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Ballykeel 1911 Census

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No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Occupation M. Status Yrs Wed No of Child -ren Still Alive Place of Birth F.D.
1 Jas Walmesley Head CI 87 Farmer Widow       Down  
  William Walmesley Son CI 55 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Maude Walmesley Dau CI 47   S       Down  
  Edwin Walmesley Son CI 39? Farmers Son S       Down  
  Mary McGourk?? Servant CI 15           Down  
2 Thomas Bingham Head Pres 25 Agricultural Labourer S       Down  
  Mary Heaney Sister CI 31   M 10 3 3 Down  
  Maggie Heaney Niece CI 9 Scholar S       Down  
  John Heaney Nephew CI 7 Scholar S       Down  
  William Heaney Nephew CI 3   S       Down  
3 Patrick Quinn Head Pres 54 Farmer & Smith M 12 1 1 Down  
  Margaret Quinn Wife Pres 50   M       Down  
  Thomas Quinn Son Pres 10 Scholar S       Down  
4 Uninhabited -                      
5 Francis Henry Orr Head Pres 70 Farmer M 40 12 11 Down  
  Jane Orr Wife Pres 61   M       Down  
  Jocelyn Orr Son Pres 35 Farmers Son M 4 2 2 Down  
  Charlotte Orr Dau in Law Pres 33   M       Down  
  Andrew Orr Son Pres 29 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Francis Henry Orr G.Son Pres 3   S       Down  
  Myrtle Jane Orr G.Dau Pres 1   S       Down  
6 John Annett Head Pres 50 Farmer M 6     Down  
  Sarah Jane Annett Wife Pres 39   M       Down  
  Hugh Quinn Servant RC 16 Farm Labourer S       Down  
  Joseph Annett Servant RC 19 Farm Labourer S       Down  
7 James Adair Head Pres 44 Farmer M 7 3 3 Down  
  Agnes Adair Wife Pres 40   M       Down  
  William Alexander Adair Son Pres 5 Scholar S       Down  
  Robert James Adair Son Pres 3   S       Down  
  Agnes Elizabeth Adair Dau Pres 4m   S       Down  
  Eliza Jane Adair Sister Pres 40   S       Down  
8 Francis Boyd Head Pres 69 Farmer M 39 11 10 Down  
  Margaret Boyd Wife Pres 60   M       Down  
  Mary Margaret Boyd Dau Pres 38   S       Down  
  W. John Boyd Son Pres 39 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Alfred Boyd Son Pres 35 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Frs. Ann Boyd Dau Pres 22   S       Down  
  F. Alexander Boyd Son Pres 29 Carpenter S       Down  
  Susanna Boyd Dau Pres 21   S       Down  
  Bella Jane? Boyd Dau Pres 18   S       Down  
9 William Rooney Head RC 35 Labourer M 5 2 2 Down  
  Bridget Rooney Wife RC 32   M       Down  
  Anne Mary Rooney Dau RC 4 Scholar S       Down  
  Catherine Rooney Dau RC 2   S       Down  
10 Hugh Quinn Head Pres 50 Blacksmith Farmer S       Down  
11 Jessie Pue Wife CI 40 Flower?? of Linen M 12 4 3 England  
  Anna Pue Dau CI 11   S       Scotland  
  Jessie Pue Dau CI 8   S       Scotland  
  Alice Pue Dau CI 4   S       Scotland  
12 John Rooney Head RC 57 Labourer M 38 12 12 Down  
  Annie Rooney Wife RC 55   M       Down  
  Maggie Rooney Dau RC 25 Engaged at embroidery S       Down  
  Annie Cousins Dau RC 23 Engaged at embroidery M <1     Down  
  Robert  Cousins Son in Law RC 27 Fisherman M       Down  
  Mary Rooney Dau RC 15 General Servant S       Down  
  Patrick Rooney Son RC 13 Scholar S       Down  
  Hugh Rooney Son RC 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Sarah Catherine Rooney Dau RC 5 Scholar S       Down  
13 Rachel Tate Head Pres 68   S       Down  
14 Charles Mitchell Head Pres 73 Farmer Widow       Down  
  Archie Mitchell Son Pres 40 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Mary Mitchell Dau Pres 35   S       Down  
  Isabella Mitchell Dau Pres 23   S       Down  
  Isabella Campbell G.Dau Pres 14 Scholar S       Down  
