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Kilkeel 1911 Census

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No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Occupation M. Status Yrs Wed No of Child -ren Still Alive Place of Birth F.D.
1 Isabella Arnett Neice Pres 24   S       Down  
  Matilda Ewart H Pres 55   S       Down  
2 Mary Phillips Head RC 60   S       Down  
  Patrick Cunningham Nephew RC 17 Farm Labourer S       Down  
3 Joseph Sherry Head RC 56 Army Pensioner W       Dublin City  
4 Sarah McVeigh Head RC 73 Farmers Wife W       Down  
  James McVeigh Son RC 35 Employee on Farm S       Down  
  Bridget McVeigh Dau RC 38 Domestic Duties at home S       Down  
  Annie McVeigh Dau RC 32 Domestic Duties at home S       Down  
6 James Hale Head CI 52 Agricultural Labourer M 32 6 5 Down  
  Mary Ann Hale Wife CI 54   M       Down  
  Thomas James Hale Son CI 26 Agricultural Labourer S       Down  
  Susan Hale Dau CI 20 Sewer S       Down  
  Samuel Hale Son CI 17 Agricultural Labourer S       Down  
  Catherine Hale Dau CI 15 Sewer S       Down  
7 Patrick O'Hanlon Head RC 40 Farmer M 15 4 3 Down  
  Mary O'Hanlon Wife RC 34 Farmers Wife M       Down  
  Patrick O'Hanlon Son RC 13 Scholar S       Down  
  John O'Hanlon Son RC 11 Scholar S       Down  
  James O'Hanlon Son RC 8 Scholar S       Down  
8 Alex McDonald Head RC 28 Farmer S       Down  
  Sarah McDonald Sister RC 22 Farmer S       Down  
  Ellen McDonald Sister RC 19 Farmer S       Down  
9 John McKee Head Pres 50 Farmer M 28 3 3 Down  
  Sarah McKee Wife Pres 48   M       Down  
  Robert McKee Son Pres 26 Farmer S       Down  
  John McKee Son Pres 21 Farmer S       Down  
  William McKee Son Pres 14 Scholar S       Down  
  Marget McKee Relative Pres  83   W       Down  
10 Joshua Hanna Head Pres 61 Farmer M 35 9 9 Kilkeel  
  Ellen Hanna Wife Pres 52 Housewife M       Down  
  Robert Hanna Son Pres 32 Farmer S       Down  
  Samuel Hanna Son Pres 22 Farmer S       Down  
  Willie Hanna Son Pres 18 Farmer S       Down  
  Jim Hanna Son Pres 15 Farmer S       Down  
11 William Edgar Head Pres 60 Farmer M 15 0 0 Down  
  Mary Jane Edgar Wife Pres 45   M       Down  
  Samuel Edgar Bro Pres 58 Farmer S       Down  
  Thomas Edgar Bro Pres 57 Farmer S       Down  
12 William J Doyle Head RC 38 Farmer W       Down  
  Annie Doyle Dau RC 12 Scholar S       Down  
  James Doyle Son RC 11 Scholar S       Down  
  Thomas Joe Doyle Son RC 9 Scholar S       Down  
14 Lizzie Campbell Head Pres 46 -- W       Down  
  James Campbell Son Pres 24 Farmer S       Down  
  Annie Campbell Dau Pres 22 Dressmaking S       Down  
  Mary Campbell Dau Pres 17 Dressmaker S       Down  
  Elizabeth Campbell Dau Pres 15 Scholar S       Down  
  Thomas   Campbell Son Pres 12 Scholar S       Down  
  David Campbell Son Pres 9 Scholar S       Down  
  Bob Eakins Serv CI 18 Farm Servant S       Down  
15 John Galbraith Head Pres 90 Farmer M 30 6 6 Down  
  Elizabeth Galbraith Wife Pres 60   M       Down  
  James Alfred Galbraith Son Pres 27 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Luisa Galbraith Dau Pres 26   S       Down  
  George Galbraith Son Pres 23   S       Down  
16 James  Donnan Head RC 45 Fisherman M 23 11 9 Down  
  Kate Donnan Wife RC 45   M       Down  
  John Donnan Son RC 22 Fisherman S       Glasgow  
  James Donnan Son RC 18 Fisherman S       Glasgow  
  Thomas Donnan Son RC 14 Scholar S       Down  
  Sarah Donnan Dau RC 12 Scholar S       Down  
  Willie Francis Donnan Son RC 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Patrick Joseph Donnan Son RC 3   S       Down  
  Dannie Donnan Son RC 1   S       Down  
17 Charles McBirney Head RC 36 Fisherman M 2 0 0 Down  
  Sarah Jane McBirney Wife RC 26   M       Down  
18 Mary McDonald Wife RC 24   M 8 4 4 Down  
  Thomas McDonald Son RC 6   S       Down  
  William McDonald Son RC 5   S       Down  
  Francis McDonald Son RC 2   S       Down  
  Mary McDonald Dau RC 3m   S       Down  
19 John Eakins Head CI 48 Fisherman M 11  5  4 Glasgow  
  Catherine Eakins Wife CI 48   M       Down  
