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Tullymore Park 1901 Census

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No on Form B. Christian Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Sex Occupation M. Status  Where Born F.D.
1 Wm. Henry 6th Earl of Roden Head CI 57 M Retired Captain R.N. S Italy  
  Nicholas Douglas Serv CI 40 M Gardener M Down  
  S. Anne Douglas Serv CI 39 F Domestic Servant Housekeeper M Monaghan  
  Isobel Houston Serv CI 31 F Domestic Servant Hospital Nurse S Dublin  
  Grace Leslie Serv CI 30 F Domestic Servant Housemaid Widow Down  
  Maggie Bell Serv CI 21 F Domestic Servant Housemaid S Down  
  Janie Somerville Serv CI 18 F Domestic Servant Kichenmaid S Monaghan  
  Alfred Sellers? Serv CE 30 M Domestic Servant Valet S England  
2 James McSpadden Head CI 39 M Game Keeper M Down  
  Marie McSpadden Dau CI 14 F     Down  
  Willie? McSpadden Son CI 13 M Shoemakers Apprentice   Down  
  Fanny? McSpadden Dau CI 11 F     Down  
  Jocelyn? McSpadden Son CI 10 M Scholar   Down  
  George McSpadden Son CI 5 M Scholar   Down  
  Thomas McSpadden Son CI 4 M Scholar   Down  
  Alfred McSpadden Son CI 3 M Scholar   Down  
3 James Mawhinney Head CI 50 M Gatekeeper M Down  
  Ellen Mawhinney Wife CI 46 F   M Antrim  
  sarah Mawhinney Dau CI 3 F   S Down  
  Martha Mawhinney Dau CI 2 F   S Down  
4 Robert Bradford Head CI 29 M Wood Cutter M Down  
  Jane Bradford Wife CI 34 F   M Down  
  Jane Bradford Dau CI 10 F Scholar S Down  
  Elizabeth Bradford Dau CI 7 F Scholar S Down  
5 James McClelland Head CI 62 M General Labourer M Down  
  Ellen McClelland Wife CI 51 F   M Down  
6 David Greer Head CI 28 M Wood Cutter M Down  
  Mary Ann Greer Wife CI 23 F   M Down  
  Maggie L. Greer Dau CI 4 F   M Down  
  Mary Ann Greer Dau CI 2 F   S Down  
  Ellen Greer Dau CI 1 F   S Down  
7 James McTaggart Head Pres  56 M Land Steward M Scotland  
  Elizabeth McTaggart Wife Pres  60 F Housewife M Down  
  Elizabeth McTaggart Dau Pres  25 F House Assistant S Down  
  James McTaggart Son Pres  19 M Gardener S Down  

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