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Generation Four

     10. Prof. William Wirt4 Gifford (Benjamin3, William2, Benjamin1); born May 1854 in Covert Twp., Seneca Co., NY;35,36,97,98 married Melissa E. (--?--) circa 1877 in Leslie, Ingham Co., MI;98,99 he died between 3 January 1920 and 29 May 1942 in Royal Oak, Oakland Co., MI;99,44 buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Leslie, Ingham Co., MI.44

     William Wirt Gifford, the first child of Benjamin and Julia (Rappleye) Gifford, was born in Covert Township, Seneca Co., New York. All evidence supports the birthdate of May 1854 stated in the 1900 U.S. census enumeration of Washtenaw Co., Michigan.98

     William does not appear to have followed any of his father's career paths. At the age of 16, he was residing with his parents and siblings in Leslie, Ingham Co., Michigan. His occupation is difficult to read, but appears to be a "sawyer." He still attends school as well.35 William married in about 1877 and was living with his wife Melissa and three month old son Lloyd in 1880, still in Leslie Village. He worked as a clerk in a dry goods store.97 By 1884, he appears to have settled into his chosen career. His family still consists of his wife and son, he lives in Leslie, but he is now a teacher.100

     Perhaps in response to demands or opportunities in his teaching career, William Gifford left Leslie, Michigan, and began to move around the state. He witnessed sister Frances's marriage to Jay Allen in July 1891 and gives his residence as Lapeer [in Lapeer Co.,] Michigan.59 His father's 1897 obituary in the Leslie News lists William's residence as Rochester [in Oakland Co., Michigan.]37 And by 1900, William Gifford, now a school superintendent, lives with his wife and son in Sylvan Township, Washtenaw Co., Michigan.98

     William W. Gifford and his family have not been located in the 1910 U.S. census of Michigan. However, in 1914 he was appointed guardian to his mother Julia, she being judged incompetent by the Probate Court of Wayne County, Michigan. At this time William was living in Detroit.38 He was also listed as the informant on his mother 1916 death certificate and is responsible for the confusion about the name of his maternal grandmother. William states that his mother's mother was a "Rachael Bassett." He would have known Rachael Chandler, wife of Julia's father Hiram Rappleye, and it is not known at this time whether William confuses Rachael's maiden name with the middle name of his mother or whether Hiram had been married prior to his marriage to Rachael Chandler.

     William may have retired from his teaching profession by 1920. The 1920 U.S. census shows him in Highland Park City, Wayne Co., Michigan, living with his wife Melissa and 39 year old son Lloyd. He lists his occupation as real estate agent and he is working on his own account.101

     The record of William Wirt Gifford's death has not yet been requested. He died in Royal Oak, Oakland Co., Michigan,44 at some time between the 3 January 1920 census enumeration date and his wife's death on 29 May 1942. Melissa's obituary in the Royal Oak Daily Tribune calls William "the late William W. Gifford." It also states that she had lived in Royal Oak "for the last 18 years,"99 possibly narrowing the time span a little more to between 1924 and 1942. Like his parents, William was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Leslie, Ingham Co., Michigan. The cemetery's burial records give only the information that he died in Royal Oak.44 His wife and son are buried in the same lot. However, the actual gravesite has not been visited by this author. Hopefully, William's date of death will be found on his tombstone.

     Melissa E. (--?--) was born 16 October 1856 in Leslie, Ingham Co., MI.97,98,99 She died 29 May 1942 in her home at 913 South Main St, Royal Oak, Oakland Co., MI.99,44 She was buried on 2 June 1942 in Woodlawn Cemetery, Leslie, Ingham Co., MI.102,99,44

     Melissa E. (--?--), wife of William Wirt Gifford, was born 16 October 1856 in Leslie, Ingham Co., Michigan.99 All evidence supports this birth date and place. Unfortunately, her obituary, which gives so much information about her life, does not include her maiden name. At this time, the vital records of Ingham County have not been searched for this couple's marriage, nor has Melissa's death certificate been requested from the Michigan Vital Records. Melissa would have been about 21 years of age when she and William were married in about 1877. The couple had only one child, a son Lloyd, and that son apparently never married, thus ending this line.

