down  
  James Newell Son Pres 20 Carpenter Apprentice S       Down  
  Robert Newell Son Pres 16 Farm Servant S       Down  
  Martha Newell Dau Pres 11 Scholar S       Down  
  John Frederick Newell Son Pres 4   S       Down  
4 Samuel Burden Head CI 71 Labourer before Accident M 38 7 3 Glassdrummon  
  Mary Burden Wife CI 70   M       Kilkeel  
  Sarah Ann Burden Dau CI 38   S       Mullertown  
  Samuel Burden Son CI 37 Labourer  S       Mullertown  
  John Burden Son CI 28 Labourer S       Mullertown  
            Head states blind because of accident    
5 John Wrightman Head Pres 50 Shoemaker M 10 1 1 Kilkeel  
  Agnes Wrightman Wife Pres 40   M       Leitram TL  
  Thomas John Wrightman Son Pres 8 Scholar S       Kilkeel  
6 Ann McBride Head Pres 73 Dispensary Caretaker W   5? 1 Down  
  Mary Margaret McBride Dau Pres 31   S       Down  
  John Kilby Lodger Pres 56 Tailor (Umemployed) S       Down  
  Margaret McKee Lodger Pres 57 Family Servant S       Down  
  Richard McKee Lodger Pres 23 Grocers Asst S       Down  
  Samuel McKee Lodger Pres 16 App. Tailor S       Down  
  Isabella McDowell Lodger Pres 7 Scholar S       Down  
7 Presbyterian Meeting House                  
8 James Beck Head Pres 46 Labourer M 12 0 0 Down  
  Martha Beck Wife Pres 48   M       Down  
9 William McKee Head Pres 32 Labourer - Carrier M 11 6 6 Down  
  Maggie McKee Wife Pres 32   M       Down  
  James McKee Son Pres 11   S       Down  
  Jennie McKee Dau Pres 10   S       Down  
  William McKee Son Pres 8   S       Down  
  Maggie McKee Dau Pres 5   S       Down  
  Isabella McKee Dau Pres 3   S       Down  
  Ellen McKee Dau Pres 1   S       Down  
10 William McKnight Head Morv 45 Fisherman S       Down  
  Mary Ann McKnight Mother Morv 70 Muslin Sewer S       Down  
  Nancy McKnight Aunt Morv 73 Hand Knitter S       Down  
11 Lizzy Glenny Head Pres 36   W 11 4 4 Down  
  Harry Glenny Son Pres 10 Scholar S       Down  
  James Glenny Son Pres 9 Scholar S       Down  
  John Glenny Son Pres 8 Scholar S       Down  
  Jenny Glenny Dau Pres 4   S       Down  

Complete 24/09/2007