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Mt. Olive Cemetery, Sandtown, Delaware

Mt. Olive Cemetery is located on the south side of Delaware Rt. 10 in Sandtown. The year on the wrought iron gate is 1893, but many graves predate this time. Among the earliest are the gravestones of Mary (Longfellow) Hurd and her husband James B. Hurd. I photographed only the Hurd family cluster and the Longfellow family cluster.

Use your browser's Find feature to locate a name on this page. Each tombstone link will open a pop-up window containing a photograph, hopefully legible, of the tombstone. Don't forget to close that window before continuing your search. Note that column faces were photographed separately, but the names will be grouped together with a blue or yellow background on this table.

Name Dates Comments Photo Link
Hurd Grouping
Mary Hurd 1806-1864 Wife of James B. Hurd Tombstone
James B. Hurd 1811-1858 "In. memory of. James B. Hurd. died June 8th A.D. 1858. age 46 years 8 months &. 5 days." Tombstone
Samuel C. Hurd 1853-1899   Tombstone
Emily C. Hurd 1850-1934   Tombstone
S. Emmett Hurd 1884-1918   Tombstone
James Hurd 1856-1923   Tombstone
Rosa E. Hurd 1866-1954   Tombstone
Nettie Hurd 1889-1900 Daughter of James & Rosa Tombstone
S. Iva Hurd 1883-1883 Daughter of James & Rosa Tombstone
James K. Hurd 1841-1923 Son of James B. & Mary Hurd Tombstone
Alvin C. Hurd 1870-1870 Son of James K. & Maria C. Hurd Tombstone
Maria Cooper 1846-1910 Wife of James K. Hurd Tombstone
Fannie S. Hurd 1867-1914   Tombstone
Peter Hurd 1853-1935   Tombstone
John G. Hurd 1894-1967   Tombstone
Benj. L. Hurd
Lydia E. Hurd
Mary S. Hurd 1850-1934 "Mary S. Hurd. July 31, 1850. July 20, 1934." Tombstone
John W. Hurd 1849-1928   Tombstone
Longfellow Grouping
Gene Richard Longfellow 1943-1975   Tombstone
Edna Truitt Longfellow 1907-1993   Tombstone
John W. Longfellow 1905-1967   Tombstone
Robert Leroy Longfellow 1939-1986   Tombstone
Bonnie Sue Longfellow 1962-1981   Tombstone
Mattie P. Longfellow 1917-1950 "Daughter of. John K. & Ella O. Longfellow. Wife of. Charles E. Holland. June 26, 1917. Feb. 1, 1950." Tombstone
Ella O. Longfellow
John K. Longfellow
Noah Walls
Eunity V. Walls
Unusual burial is repeated several times in this part of the cemetery. Tombstone
Ada Longfellow Reid 1897-1991   Tombstone
Willard K. Reid
Joyce A. Reid
(Still living)
Ground stone reads "Willard Kenneth Reid. GMSN US Navy. Korea" Tombstone

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