15 Catherine Moore Head Pres 82 Farmer Widow   7 6 Down  
  Eliza Jane Moore Dau Pres 53 Farmers Daughter S       Down  
  Catherine Moore Dau Pres 43 Farmers Daughter S       Down  
  Minnie Johnston Cousin Pres 1   S       Down  
  Thomas McGurk Servant CI 19 Labourer S       Down  
16 James Boyd Head Pres 72 Farmer M 16     Down  
  Annie Boyd Wife Pres 54 Wife M       Down  
  Lizzie Ann McCullough Nephews Daughter Pres 7 Scholar S       Down  
17 William Stevenson Head Pres 45 Farmer M 19     Down  
  Edith Stevenson Wife Pres 38   M       Louth  
  James Hanna Nephew Pres 34 Farmers Nephew S       Down  
18 James Newell Head Pres 37 Farmer M 5 4 4 Down  
  Mary Anne Newell Wife Pres 27   M       Down  
  Florence Newell Dau Pres 5 Scholar S       Down  
  William Henry Newell Son Pres 3   S       Down  
  James Newell Son Pres 2   S       Down  
  Robert Newell Son Pres 1   S       Down  
19 Thomas Newell Head Pres 48 Farmer M 27 13 11 Down  
  Mary Jane Newell Wife Pres 50   M       Down  
  Sarah Ann Newell Dau Pres 22   S       Down  
  Willie Newell Son Pres 16   S       Down  
  Lizzie  Newell Dau Pres 14   S       Down  
  Maggie Newell Dau Pres 12 Scholar S       Down  
  John Newell Son Pres 10 Scholar S       Down  
  James Newell Son Pres 8 Scholar S       Down  
20 Robert Stevenson Head Pres 23 Farmer M 3 2 2 Down  
  Frannie Stevenson Wife Pres 22   M       Down  
  James H. Stevenson Son Pres 2   S       Down  
  Anna M. Stevenson Dau Pres <1   S       Down  
21 Arthur Cunningham Head RC 36 Farmer M <1     Down  
  Nora Cunningham   RC 25   M       Down  
  Maggie Cunningham Sister RC 45   S       Down  
  Mary McVeigh Niece RC 17   S       Down  
22 Thomas Bingham Head Pres 69 Farmer Widow       Down  
  Lydia Bingham Dau Pres 26 Sewer S       Down  
  Alexander Bingham Son Pres 22 Farm Servant S       Down  
  Margaret Davison G.Dau Pres 5 Scholar S       Down  
23 Bernard Cunningham Head RC 56 Farmer M 34 12 8 Down  
  Sarah Ann Cunningham Wife RC 55 Farmers Wife M       Down  
  Patrick Cunningham Son RC 33 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Joseph Cunningham Son RC 31 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Hugh Cunningham Son RC 28 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Bernard Cunningham Son RC 26 Farmers Son S       Down  
  John Cunningham Son RC 21 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Henry Cunningham Son RC 17 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Mary Cunningham Dau RC 15 Farmers Daughter S       Down  
  Mathew Cunningham Son RC 12 Scholar Farmers Son S       Down  
24 John Rooney Head RC 33 Fisherman M 5     Down  
  Mary Margaret Rooney Wife RC 35   M       Down  
  Mary Curran Aunt RC 70   S       Down  
  James Curran Cousin RC 20 Labourer S       Down  
  Alice Mary Cunningham Boarder RC 8 Scholar S       Down  
  Felix Cunningham Boarder RC 6 Scholar S       Down  
25 John Martin Head Pres 48 Farmer M 14 7 7 Down  
  Elizabeth Martin Wife Pres 37   M       Down  
  Martha Jane Martin Dau Pres 13 Scholar S       Down  
  Susan  Martin Dau Pres 11 Scholar S       Down  
  Elizabeth Martin Dau Pres 8 Scholar S       Down  
  Florie Martin Dau Pres 6 Scholar S       Down  
  Minnie Martin Dau Pres 4   S       Down  
  William Martin Son Pres 2   S       Down  
  Eileen Martin Dau Pres 3m   S       Down  
26 Thomas Bingham Head Chris 47 Farmer M 10 6 6 Down  
  Minnie Bingham Wife Chris 38   M       Down  
  Thomas Bingham Son * 8 Scholar S       Down  
  Minnie Bingham Dau * 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Samuel Bingham Son * 6 Scholar S       Down  
  Maggie Bingham Dau * 3   S       Down  