     Melissa Gifford died 29 May 1942 at the age of 85 years at her home in Royal Oak, Michigan, after an illness of six weeks.99 She was buried with her husband four days later in Woodlawn Cemetery in Leslie, Ingham Co., Michigan. Melissa is listed as the owner of the cemetery plot, but the date of purchase is not entered in the cemetery's burial records. Her obituary appeared in the Royal Oak Daily Tribune 1 June 1942.103,99

     The only known child of Prof. William Wirt4 Gifford and Melissa E. (--?--) was:

     12. Mary Anette4 Gifford (Benjamin3, William2, Benjamin1); born 22 May 1861 in Covert Twp., Seneca Co., NY;106,35 married Daniel Bennett circa 1880.106

     Mary Anette Gifford appears more commonly in family records as "Nettie." Information in the 1900 U.S. census enumeration of her family in Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, gives her date of birth as May 1861, a date which is supported by all other evidence found to date.106 The exact date of birth, 22 May, is taken from a patron submission entry in the FamilySearch online database. At the time of her birth, her parents were still living in Covert Township, Seneca Co., New York.

     She moved with her family to Leslie, Ingham Co., Michigan, and is shown as a nine year old school girl in her father's household in the 1870 U.S. census enumeration of that town.35 From Leslie, Michigan, Nettie and her family went to the Roscommon area where she was married to Daniel Bennett, a Civil War veteran 17 years her senior, at some time shortly before the enumeration date of the 1880 U.S. census. The 1900 U.S. census states that she and Daniel had been married for twenty years and she is shown in his household in the 1880 U.S. census enumeration of Higgins Township, Roscommon Co., Michigan, as Nettie Bennett, age 19. Living with the newly-married couple is Daniel's mother, Sybil Beardsley.58 The record of this marriage was not found in Roscommon County's marriage records and it may have taken place in another county.

     From about 1887 to about 1896 the Bennett family resided in Colorado, probably Loveland in Larimer Co., the home of Nettie's brother Arthur. But by January 1897, Nettie and Daniel were living in Detroit, Michigan. It was in her house, that Nettie's father Benjamin died, 5 January 1897.37 By 1900, the Bennetts were living on Warren Avenue in Detroit106 and remained there at least through the enumeration of the 1920 U.S. census. Living with the couple in 1920 is their unmarried daughter Ruth, age 30, a hospital nurse.107

     In the 1900 U.S. census enumeration of her family, Nettie states that she was the mother of seven children, only four of whom were still living in 1900. Those four, all daughters, were all living in the household at the time: Ethel B., age 17; Bessie L. age 13; Ruth E., age 11; and Sibyl J. age 7.106 The first two girls had been born in Michigan, the latter two in Colorado. Records of one other child have been found, a son, Alfred G. Bennett, who died in Roscommon, Michigan, 9 January, 1887, of "typhoid pneumonia."108 He was only one and a half years old. The identities of Nettie's remaining two children are unknown by the author.

     Nettie's husband Daniel Bennett was a Civil War pensioner. He died in 1929 and Nettie obtained a widow's pension.109 The original pension is still in possession of the Veterans' Administration and has not been viewed. Nettie's date of death is not yet known. She was still living in September 1950 when her nephew, Lloyd A. Gifford, died. Lloyd's obituary calls her "an aunt, Mrs. Dan Bennett Dobbs of Ferry, New York."99 Rather than indicating a second marriage, the obituary should probably have read "Mrs. Dan Bennett of Dobb's Ferry, New York."

