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Page 2 Kilcoo CP 1911 Census

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Newcastle Main Street (Part 1)
No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Occupation M. Status Yrs Wed No of Child -ren Still Alive Place of Birth F.D.
1 William Paxton Head Pres 68 Agricultural Labourer Wid       Down  
  Mary Goudie Dau Pres 32   M 8 1 1 Down  
  James Paxton Son Pres 19 Shoemaker S       Down  
  Mary Paxton G.Dau Pres 9 Scholar S       Down  
  Maud Goudie G.Dau Pres 8 Scholar S       Down  
  Richard Graham Boarder RC 21 Horse Trainer S       Down  
  Sydney Truide? Boarder CI 40 Agricultural Labourer S       Down  
  James Kearns Boarder RC 23 Railway Porter S       Down  
  Tedril Stevens Boarder RC 70 Photographer Wid       Down  
2 Tomothy Curtin Head RC 50 Pensioner M 3 0   Limerick  
  Mary Curtin Wife RC 49   M       Belfast  
  Timothy Joseph Curtin Son RC 8 Scholar S       Belfast  
  Lizzie McKibbin Servant RC 21 General Servant S       Down  
3 Uninhabited - Barbers Shop                  
4 John Nugent Head RC 36 Hairdresser M 10 6 6 Down  
  Mary Ann Nugent Wife RC 32   M       Down  
  Mary Alice Nugent Dau RC 7 Scholar S       Down  
  John Joseph Nugent Son RC 6 Scholar S       Down  
  Ellen Elizabeth Nugent Dau RC 5 Scholar S       Down  
  Nora Kathleen Nugent Dau RC 4 Scholar S       Down  
  Daniel Patrick Nugent Son RC 2   S       Down  
  Patrick Frances Nugent Son RC 1   S       Down  
  James McDermott Assistant RC 25 Hairdresser S       Antrim  
5 Wilhelmina H.M. Lawless Head CI 44 Shopkeeper Wid       Down  
6 Isabella Wall Head CI 69   S       Down  
7 Uninhabited                      
8 Jane Watson Head CI 61   Wid       Belfast  
  Eileen Masasoon Niece CE 25   S       Belfast  
  Mary Watkins H.Keeper CI 36 Housekeeper Domestic Servant S       Mayo  
  Elsie Edith Cope Servant CE 16 Housemaid Domestic Servant S       Gloucester England  
9 Jane Bell Head Pres 75 Income Derived from Bonds Wid       Down  
  Ann Jane Murphy Servant CI 49 Domestic Servant S       Antrim  
  Mary Elizabeth Bann   CI 15 Scholar S       Antrim  
10 John Charles Hanna Head Pres 35 General Labourer M 3 1 1 Monaghan  
  Elizabeth Anne Hanna Wife Pres 38   M       Down  
  Robert James Hanna Son Pres 1m           Down  
  John Martin Roberts Boarder CI 22 Groom S       Dublin  
  Robert  Scandrett Boarder Pres 18 Railway Clerk S       Down  
  Allan? Corry Boarder Uni 48 Mariner? S       Down  
  Minnie Wilson Boarder Pres 41 Income from Houses M 21 2 2 Down  
  Annie McNight Boarder Pres 15 Scholar S       Down  
11 Uninhabited                      
12 Walter Ellis Head CE*1 34 Head Waiter M 10 1 1 London England  
  Alice Catherine Ellis Wife CE*1 32   M       London England  
  Walter Alfred Charles Ellis Son CE*1 4           Worcestershire  
  Emile Frizon? Boarder RC 20 Chauffer S       France  
13 Francis David McMullan Head Pres 37 Merchant Wholesale Druggist M 9 2 2 Down  
  Maud Mary McMullan Wife Pres 35   M       Antrim  
  Francis Arthur McMullan Son Pres 7   S       Belfast  
  Elizabeth Mary McMullan Dau Pres 2   S       Belfast  
  Hugh Robert Ross Visitor Pres 47 Linen Manufacturer M 17 3 3 Armagh  
  Mary ? Ross Visitor Pres 41   M       Belfast  
  Mary Foy Servant Epi 50 Nurse Domestic Servant Wid       Cavan  
  Mary Brady Servant RC 28 Cook Domsestic Servant S       Cavan  
  Susan Brady Servant RC 26 Housemaid Domestic Servant S       Cavan  
  John Thompson Servant Epi 30 Motor Chauffer M       Down  