  Jane Alice Eakins Dau CI 9 Scholar S       Down  
  Isabella Eakins Dau CI 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Rebecca Eakins Dau CI 3   S       Down  
  Alexander Eakins Son CI 17 Fisherman S       Down  
  John Eakins Father of Head CI 87 Retired Stone Dresser W       Down  
20 William Campbell Head RC 53 Labourer M 15 2 2 Kilkeel  
  Mary Campbell Wife RC 44 Housewife M       Down  
  Susan Campbell Dau RC 16 Seamstress S       Down  
  Patrick Campbell Son RC 13 Scholar S       Down  
21 John Sloan Head RC 72 Soldier W       Down  
22 James Cunningham Head RC 77 Labourer W       Down  
  Abraham Cunningham Son RC 30 Labourer S       Down  
23 Samuel Galbraith Head MC 67 Shoemaker & Farmer W       Down  
  Mary Margaret Galbraith Dau MC 34   S       Down  
  Anna Clements Galbraith Dau MC 32   S       Down  
  David Galbraith Son MC 30 Labourer S       Down  
  Henry Mallalieu Galbraith Son MC 28 Labourer S       Down  
  Samuel Galbraith Son MC 27 Labourer S       Down  
24 Lonie McIntosh Head MC 38   M 9 5 4 Down  
  Perry McIntosh Son MC 6 Scholar S       South Aftricia  
  Jack McIntosh Son MC 5 Scholar S       South Aftricia  
  Jamie McIntosh Dau MC 3   S       South Aftricia  
  Annetta McIntosh Dau MC 10 m   S       Down  
25 Annie Stevenson Head Pres 58   W       Down  
  James Keon Serv Pres 50 Labourer S       Down  
  Adam Hanna Serv Pres 23 Labourer S       Down  
  Minnie Irvine Cousin Pres 35 Housekeeper S       Down  
26 David Perry Head MC 73  Scutcher M 48 7 5 Down  
  Jane Perry Wife MC 69   M       Down  
  Janet Bridge Gd dau MC 13 Stitcher S       Belfast  
  Willie Bridge Gd Son MC 5 Scholar S       Belfast  
27 James Stafford Head Pres 45 Labourer M 24 11 9 Down  
  Elizabeth Stafford Wife Pres 45 Seamstress M       Down  
  John Stafford Son Pres 22 Labourer S       Down  
  Charlotte Stafford Dau Pres 17 Servant S       Down  
  Sarah Stafford Dau Pres 12 Scholar S       Down  
  James Stafford Son Pres 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Martha Stafford Dau Pres 6   S       Down  
  Charles H Stafford Son Pres 4   S       Down  
28 Sarah Caroline Grills Wife MC 40 Dressmaker M 21 7 5 Down  
  Reginald John Grills Son MC 14 Scholar S       Down  
  Cora Mabel Grills Dau MC 8 Scholar S       America  
29 Fanny Anderson Head MC 68   W   5 5 Down  
  Hugh Burns Boarder RC 66 Labourer W       Down  
30 Robert Quinn Head RC 57 Builder & Farmer M 36 11 10 Down  
  Jane Quinn Wife RC 46   M       Down  
  William Quinn Son RC 24   S       Down  
  Frieda Quinn Dau RC 19 School Teacher S       Down  
  Herbert Quinn Son RC 17 Carpenter S       Down  
  Leah Quinn Dau RC 16   S       Down  
  Winifred Quinn Dau RC 13 Scholar S       Down  
  Flora Mildred Quinn Dau RC 12 Scholar S       Down  
  Sarah Gertrude Quinn Dau RC 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Llewellen Quinn Son RC 9 Scholar S       Down  
  Clara Herrien Quinn Dau RC 7 Scholar S       Down  
31 Robert White Head Pres 77 Minister M 23 5 5 Down  
  Elizabeth R White Wife Pres 55   M       Down  
  William Robert White Son Pres 20 Scholar S       Down  
  John Alexander White Son Pres 17 Farmer S       Down  
  Maurice White Son Pres 16 Scholar S       Down  
  Mary Fegan Serv CI 19 General Servant S       Down  
  Lizzie Fegan Child of Servant CI 1   S       Down  
32 Joseph Smith Head Pres 51 Labourer M 30 0 0 Down  
  Maryanne Smith Wife Pres 50 Servant M       Down  
  Robert Smith Relat Pres 77 Servant S       Down  
33 Alexander Gordon Head Pres 62 Woolen draper W       Down  
  Archilbald Gordon Son Pres 31 Cutter S       Down  
  Samuel Laird Gordon Son Pres 22 Auctioneer S       Down  
  Susan Cunningham Serv RC 22 Servant S       Down  
  Elizabeth McKibben Visitor Pres 32 Visitor W       Down  
34 William McCulla Head Pres 74 Farmer W       Down  
  Thomas McCulla Son Pres 38 Labourer S       Down  
  James McCulla Son Pres 33 Labourer S       Down  
Note: CI = Church of Ireland; MC = Moravian Protestant Church.

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