     Daniel Bennett was born December 1843 in MI.106 He died 26 August 1929 in 525 W. 4th St., Royal Oak, Oakland Co., MI.109 He served as a corporal in the Civil War in Company H, 1st Michigan V. E. & M.109 He appears in Roscommon County, Michigan, as early as 1875 when he was one of the three-member board of County Supervisors. Daniel served the Roscommon community as postmaster from 1877-1885 and in 1883 served on the Board of Directors supervising the business of the new Opera House. Like his future brother-in-law Aldermon Southard, Daniel worked in merchandising. He lists his occupation as merchant in the 1880 U.S. census and he sold drygoods from the Opera House store.110 In 1900, he is working as a travelling salesman.106

     At some time between the January 1887 death of his young son Alfred and the May 1889 birth of daughter Ruth, Daniel and his family moved to Loveland, Colorado. It was here that Daniel and Nettie (Gifford) Bennett probably met Lena (Barnes) Chubbock and introduced her to Nettie's brother Arthur. The couple served as witnesses at the 1895 marriage of Arthur to Lena. It appears that subsequently the Bennetts returned to Michigan while Arthur Gifford returned to Loveland with his bride.

     Daniel and Nettie opened their Detroit home to her father Benjamin in 1897 while he sought expert medical attention after a stroke. Benjamin died in his daughter's home in January of that year.38 The Bennetts were enumerated on the 1900 U.S. census in Detroit, Michigan,106 but moved before Daniel's death in 1929 to Royal Oak, Michigan, the home of Nettie's nephew, Lloyd A. Gifford.109

     The five known children of Mary Anette4 Gifford and Daniel Bennett were as follows:

     14. Arthur Hiram4 Gifford (Benjamin3, William2, Benjamin1); born 13 November 1864 in Farmerville, Seneca Co., NY;114,59,39,115,116,35,117,48,118 married (1) Isabelle Amelia Carpenter, daughter of Charles L. Carpenter and Amelia Ann Dupraw, 22 July 1885 in Roscommon, Roscommon Co., MI, in a ceremony performed by G. C. Daiglish, Minister;59,108 he and Isabelle Amelia Carpenter were divorced 8 August 1894 in Roscommon, Roscommon Co., MI;119,120 married (2) after his divorce Lena Barnes 30 September 1895 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI;59,116 he died 21 April 1946 in Culver City, Los Angeles Co., CA;121,114,118,122 buried 25 April 1946 in Lakeside Cemetery, Loveland, Larimer Co., CO.123,118

     Arthur Hiram Gifford, Denver, Colorado.

     Although born in Farmerville, Seneca Co., New York, Arthur Hiram Gifford moved with his family to Leslie, Ingham Co., Michigan, while still very young. His family is enumerated in the 1870 U.S. census in Leslie where Arthur, the baby of the family at the time, is listed as a five year old school boy.35 By the date of the 1880 U.S. census, the Benjamin Gifford family had moved to Higgins Township in Roscommon Co., Michigan. Arthur, now 15 years of age, is employed as a laborer and is still attending school.39 Michigan's 1884 state census, taken just a year before Arthur's marriage, shows the Benjamin Gifford family residing in Roscommon Village, Roscommon Co. Arthur, age 19, is listed as a post office clerk.48 His brother-in-law Daniel Bennett, post master of Roscommon at the time, was probably his employer.

     Arthur Gifford's marriage to Amelia Isabelle Carpenter took place in Roscommon, Michigan, 22 July 1885.59 Their marriage announcement appeared on the front page of the Roscommon News issue dated 24 July 1885.111 It is transcribed here.

Gifford-Carpenter--On Wednesday evening, July 22, 1885, at the residence of the bride's parents on Main street, Roscommon, Mr. Arthur Gifford and Miss Amelia Isabelle Carpenter, the Rev. G. C. Daiglish, Congregational pastor, officiating.
     This couple were favorites with our citizens and the event has long been anticipated their names being coupled together by the tongue of every man, woman and child in the place.
     Their numerous friends are loud in theirpraise and extend the heartiest and warmest wishes for their future prosperity and happiness.
     They left Thursday morning for Leslie, Mich., where they will visit a brother of the groom.
The wording and format of this announcement need discussion. First, the wording of the second paragraph is peculiar and indicates considerable gossip about the young couple. The reason for the probable gossip is seen in the newspaper's announcement of the birth of their daughter, unnamed but weighing 8 pounds, six months later.108 Second, the front page of this paper's issue was "black-bordered" as it announced the death of President Ulysses S. Grant the day before. Perhaps a marriage announced with black borders had no chance of success. It ended in divorce by a decree issued by the Chancery Court 8 August 1894 in which the Bill of Complaint stated that Arthur H. Gifford was guilty of several acts of non-support. Isabella A. (Carpenter) Gifford was granted custody of Louise A. Gifford, issue to said marriage.120

