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Mt. Moriah (Cow Marsh) Baptist Church Cemetery, Sandtown, Delaware

Mt. Moriah, or Cow Marsh, Baptist Church is located on the north side of Delaware Rt. 10 between Sandtown and Petersburg. Some of the earliest extant burials in the area can be found in this cemetery and many of the families I am researching worshipped in this building's predecessor. Therefore, I took quite a few pictures here - more than 100. The pictures are presented in the order they were taken. In other words, as you read down this list, you will be walking around the cemetery. It might help to take a walking tour of the lot first. Each thumbnail image serves as a hyperlink to an enlargement which opens in a pop-up window. Don't forget to close the window before continuing. There is a hyperlink from the section descriptions to the tombstone photographs taken in that section. Note that column faces are photographed separately and grouped together with a blue or yellow background in the table.

Sign at entrance gate This sign is next to the entryway. As you stand here, you will be aware of a small section of modern tombstones behind you. I did not photograph any of those stones. Mt. Moriah Church As you turn to your right, you will see the church with its two entrance doors.
Longellow graves Section 1. Continue your turn and look towards the back of the lot. In the right-hand corner of the lot is an isolated group of tombstones. These are Longfellow graves and I began my photograph session with these stones. View from Longellow graves Section 2. Standing here amidst the Longfellow graves you can see the back right-hand corner of the lot. Most of the graves in this section are older ones.
Right side of church Section 3. Turn slightly to your right and you will see another side of the church. The stones visible here are some of the oldest in the cemetery. In fact, there are several stones here that are so worn no lettering is visible at all. Behind the church Section 4. Grave sites continue behind the church. As you walk behind the church in the direction of the road, the stones become more modern. This section of the lot borders on farm land. Farmland
Church view Section 5. These two views are seen as you walk from the rear corner of the church back to the entryway. As can be seen from the photographs, many of the tombstones in this area are modern. Churchview

