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Case Allies: Those Pesky Common Surnames!

Sometimes it seems that our ancestors picked their spouses and named their children in a way meant to create problems for their genealogist descendants. The Case family was no exception. Of course, the population of the Bradford County area in the 1800s was sparse, so the Case offspring did not have many options when choosing a spouse. Still, they might have been a little more creative. Among the common surnames they married into are Merritt, Palmer, Ward, and Williams. Case lines married into two Merritt families, probably unrelated. They married into all three of the early Palmer lines in the area and three unrelated Williams lines. Although the intermarriages with the Ward line are complicated, at least these lines all appear to go back to one couple.

In order to properly evaluate all these relationships, I have accumulated quite a bit of information on families to which I'm unrelated. These analyses may help other researchers, and of course, one never knows exactly where our family research will take us. They may even help me!

Source documentation is included with these narratives, but in order to maintain hoped-for contact with fellow researchers, the exact citation, i.e. page number, etc., is not included. In other words, the reader will be able to evaluate my conclusions, but if a reader would like the exact citation, he or she must contact me or repeat my research. Be aware that I may have additional information on each person named in these pages in my database. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, additions, or suggestions.

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