     In Detroit, Michigan, 30 September 1895, Arthur H. Gifford married for the second time to Lena Barnes, daughter of David Barnes and Sarah L. Coleman. Like Arthur, Lena had been married once before and in this record her name is entered in parentheses as "Mrs. L. Chubbock."59 It is not known at this time whether her first marriage also ended by divorce or by the death of her first husband Theodore. Arthur's obituary tells the story of their meeting: "Mrs. Gifford [Lena] had been to Detroit previously to visit Mr. Gifford's sister, Mrs. Bennett, a former resident of Loveland."124 Nettie (Gifford) and Daniel Bennett were the witnesses to this marriage.

     The Giffords apparently resided for a time in Roscommon, Michigan, as Arthur is listed as residing in Roscommon in his father's 1897 obituary.37 However, an affidavit filed in February 1898 in support of his mother's claim for a widow's pension, indicated his desire to move to Loveland, Colorado, where his family, presumably Lena and her daughter, were living.38 By 1900, Arthur had rejoined his family and was enumerated in Loveland on the 1900 U.S. census. He appears as A. H. Gifford, farmer, born in November 1864 in New York, married for 5 years.115 The couple were still part of Loveland's community in 1910, at which time Arthur was an "employer at the sugar factory."116

     The 1920 U.S. census shows that Arthur and Lena Gifford had apparently moved to Los Angeles, California, where they are renting a home on Cherenoya Street.117 However, a series of Loveland city directory entries indicates that the couple kept their home at 718 7th Street in Loveland and moved back and forth. Arthur is listed as one of Loveland's city aldermen in the directories of 1917 and 1938, as a rancher in 1929 and 1931, and as a farmer in 1933. He and Lena are not in Loveland in 1927. Presumably, they had returned to California for a time.

     Lena (Barnes) Gifford died in July 1944 and Arthur then returned to California where he died almost two years later, 21 April 1946, at the age of 81 years 5 months 8 days in Culver City, California, in Washington Hospital. The cause of death as entered on his death certificate was "cardiac decompensation of six weeks' duration due to senility."114 His stepdaughter, Evelyn (Chubbock) Goss, was the informant on his death certificate. Information she supplied included his birthdate and his parents' names including his mother's maiden name. Her knowledge indicates a close relationship between her stepfather and herself. Arthur's body was taken to Loveland, Colorado, accompanied by his step-granddaughter Daphne (Goss) MacKnight, and the funeral was held in the Methodist Church there 25 April 1946.124 He was buried in Lakeside Cemetery in Loveland, Colorado, next to his late wife, Lena.118 The obituary, which appeared in the The Loveland (Colo.) Reporter Herald 22 April 1946, was very surprising to descendants of Arthur and Isabelle (Carpenter) Gifford. Arthur's survivors include "a daughter, Mrs. Eva Goss, of Hollywood, California." Eva, or Evelyn, Chubbock, Arthur's stepdaughter, had married a man named Goss as had his daughter Lorene. Both daughter and stepdaughter also resided in Los Angeles Co., California, at the time. Arthur's daughter and grandchildren by blood are not named in the obituary.125,124