14 Uninhabited                      
15 Joseph Rodgers Head RC 31 Haidresser M 1 0 0 Belfast  
  Catherine Rodgers Wife RC 30   M       Kerry  
  John Rodgers Nephew RC 11 Scholar S       Belfast  
  Eileen Rodgers Niece RC 5   S       Belfast  
  Margaret Monaghan Servant RC 16 General Domestic Servant S       Down  
16 Uninhabited                      
17 Uninhabited                      
18 Uninhabited                      
19 John Phillips Head CI 57 Fisherman M 19 5 5 Down  
  Isabella Phillips Wife CI 45 Lodging House Keeper M       Down  
  Daniel  Phillips Son CI 16 Message Boy S       Down  
  Lizzie Phillips Dau CI 14 School S       Down  
  Isabella Phillips Dau CI 13 School S       Down  
  Sarah Phillips Dau CI 10 School S       Down  
  Margaret Phillips Dau CI 7 School S       Down  
20 Mary Cosgrove Head CI 57   S       Down  
  Daniel Feherty Boarder CI 27 Railway Clerk S       Kent  
21 Richard Gould Head Breth 67 Coal Agent M 26 3 1 England  
  Susanna Gould Wife Breth 68   M       Down  
  Una Torrens Dau CI 31   M 5 2 2 Down  
  Frances Torrens G.Dau CI 4   S       Wales  
  Edward Richard Torrens G.Son CI 2   S       Wales  
22 James Foland H CI 69 Naval Pensioner M 3 0   Galway  
  Margaret Foland Wife CI 67   M       Belfast  
  Mary Anne Foland Dau CI 37   S       Donegal  
  Mary Jane Allen Sister in Law CI 60   Wid 0     Belfast  
23 James Moore Head CI 45 Carpenter M 20 1 0 Down  
  Susanna Moore Wife CI 40   M       Down  
  Elsie  Moore *2 CI 3.5   S       Dublin  
  Elizabeth K????? Lodger Pres 70 Farmers Wife M 6 0   Down  
24 Uninhabited                      
25 Uninhabited                      
26 Uninhabited                      
27 Elizabeth McEnearney Head RC 32 National Teacher S       Down  
  Margaret McEnearney Sister   RC 26   S       Down  
28 Thomas Kirkpatrick Head Pres 37 Grocer M 14 0 0 Down  
  Agnes Kirkpatrick Wife Pres 37   M       Down  
  Elizabeth Johnston Sister in Law Pres 30   S       Down  
  George Savage ? CI 22 Grocers Assistant S       Wicklow  
29 Peter Flanaghan Head RC 32 Public House Manager S       Castlewellan Down  
  Mary Elizabeth Flanaghan Sister RC 27 Housekeeper S       Down  
  James Joseph Doran Servant RC 18 Barman S       Down  
30 Uninhabited                      
31 Francis Greenaway Head CI 60 *3 M 13 5 4 Moaghan  
  Emily Greenaway Wife CI 37   M       Down  
  Ethel Greenaway Dau CI 9 Scholar S       Down  
  Emily Gertrude Greenaway Dau CI 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Katie Greenaway Dau CI 5   S       Down  
  Mabel Greenaway Dau CI 1   S       Down  
32 Elizabeth Steele Head CI 30 Assistant in Boot Shop S       Down  
  Edith McCredy No Relation CI 18 Apprentice in Boot Shop S       Down  
33 Uninhabited                      
34 Lizzie Rodgers Head Pres 37 Resturant?? Wid 13 7 6 Down  
  Lizzie W.H. Rodgers Dau Pres 11 Scholar S       Down  
  Agnes Rodgers Dau Pres 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Thomas John Rodgers Son Pres 6 Scholar S       Down  
  Sarah Jane Rodgers Dau Pres 4 Scholar S       Down  
  Richard Rodgers Son Pres 3   S       Down  
  Mary ???? Rodgers Dau Pres 1   S       Down  
  Susan McGrillen Servant RC 21 General Domestic Servant S       Down  
  Annie McGrillen Servant RC 19 Nurse Domestic Servant S       Down  
35 James Lawlor Head RC 55 Restauranteer? S       Louth  
  Annie Lawlor Sister RC 39   S       Louth  
36 Arthur Wilson Ancoats Woolsey Head CI 34 Bread Server M 3 1 1 Derry  
  Margaret Woolsey Wife CI 28   M       Down  