Name Dates Comments Photo Link
Section 1
Luther S. J. Longfellow 1860-1872 "Luther S. J.. son of. Wm. & Mahala. Longfellow. born April 21, 1860. died Dec. 21, 1872" Tombstone
Hester Longfellow [1802-1852] "In memory of. Hester. wife of. James G. Longfellow. died July 6, 18[--]. Aged 50 yrs. 2 mos.. 28 dys." Tombstone
James G. Longfellow 1802-1868   Tombstone
Rebecca Longfellow 1810-1893 Second wife of James G. Longfellow Tombstone
William C. Longfellow 1824-1905   Tombstone
Mahala B. Longfellow 1835-1904 Wife of William C. Longfellow Tombstone
Willie B. Longfellow [1861-1882] Son of Wm. C. & Mahala B. Longfellow Tombstone
Mahala Jarrell 1797-1887 "Our Mother"; wife of John Jarrell Tombstone
Section 2
Jonathan Longfellow 1800-1879 Son of Vincent & Riche Longfellow Tombstone
Isabella Longfellow 1853-1898 Wife of J. A. Longfellow Tombstone
James A. Longfellow 1853-1928   Tombstone
Benjamin Sylvester 1830-907   Tombstone
--- Sylvester   Covered with poison ivy! Tombstone
Section 3
Sallie A. Cubbage 1826-1879 "Our Mother" Tombstone
Hester Cubbage 1853-1885   Tombstone
Thos. D. Cubbage 1821-1901 "Our Father" Tombstone
Mahala Cubbage 1857-1881   Tombstone
John T. Cubbage 1858-1884 "My Husband" Tombstone
Rebecca Hurd 1815-1898 Wife of Philamon Dill; widow of Wm. Greenley; new stone, fallen Tombstone
Philemon Dill [1804-1862][?] Son of John and Rebecca Dill Tombstone
Sarah M. Dill 1835-1861 Wife of C. C. Dill Tombstone
Eliza Ann Meredith 1831-1888 Wife of Wm. Meredith Tombstone
William Meredith 1808-1874   Tombstone
Sarah Ann Meredith 1813-1854 Wife of William Meredith Tombstone
Peter Meredith 1792-1863 Elder Tombstone
Sarah Meredith [?-18[5?]8 Wife of Elder Peter Meredith Tombstone
Lydia Cohee 184[9?]-1921 Wife of John W. Godwin Tombstone
  [18[7?]6-1900 Female, name cannot be read Tombstone
Mary Meredith 1810-18[90?] "Our Mother" Tombstone
Samuel Meredith 1806-1845 "Our Father" Tombstone
Section 4
William Cubbage
Elizabeth Cubbage
Sarah Elizabeth Saxton 1850-1868 Wife of Cornelius Saxton Tombstone
William W. Gruwell 1852-[?] Son of John & Elizabeth Gruwell Tombstone
John Gruwell
Elizabeth A. Gruwell
Joseph D. Gruwell
Carlean Gruwell
Sallie Jarrell 1816-1897 [?]   Tombstone
Mary E. Bell 1842-1905 Wife of T. H. Bell Tombstone
Thomas H. Bell 1835-1911   Tombstone
James L. Cohee
Mary Ann Meredith
"His Wife" Tombstone
Peter K. Meredith
Susan Broadaway
Ellaphene Chambers
[Wives of P. K. Meredith] Tombstone
Willie B. Meredith 1870-1883 Son of Peter K. & Susan Meredith Tombstone
Peter Meredith 1823-1894 Deacon of Bryn Zion Church Tombstone
H. Annie Meredith 1866-1907 Daughter of Peter & Sarah C. Meredith Tombstone
Martha Billing [as is] 1823-1859 Wife of James L. Billing Tombstone
James L. Billings 1815-1891   Tombstone
Lizzie Gruwell
Letitia Gruwell
John Gruwell 1797-1870 "Our Father" Tombstone
Letitia Cooper 1815-1896 "Our Mother"; wife of John Gruwell Tombstone
Isaac D. Gruwell 1851-1880 Died at Fort Collins Canada Tombstone
Susan Gruwell 1836-1894 Wife of John Gooden Tombstone
John Gooden 1817-1903   Tombstone
Esther Meredith 184[4?]-1889 Wife of Wm. W. Meredith Tombstone
William W. Meredith 1838-1923   Tombstone
Lydia Gooden   Wife of John Gooden Tombstone
Jacob B. Meredith
Catherine C. Meredith
Mary V. Meredith 1872-1889 "Our Sister"; daughter of Jacob B. & C. C. Meredith Tombstone
Robert L. Meredith 1867-187[1?] Son of Jacob B. & C. C. Meredith Tombstone
Kate Reed 1845-1885 "Our Mother" Tombstone
Isaac [?] Reed   "Our Father" Tombstone
William Meredith 1802-1870   Tombstone
Alexander Frazer 1797-1867 Deacon, Cow Marsh Baptist Church Tombstone
Catherine Frazer 1803-1872 Wife of Alexander Frazer Tombstone
Mary Knotts 1825-1900 Wife of Ezekiel C. Frazer Tombstone
Ezekiel C. Frazer 1825-1896   Tombstone
Susan C. Gooden 1854-1875 Daughter of Wm. & Catherine Gooden Tombstone
Cath. Lowber Cooper 1818-1881 Wife of Wm. Gooden Tombstone
Wm. Gooden 1815-1896   Tombstone
John C. Gooden
Peter L.G. Gooden
Henry G. Gooden
Elmina Frazer
Albert W. Gooden
  Erected by---
To the Memory of Their Parents
Elizabeth L. Cook 1835-1924   Tombstone
John H. Cook 1833-1901   Tombstone
Benjamin L. Cohee
Elizabeth Cohee
Margaret J. Cohee
Section 5
Benton W. Raughley
Edith M. Raughley
John C. Gruwell
Mary C. F. Gruwell
J. Oliver Gruwell
Benjamin C. Cubbage
Elizabeth Meredith
His Wife
Alfred M. Cubbage 1855-1935   Tombstone
Emily C. Cubbage 1854-1930   Tombstone
Walter S. Cubbage 1901-1973   Tombstone
Bertha W. Cubbage 1892-1973   Tombstone
Benjamin [L.?] Cubbage 1873-1950 Elder Tombstone
Fannie M. Cubbage 1876-1942   Tombstone
Gilbert V. Cubbage 1906-1924 U. S. Navy Tombstone
Berenice E. Hastings 1900-1930   Tombstone
Mary C. Cubbage [1863-1936?] Wife of Thomas J. Hastings Tombstone
Samuel T. Cubbage 1865-1915   Tombstone
Fannie Cubbage [?] Wife of Samuel T. Cubbage Tombstone
Samuel R. Meredith
Ezekiel C. Meredith
Whitely W. Meredith
Sarah A. Golden
His wife
James Frazier Cubbage
Laura Amy Walheater
William Oliver [Cubbage]
Evelyn Izetta Cosden
His wife
Their son
His wife
Willard S. Cubbage
Orlenia W. Cubbage
Thomas L. Cooper
Mary A. Cooper
Susan Cooper
His wife
Sarah Roe 1886-1913 Wife of B. Ralph Cooper Tombstone
B. Ralph Cooper
Della F. Cooper

To see additional pictures from this cemetery, visit David Uhrey's page: Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.

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