     Arthur H. Gifford left a will dated 5 August 1944 in which he names his stepdaughter Evelyn Goss as his sole heir. His sister, Cora Southard of Toledo, Ohio, is named his residuary legatee in the event that Evelyn would predecease him. The will acknowledges the existence of "a natural daughter who was christened Louise A. Gifford who, according to my last information, resides in Detroit, Michigan, but with whom I have had no association or contact since her early childhood," but leaves nothing to this daughter.122 126 Arthur's daughter, called "Rena" at the time, is known to have visited her father in Colorado at least once. The Fort Collins and Loveland City Directory of 1907 includes this listing: "Gifford, Rena, residence 718 7th" immediately following the listing for A. H. and Lena Gifford at the same address. Lorene would have been about 21 years of age at this time.127 Perhaps from the distance of almost 40 years, Arthur had forgotten this visit. The will was admitted to probate 23 July 1946122 and the estate was settled 5 April 1947. This Decree of Final Settlement concludes, "Said Executor [Hatfield Chilson] has received for and on behalf of said Estate the sum of $848.38 and has expended the sum of $848.38 heaving in his hands the sum of None to be distributed to the . . . legatees."122

     Isabelle Amelia Carpenter was born 27 March 1868 in Zilwaukee, Saginaw Co., MI.128,129 She married (2) after her divorce David S. Wright 1895 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI.130,131 She died 19 July 1952 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI.132,133 She was buried on 22 July 1952 Acacia Park Cemetery, Birmingham, Oakland Co., MI.134,133

     Isabelle Amelia Carpenter, called variously "Belle," "Emily" and "Amelia Isabelle," was the descendant on her mother's line of many of Detroit's founding French families. She was the third child, first daughter, of Charles L. and Amelia (Dupraw) Carpenter. Her 1868 birth in Zilwaukee is one of the first recorded in Saginaw Co., Michigan, records. The entry is unusual. The name is entered as "Amelia" in quotation marks with a wavy line running between the quotation marks. Whether the name was entered before or after the wavy line could not be determined from the microfilm copy.129

     Isabelle's family was enumerated in the 1870 U.S. census of Buena Vista, Saginaw Co., Michigan.135 However, the family had moved north to Iosco Co. by 1880 and were enumerated in the 1880 U.S. census there in Tawas.136 In the 1884 Michigan state census taken just a year before her marriage, Isabelle and her family are enumerated in Roscommon Village, Roscommon Co. Isabelle appears in this census as "Belle," a sixteen year old schoolgirl.48

     Isabelle Amelia Carpenter's "long anticipated" marriage to Arthur Gifford in 1885 may not have been particularly happy. The marriage ended in divorce in August 1894.120 The union resulted in one child, a daughter, christened Louise but known as Lorene. It is possible that the Giffords may have had another child, either stillborn or dying young. In the 1900 U.S. census enumeration, Isabelle, now married to David S. Wright, states that she had three children, only two still living at the time.130 That deceased child, unknown at this time, could have been the offspring of either marriage.

     Some time in 1895,130 possibly in Detroit, as the marriage was not recorded in Roscommon Co. records, Isabelle married railroad freight conductor David S. Wright. Although apparently a resident of Detroit, D. S. Wright may have been employed by the Central Michigan Railroad Company which ran both freight and passenger trains to its depot in Roscommon, Michigan. In this way, the two might have met. The couple is known to have had three children: Thelma, D. S. and Gordon. A fourth child, the deceased child mentioned in both the 1900 and 1910 U.S. census enumerations of the family, could have been the result of this marriage.130131

     The Wright family lived the remainder of their married life in Detroit, Michigan, but made frequent trips back to the Roscommon area, probably to visit Isabelle's large family, most of whom remained in Roscommon. Isabelle was widowed in May 1932 and would remain a widow until her death more than twenty years later. Isabelle Amelia (Carpenter) Wright died in Detroit, Michigan, 19 July 1952, at the age of 84 years. Death was caused by coronary thrombosis. She was buried next to her husband in Acacia Park Cemetery, Birmingham, Oakland Co., Michigan.133

     The only known child of Arthur Hiram4 Gifford and Isabelle Amelia Carpenter was:

     Lena Barnes was born 22 April 1857 in Rock Island, IL, daughter of David and Sarah L. (Coleman) Barnes.59,116,118 She married (1) Theodore A. Chubbock circa 1878. She died 6 July 1944 in Loveland, Larimer Co., CO.137,118 She was buried on 8 July 1944 in Lakeside Cemetery, Loveland, Larimer Co., CO.123,118

     Lena Barnes, born in Rock Island, Illinois, in 1857, was one of Loveland, Colorado's, pioneers. In a Loveland Herald article she wrote in 1909, Lena reminisces.