  Arthur Valentine Williams Woolsey Son CI 1   S       Derry  
  Sarah Jane Iffland? Visitor CI 35 Typist S       Derry  
37 B??? James Milles Head CI 40 Farmer S       Down  
  Emily Milles Sister CI 35   S       Down  
38 Mabel Wallace Head CI 13 Scholar S       Down  
  Joan? Wallace Sister CI 3 Infant S       Down  
  Florence Sutcliffe Governess CI 44 Governess S       Cheshire  
  Lizzie Weatherspoon Servant CI 40 Cook Domsestic Servant S       Antrim  
  Eliza Lutton Servant CI 20 Kitchen Maid S       Tyrone  
  Sara Martin Servant CI 36 House Maid S       Derry  
  Rebecca Griffin Servant CI 17 Nurse Maid S       Monaghan  
  Isabella Sandell Servant CI 56 Nurse M       Edinborough  
  Joseph Halliday Servant CI 47 Butler M       Louth  
39 David M. Gracey Head CI 46 Civil Engineer M 3 2 2 Armagh  
  Harriett Gracey Wife CI 29   M       England  
  Kathleen M. Gracey Dau CI 2   S       Down  
  Elizabeth W. Gracey Dau CI 1   S       Down  
  Alice M. Brown Visitor CI 30 Lady Help S       England  
40 Harriett Russell Head RC 51 Boarding House Keeper Wid       Douglas Isle of Man  
  Mary Ellen Russell Dau RC 20 Shop Assistant S       Newcastle Down  
41 Edward  Brady Head RC 31 Secretary of Company S       Cavan  
  Patrick  Breen   RC 25 Bar Man S       Donegal  
  Patrick Joseph McIntyre   RC 22 Grocers Assistant S       Donegal  
  Felix Francis Rush   RC 20 Grocers Assistant S       Lancashire  
  James Byrne   RC 19 Barman S       Down  
  William Henry Mooney   RC 50 Cellar Man S       Armagh  
42 Delia Blake Head RC ?7 Manageress S       Meath  
  Bridget Murphy   RC 28 Assistant  S       Tipperary  
  Mary Monaghan   RC 19 General Servant S       Down  
  Mary McNichol   RC 33 Cook  S       Derry  
  Ellen Elizabeth O'Leary   RC 25 Waitress S       Down  
  Stephen Rogers   RC 19 Boots S       England  
43 Uninhabited                      
44 Alice Moore Head CI 38   S       Down  
  Annie Moore Sister CI 36   S       Down  
  Susan Cunningham Servant RC 22 General Domestic Servant S       England  
45 William Henry Head Pres 35 Farmer M 1 0   Down  
  Clara Henry Wife Pres 34   M       Down  
46 ?????? Louisa? Mederaft Head CE 47 Lodging House Keeper S       Oxfordshire  
  Elizabeth Mederaft Sister CE 39 Lodging House Keeper S       Oxfordshire  
46 Earnest James Travers Head CI 50 Mechanical Engineer M 14 2 2 England  
  Mary Jane Travers Wife CI 43   M       Dundalk Louth  
  Maud Belford Travers Dau CI 11   S       Dunmurry Antrim  
  Agnes Margaret Travers Dau CI 6   S       Dunmurry Antrim  
  Sarah Stewart Andrews Relative Pres 40   M 16 2 2 Dunmurry Antrim  
  Herbert Kennedy Andrews Relative Pres 6 Scholar S       Louth Down  
  Agnes Travers Relative CE 46   S       Barmead? British Possession  
  Millicent Travers Relative CE 8   S       India  
  Elizabeth Quin Servant RC 45 Cook Domsestic Servant S       Down  
  Maria Shanks Servant CI 28 Housemaid Domestic Servant S       Tyrone  
47 Uninhabited                      
48 William George McSpadden Head Pres 46 Solicitor M 16 3 3 Down  
  Agnes McSpadden Wife Pres 47   M       Down  
  George McSpadden Son Pres 13 Scholar S       Down  
  Edith Vivien McSpadden Dau Pres 12 Scholar S       Down  
  Mary Winifred McSpadden Dau Pres 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Sarah Hamilton Servant Pres 17 General Domestic Servant S       Down  
49 Mary Bowman Head RC 65 Living Private *4 Wid 38 0   Down  
  Alice Hanley Sister RC 67 Living Private *4 Wid 7 0   Down  
  Jessie Conlin Visitor RC 40 Living Private *4 Wid 3 0   America  
