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Two Families, Mead/Pall


This is about two families, one, the Meads, dates back to the 1200's and the other, the Palls.

The name Mede, Meade, Mead has been an English name for many years and is well known in English history. They have been doctors, lawyers, landowners, and officers in the Revolutionary and Civil War.

On the other side of our family are the Pall's, that's me. My paternal side  came from Hungary in 1874 and were Naturalized in 1880. They lived in New York City, my grandfather was a tailor by trade. My grandmother, Marie Hamala, was also born in Hungary.

On my maternal side my Grandfather, Andrew Mc Kenna, was born in Brooklyn, New York. John Goss the father of Katherine Goss, my grandmother, is of Prussian  decent. His wife, Sarah Ann Williams was born in Liverpool, England. 
Blanche Amelia Mead and John Anthony Pall, Jr. were married on October 31, 1947 in the parsonage of the First Reformed Church, Westwood, New Jersey                              

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