My earliest recollections are of crossing the plains in childhood. My father and family left Illinois in the spring with a train of five wagons, our party consisting of father, mother and six children, hired men one for each wagon, and ever so many more men who were working their way through. My father always rode in the lead wagon and selected ourcamp for the night. The wagons were so placed as to form a circle with our camp stove in the center. I do not remember where we met the first Indians, but do remember how they followed us for days at a time in single file, a string at least a mile long. They would camp near us at night. We were much annoyed and frightened when the chief took a fancy to my older sister, Mrs. Derby, and wanted her for his squaw. He offered eleven head of horses and all of their furs, which were very valuable. The men were instructed to keep a clse watch for fear they would steal her.124
     She was married circa 1878 to Theodore A. Chubbock, a farmer twelve years her senior. The couple was enumerated in the 1880 U.S. census in Sherman, Larimer Co., Colorado, with their one year old daughter, Eva, the only one of Lena's three children who would be living in 1900.115

     Lena met her second husband, Arthur H. Gifford, through her friendship with Arthur's sister, Nettie (Gifford) Bennett. At this time, Lena was employed as a seamstress.59 The couple married in 1895 in Detroit, Michigan, but lived most of the rest of their lives in the American Southwest. They had no children, but Arthur and his stepdaughter were apparently very close.

     Lena died 6 July 1944 at the age of 87 years 2 months 14 days. Death was caused by endocarditis. She was buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Loveland, Colorado.118

     There were no known children of Arthur Hiram4 Gifford and Lena Barnes.

     15. Cora E.4 Gifford (Benjamin3, William2, Benjamin1); born July 1873 in Leslie, Ingham Co., MI;59,40,138 married Alderman T. Southard 26 June 1893 in Roscommon, Roscommon Co., MI.139,59,40

     Cora Gifford was the youngest child of Benjamin and Julia (Rappleye) Gifford, born probably eight years after her brother Arthur. Her birthdate of July 1873 in Leslie, Michigan, is a consensus of all sources found to date with two exceptions. The 1880 U.S. census enumeration of her family gives her age as five years39 and the 1884 Michigan state census enumeration lists her birthplace as New York.48

     Her marriage to a travelling salesman nine years her senior took place in Roscommon 26 June 1893. The couple was married by J. H. Curnalia, the Justice of the Peace. Witnesses were William and Eliza Holland, a couple with no known relationship to the families. Despite the many jokes about travelling salesmen, the marriage was probably quite successful. The couple removed to the groom's home in Toledo, Ohio, where they raised their family and remained for the rest of their lives.

     Cora was the mother of three children. However, one of the three died before the 1900 U.S. census enumeration. Information about this child is not known at this time. The Southards also shared their home with Cora's mother, Julia Gifford, after the death of her husband in 1897.40 53 It appears she resided with them until her removal to the Noble Sanitorium in Detroit, Michigan, sometime between her 1914 guardianship hearing and her death in 1916.

     The date of Cora's death is not known at this time. However, she was still living in 1944. Her brother, Arthur Hiram Gifford, names her in his 5 August 1944 will as "my sister, Cora Southard, of Toledo, Ohio." Although his only legatee was to be his stepdaughter, Evelyn (Chubbock) Goss, Cora was named in that place in the event Evelyn had predeceased her stepfather.122

     Alderman T. Southard was born August 1866 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH, son of James T. Southard and Eliza Fisher.59,40,138 He died 17 June 1935 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH.140

     All information found to date indicates that Alderman T. Southard lived his entire life in Toldedo, Ohio. The 1900 U.S. census enumeration is unclear, but seems to give his date of birth as August 1866.40 Other estimates of his year of birth range from 1864 to 1866 [age 28 in June 1893,59 age 45 in April 191053 and age 54 in January 1920.138 Although his name as entered in the Roscommon county, Michigan, marriage records appears to be "Alderneau," all other records indicate that his given name was probably "Alderman." He built his career around merchandising, working as a travelling salesman,59 a grocer,40, a commercial traveller for a paper company,53 and a dry goods salesman.138