  Robert Bingham Son * 2   S       Down  
  Abigail Bingham Dau * 1   S       Down  
27 Robert Trimble Head Chris 47 Farmer M 16 4 4 Down  
  Martha  Trimble Wife Chris 49   M       Down  
  Joshua Trimble Son ** 13 Scholar S       Down  
  Thomas Trimble Son ** 11 Scholar S       Down  
  Robert Trimble Son ** 9 Scholar S       Down  
  John Trimble Son ** 7 Scholar S       Down  
28 William Irvine Head Pres 78 Farmer M 18 5 5 Down  
  Maggie Irvine Wife Pres 37   M       Down  
  Hill Irvine Son Pres 13 Scholar S       Down  
  Flo May Irvine Dau Pres 10 Scholar S       Down  
  James? Alexander Irvine Son Pres 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Wm. James Irvine Son Pres 4   S       Down  
  Alexander Ogle Irvine Son Pres 1   S       Down  
  Annie Irvine Sister Pres 72   S       Down  
  John Kels? Servant RC 45   S       Down  
  Maggie Nesbit Servant CI 18   S       Down  
  James Rice Servant CI 16   S       Down  
29 Uninhabited - William Irvine                  
30 Uninhabited - William Irvine                  
31 Uninhabited - William Irvine                   
32 John McLenaghan Head CI 77 Scutcher Widow       Down  
  John McLenaghan Son CI 30 Postman (Rural) S       Down  
33 William Leggarty Head CI 32 Farm Servant M 11     Down  
  Mary Leggarty Wife CI 34 Seamstress M       Down  
34 Mary McClinaghan Head CI 73 Sewer S       Down  
  Jane McClinaghan Sister CI 68 Dyer? S       Down  
35 Andrew McKnight Head CI 60 Labourer M 23 7 5 Down  
  Ellen McKnight Wife CI 48   M       Down  
  Elizabeth McKnight Dau CI 18 Seamstress S       Down  
  Herbert McKnight Son CI 8 Scholar S       Down  
  Robert George McKnight Son CI 5 Scholar S       Down  
36 Patrick Morgan Head RC 37 Agricultural Labourer M 12 3 2 Down  
  Ellen Morgan Wife RC 36   M       Down  
  Francis Joseph Morgan Son RC 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Thomas John Morgan Son RC 3   S       Down  
  William Burns Brother in Law RC 30 Farmer S       Down  
37 Hugh Spence Head Pres 58 Farmer M 26 3 3 Down  
  Marrianne Spence Wife Pres 56   M       Down  
  Archie Spence Son Pres 20 Farmers Son S       Down  
38 Edward Magennis Head RC 42 National School Teacher M 16 7 7 Armagh  
  Gertrude Magennis Wife RC 38   M       Antrim  
  Mona Magennis Dau RC 18 Scholar S       Down  
  Gertrude Kathleen Magennis Dau RC 12 Scholar S       Down  
  Bridgid Philomena Magennis Dau RC 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Peter James Magennis Son RC 8 Scholar S       Down  
  Susan Angela Magennis Dau RC 5 Scholar S       Down  
  Edward George Magennis Son RC 4 Scholar S       Down  
  Finola Monnina? Magennis Dau RC 3   S       Down  
39 William Newell Head Pres 47 Farmer S       Down  
  Hugh Newell Brother Pres 45 Farmer S       Down  
40 Andrew Newell Head Pres 40 Labourer M 12 7 7 Down  
  Maggie Newell Wife Pres 33   M       Down  
  Willie Newell Son Pres 12 Scholar S       Down  
  Andrew Newell Son Pres 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Minnie Newell Dau Pres 9 Scholar S       Down  
  John Newell Son Pres 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Hugh Newell Son Pres 4 Scholar S       Down  
  Henry Newell Son Pres 3   S       Down  
  Susan  Newell Dau Pres 1   S       Down  
41 James Newell Head Pres 64 Farmer M 24 3 2 Down  
  Sarah Newell Wife Pres 59   M       Down  
  Isabella Newell Dau Pres 26   S       Down  
  Jane Newell Dau Pres 17   S       Down  
42 Andrew Newell Head Pres 47 Farmer M 19     Down  
  Margaret Newell Wife Pres 36   M       Down  
  Sarah Newell Mother Pres 91   Widow   12 6 Down  
  Magt. Eliza McKibbin Niece Pres 5 Scholar S       Down  
