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Is this Anna (Powers) Lawrence?

The eyes of this woman are her most compelling features.    Because the photograph was part of a collection once belonging to Lula (Peck) Staples, it was assumed that the woman was a member of her family.   When the search was expanded to include members of Lula's husband's family, one person exhibited the same hooded eyes: Helen Sarah (Lawrence) Staples, Lula's mother-in-law, the daughter of Anna (Powers) Lawrence.

This picture of Helen Sarah Lawrence is a carte de visite image with an internal revenue postage stamp on the back.   That stamp indicates that the picture was taken between 1 September 1864 and 1 August 1866; Helen was born in 1848 and would have been between 16 and 18 years of age at the time this photograph was taken.   Although the resemblance between the two woman can be seen here, it is even more striking when the two pictures are overlaid.   To see this effect, select "Continue."


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