50 Charles M. Russell Head RC 33 Solicitor M 3 1 1 Down  
  Alice Russell Wife RC 32   M       Liverpool  
  Brendan C. Russell Son RC 20m           Down  
  Rosa Mulholland Visitor RC 57   Wid       Louth  
  Emily McCorny Servant RC 47 Cook Domsestic Servant S       Down  
  Mary Bradley Servant RC 20 Nurse Domestic Servant S       Armagh  
51 William McBride Head CI 71 Grocer ??? Retired General Merchant M 25 10 5 Belfast  
  Mary McBride Wife CI 62   M       Tyrone  
  Walter McBride Son CI 37 Chemists Salesman S       Down  
  Jane McBride Dau CI 26   S       Down  
52 Robert Magill Head Pres 60 General Practitioner M 36 2 2 Down  
  Julia Sarah Magill Wife Pres 67   M       Down  
  Robert Magill Son Pres 34 General Practisioner Special Reserve of Officers S       Down  
  Jessie Elizabeth May Magill Dau Pres 32   S       Down  
  Joseph ???? Magill Brother Pres 48 Vet? Lieut North Irish House S       Down  
  Jane Doherty Servant RC 26 Parlour maid Domestic Servant S       Londonderry  
  Annie Woods Servant RC 26 Cook Domestic Servant S       Down  
  James Thompson Servant CI 16 Groom S       Manchester England  
53 Margaretta Haig Head Breth 63 Income from Money Invested Wid   5 5 Dublin  
  James Hogg G.Son Breth 6   S       Belfast  
  Charles Kernahan G.Son Breth 10m   S       Belfast  
  Mary Beattie Nurse CI 40 Nurse Domestic Servant S       Tyrone  
54 Elizabeth Dickenson? Head Pres 67 Income from Money Invested Wid       Down  
  Mary Ann McLaughlin Servant RC 53 General Domestic Servant S       Down  
55 Uninhabited                      
56 James Wm. Alexander Head Pres 59 Retired Bank Manager M 14 0   Down  
  Sarah Alexander Wife Pres 50   M       Down  
  Bridget Duffy Servant RC 24 General Domestic Servant S       Down  
57 Caleb Wycliffe Tyrdall Head CI 44 Land Agents Assistant M 22 0 0 Carlow  
  Elizabeth Tyrdall Wife CI 32   M       Carlow  
58 Joseph Rodger Stevens Head Pres 39 Watch Maker M 11 2 1 Scotland  
  Eliza Jane Stevens Wife Pres 30   M       Down  
  Egbert Rodger Dalzell? Stevens Son Pres 9 Scholar S       Down  
  Minnie McSpadden Sister in Law Pres 24   S       Down  
59 Edward Higgins Head RC 37 Boot & Shoe Merchant M 7 1 1 Down  
  Charlotte Higgins Wife RC 36   M       Longford  
  Joseph Higgins Son RC 6   S       Down  
  Bridget Joyce Servant RC 20 General Domestic Servant S       Down  
60 Michael O'Hare Head RC 43 Shepherd M 5 1 1 Down  
  Susan O'Hare Wife RC 41   M       Armagh  
  May O'Hare Dau RC 4   S       Down  
  Mary Rooney Servant RC 27 General Domestic Servant S       Down  
61 James McIlvenny Head RC 61 Parish Priest RC Church S       Newtownards  
  Bridgid Hennett? Servant RC 36 Housekeeper S       Queens  
62 Michael McNaughton Head RC 48 China Merchant M 15 5 5 Antrim  
  Bridget McNaughton Wife RC 42   M       Fermanagh  
  Rosetta Mary M. McNaughton Dau RC 11 Scholar S       Down  
  Elizabeth Catherine McNaughton Dau RC 8 Scholar S       Down  
  Frances Josephine McNaughton Dau RC 6 Scholar S       Down  
  Helena Brigid McNaughton Dau RC 5 Scholar S       Down  
  Teresa May McNaughton Dau RC 1   S       Down  
  Rosetta McNaughton Niece RC 18   S       Derry City  
  Mary Catherine McNaughton Niece RC 14   S       Derry City  
63 Agnes Westerman Head Pres 40 Boarding House Keeper S       Down  
  Godfrey Todd Boarder Pres 28 Chemist S       Antrim  
64 William Barclay Head CI 60 Carpenter Master M 29 7 7 Down  
  Eliza Barclay Wife CI 59   M       Down  
  Sarah Barclay Dau CI 27   S       Down  
  Elizabeth Barclay Dau CI 26   S       Down  