43 William Moore Head Chris 48 Farmers Son & Egg Merchant M <1     Down  
  Esther Moore Wife   22   M       Down  
44 Eliza Rogers Head RC 77 Post Mistress S       Down  
  Ellen Rogers Sister RC 71 Assistant Post Mistress S       Down  
  James Rogers Brother RC 62 Postman S       Down  
45 Uninhabited - Ballymartin National School                
46 John McGlue Head RC 78 Farmer M 6 5 4 Down  
  Mary McGlue Wife RC 38   M       Down  
  Annie McGlue Dau RC 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Nellie McGlue Dau RC 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Edward McGlue Son RC 4   S       Down  
  Mary McGlue Dau RC 2   S       Down  
  Fannie Geddis Mother in Law Pres 69   Widow       Down  
47 Uninhabited - Wm. Burns                  
48 Uninhabited - Jas Fitzpatrick                  
49 Daniel Fitzpatrick Head RC 46 Farmer M 4 3 3 Down  
  Ellen Fitzpatrick Wife RC 29   M       Down  
  Patrick Fitzpatrick Son RC 3   S       Down  
  Mary Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Dau RC ?   S       Down  
  Catherine Winiphred Fitzpatrick Dau RC ?   S       Down  
  Margaret Fitzpatrick Sister RC 52   S       Down  
  Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Sister RC 37   S       Down  
  Daniel Grant Cousin RC 46 Farm Labourer S       Down  
  Bridget Killen Servant RC 29 Servant S       Down  
50 James E. Eccles Head CI 75 Farmer M 42 1 1 Down  
  Agnes Eccles Wife CI 78   M       Down  
  William Eccles Son CI 40 Farmer F       Down  
51 Charles Annett Head Pres 63 Farmer M 34 4 4 Down  
  Eliza Jane Annett Wife Pres 67   M       Down  
  Joseph Annett Son Pres 28 Farmers Son S       Down  
  Edward Annett Son Pres 26 Stone Cutter S       Down  
52 John Fitzpatrick Head RC 34 Farmer M 8 2 2 Down  
  Sarah Fitzpatrick Wife RC 41   M       Down  
  Eliza Fitzpatrick Mother RC 73   Widow   11 8 Down  
  Lizzie Fitzpatrick Dau RC 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Charlie Fitzpatrick Son RC 5 Scholar S       Down  
53 Daniel Fitzpatrick Head RC 77 Farmer M 45 12 9 Down  
  Ann Fitzpatrick Wife RC 71   M       Down  
  Arthur Fitzpatrick Son RC 43 Farmers Son M 2 1 1 Down  
  Mary Fitzpatrick Sons Wife RC 37   M       Down  
  Daniel Fitzpatrick G.Son RC 8m   S       Down  
  James Harrison Servant RC 14 Farm Labourer S       Down  
54 Uninhabited - Robert Hanna                  
55 Uninhabited - John Fitzpatrick                  
56 Joseph Cunningham Head RC 34 Farmer Widow       Down  
57 Owen McConville Head RC 55 Fisherman M 23 1   Down  
  Catherine McConville Wife RC 48   M       Down  
58 Mary Anne Collins Head RC 70 Flower? of Linen S   9 3 Down  
59 Edward Collins Head RC 60 Fisherman M 30 9 7 Down  
  Maggie Collins Wife RC 49   M       Down  
  Patrick Collins Son RC 27 Fisherman S       Down  
  Maggie E. Collins Dau RC 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Eddie J. Collins Son RC 7 Scholar S       Down  
60 Alexander McKnight Head RC 56 Labourer S       Down  
61 John Collins Head RC 54 Fisherman M 28 12 10 Down  
  Sarah Collins Wife RC 48   M       Down  
  Joseph Collins Son RC 14 School Boy S       Down  
  Norah Collins Dau RC 10 School Girl S       Down  
  Ned Collins Son RC 8 School Boy S       Down  
  Annie Mary Collins Dau RC 3   S       Down  
62 Hugh Linden Head RC 50 Farmer S       Down  
  Betty Linden Sister RC 34   S       Down  
63 Uninhabited - Jas H. Stevenson                
Notes: All are private dwellings except: 10 + 33 = shop; 44 = Ballymartin Post Office; 45 = Ballymartin National School. * States 'Not to years of responsibility'. ** States 'Information refused'.

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