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Shore Rd Newcastle 1901 Census

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No on Form B. Christian Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Sex Occupation M. Status  Where Born F.D.
1 Joseph Camlin Head Meth 46 M Builder M Down  
  Sarah Camlin Wife Meth 46 F   M Down  
  Joseph Camlin Son Meth 24 M Joiner S Down  
  William Camlin Son Meth 22 M Joiner S Down  
  John Camlin Son Meth 16 M Joiner S Down  
  Walter Camlin Son Meth 14 M Joiner S Down  
  Robert Camlin Son Meth 12 M Schoolboy S Down  
2 Uninhabited                  
3 Uninhabited                  
4 Uninhabited                  
5 Martin Cunningham Head Meth 55 M Naval Pensioner M England  
  Ellen Cunningham Wife Meth 54 F Wife M Down  
  ??? Cunningham Son Meth 26 M Tailor S Down  
  Thomas Steel Nephew Meth 26 M Mason S Down  
6 Boathouse                  
7 Cuthbert Butch..?? Head Pres 24 M Golf Club ??? Master S Scotland  
  Annie Howman? Cousin CE 31 F   Widow England  
  Amy Henry Cousin CE 16 F   S England  
8 Samuel McCaughey Head Pres 48 M Photographer M Antrim  
  Emily Kate McCaughey Wife Pres 48 F   M Wakefield England  
  Alexander McCaughey Son Pres 9 M Scholar S Belfast  
  Robert M?? McCaughey Son Pres 6 M Scholar S Newcastle Down  
  Annie Maria Schuible Visitor Pres 38 F   M Germany  
9 Hugh Kerr Head Pres 51 M Retired Master Mariner M Scotland  
  Janet Kerr Wife Pres 50 F   M Scotland  
10 Uninhabited                  
11 Richard McHibbin Head CI 54 M Retired Coal Shipper M Newcastle Co. Down  
  Ann McHibbin Wife CI 49 F Boardess? M Newcastle Co. Down  
  Mary Jane McHibbin Dau CI 22 F Scholar S Whitehaven Cumberland  
12 Uninhabited                  
13 Mathew King Head RC 50 M ???? M Down  
  Roseanne King Wife RC 45 F   M Down  
  Susan I. McHennan Dau RC 30 F   M Down  
  Mary  McClean Serv RC 19 F General Domestic Servant S Down  
  Bridget McClean Serv RC 17 F General Domestic Servant S Down  
14 Elizabeth Hutchings Head Meth 44 F   S England  
  Annie Germy?? Boarder CI 22 F National School Teacher S Wicklow  
15 Uninhabited                  
16 Hugh ???? Head CI 39 M General Labourer M Down  
  Mary ???? Wife CI 40 F Wife M Down  
 Complete 05/11/2008