  Gladys Barclay Dau CI 22 Book Keeper S       Down  
  Robert Barclay S CI 21 Bread Server S       Down  
  James Barclay S CI 15 Apprentice Carpeneter S       Down  
65 William Maxwell Head CI 68 Mason M 30 7 4 Down  
  Sarah Maxwell Wife CI 53   M       Down  
  Sadie Maxwell Dau CI 20 Milliner S       Down  
  Lily Maxwell Dau CI 16   S       Down  
66 William Porter Head Pres 35 Draper & Grocer S       Down  
  Isabella Porter Sister in Law Pres 27   S       Down  
  Sarah Porter Mother Pres 77   S       Down  
  Pearl Wright Assistant CI 19 Drapers Assistant S       Louth  
  John Lowey Servant CI 40 Car Driver S       Down  
67 Uninhabited                      
68 Uninhabited                      
69 Uninhabited                      
70 John Ferguson Head CI 61 General Labourer M 35 0   Down  
  Mary Ferguson Wife CI 68   M       Down  
  Nellie Ferguson Niece CI 27   S       Down  
71 Elizabeth Burns Head RC 30   S       Down  
  Maria Burns Sister  RC 17   S       Down  
  Kitty Boden Niece RC 5 Scholar S       Down  
  Martha Bigger? Visitor CI 50 Independent Lady S       Belfast  
  Harry Hodges Boarder CI 26 Railway Porter S       Down  
  Margaret  Smith Boarder RC 25 Post Office Assistant S       Cavan  
  Mary Dolan Boarder RC 25 National Teacher S       Roscommon  
72 Uninhabited                      
73 Uninhabited                      
74 Uninhabited                      
75 Isabella Murray Head RC 50 Boarding House  M 22 7 7 Antrim  
  Nellie Murray Dau RC 21   S       Down  
  Lillie Murray Dau RC 16   S       Down  
  John Murray Son RC 14 Carpenters Apprentice S       Down  
  Willie Murray Son RC 12 Scholar S       Down  
  Francis Murray Son RC 7 Scholar S       Down  
  John Brogan Boarder RC 49 National Teacher S       Donegal  
76 William Carr Head CI 33? Gardener Domestic Servant M <1 0   Newcastle Down  
  Susan Carr Wife CI 30   M       Ballymena Antrim  
77 Uninhabited                      
78 Robert Woods Head Pres 29 Bread Server M 1 1 1 Down  
  Margaret Woods Wife Pres 27   M       Antrim  
  William Woods Son Pres 2m   S       Down  
79 William Gilmore Head Pres 33 Bread Server M 5 3 3 Down  
  Jennie Gilmore Wife Pres 31   M       Tyrone  
  Emily Gilmore Dau Pres 4   S       Tyrone  
  Mary Gilmore Dau Pres 3   S       Down  
  Kathleen Gilmore Dau Pres 11m   S       Down  
  Margaret Laverty Servant RC 19 General Domestic Servant S       Down  
80 Uninhabited                      
81 Robert Henry Gray Head CI 46 Gardener Domestic Servant M 14 2 2 Armagh  
  Matilda Margaretta Gray Wife CI 40   M       Down  
  Thomas John Gray Son CI 12 Scholar S       Monaghan  
  Amy Isabell Gray Dau CI 10 Scholar S       Monaghan  
  Elizabeth Graham Mother in Law Meth 64   Wid       Antrim  
  Niell Kelly Boarder RC 23 Chauffer Domestic Servant S       Antrim  
82 Jane Clyde Head Pres 50 Retired Teacher S       Donegal  
  Isabella Clyde Sister Pres 48 Drapery S       Donegal  
  Hatton?? Clyde Sister Pres 43   S       Derry  
83 Uninhabited                      
84 John Teer Head CI 48 Fisherman M       Newcastle Down  
  Lizzie Teer Wife CI 42   M       Tyrone  
  William Teer Son CI 2m?   S       Belfast  
  Mary Murphy Servant RC 21 General Domestic Servant S       Newcastle Down  
84 Eva Marion Cunningham Head CI 33 Income From ??? M       London  
  ???? Kathleen Cunningham Dau CI 49?   S          
  Blair Hubert Walter Cunningham Son CI 2   S       Belfast  
  Lillian Kathleen Garrett Servant Pres 22 Nurse S       Lisburn Antrim  
85 William Kinnear Head