     The two known children of Cora E.4 Gifford and Alderman T. Southard both born Toledo, Lucas Co., OH, were as follows:

     16. Florena A.4 Davis (Julia3Gifford, William2, Benjamin1); born 23 June 1855 in Mansfield, Tioga Co., PA;14,22,66 married Frank M. Gillette 16 April 1879 in Richmond Twp., Tioga Co., PA, marriage performed by Rev. G. Righter;66,82 she died 1920 probably in Canoe Camp, Tioga Co., PA;16 buried in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield, Tioga Co., PA.16

     Florena A. Davis, known more commonly as Flora, was the first child of Julia (Gifford) and Plinn Davis. She married Frank M. Gillette and may have moved south of Mansfield Boro to Canoe Camp. She resided there in 1890 when her father's obituary calls her "Mrs. Frank Gillett of Canoe Camp."61 There is some question as to the children of Flora (Davis) and Frank Gillette. One source names them Mattie, Clara, Glenn, and Lynn.66 It is possible that the Bert L. Gillette buried in the lot with Flora and Frank is not a child of this couple or he may have been known in the family as Lynn.

     Frank M. Gillette was born 1851 in Richmond Twp., Tioga Co., PA.16 He died 1948 probably in Canoe Camp, Tioga Co., PA.16 He was buried in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield, Tioga Co., PA.16

     The five known children of Florena A.4 Davis and Frank M. Gillette were as follows:

     20. Frederic Myron4 Davis (Julia3Gifford, William2, Benjamin1); born 20 June 1869 in Richmond Twp., Tioga Co., PA;14,15,16 married Cora Estella Baynes 1 May 1895 in Mansfield, Tioga Co., PA;143,69 he died 19 January 1950 in Richmond Twp., Tioga Co., PA;16 buried in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield, Tioga Co., PA.144,16

     Fred Davis family, circa 1912.  Front:
Fred, Marian, Mildred.  Back: Cora, Leigh.  Photograph in possession of Jeanne

     Frederic Myron Davis, born 20 June 1869, was the youngest child of Julia (Gifford) and Plinn Davis. Like his father, he was a farmer. He married at the age of 25 to Miss Cora Estella Baynes, a young teacher, and the couple raised a family of three children in his father's farm house on Mulberry Hill. A descendant recalls a little about this farm west of Mansfield: When I was little, before Fred died, there was a sleigh in the barn that my cousins and brothers and I played on when we visited. Also, at that time the house had no running water. My g-grandfather had a nice orchard on the east side of the house; a few of the apple trees still stand.66 Although Fred survived his mother by 44 years, he is not named in his mother's 1906 obituary. His deceased brother Edward was named one of her survivors in his stead.19 Fred died in 1950 and was buried in Prospect Cemetery with his parents and siblings.16

     Cora Estella Baynes was born 25 March 1870 in Richmond Twp., Tioga Co., PA, daughter of John T. and Elizabeth Baynes.16,69 She died 23 February 1963 in Richmond Twp., Tioga Co., PA.16 She was buried in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield, Tioga Co., PA.145,16

     The three known children of Frederic Myron4 Davis and Cora Estella Baynes all born Richmond Twp., Tioga Co., PA, were as follows:

     21. Lloyd S.4 Fralick (Mary3Gifford, William2, Benjamin1); born 1865 in PA;58 married Dianna Conkey circa 1888 probably in Medina, Orleans Co., NY;76 he died before 4 June 1900 in Medina, Orleans Co., NY, His mother's entry in the 1900 U.S. census lists her as having had two children, one of whom had died before 1900.74

     Dianna Conkey was born circa 1866.76 She was buried.146,76 Dianna Conkey appears as Dianna Fralick, age 26, in the census of 1892, Ridgeway Twp., Orleans Co., NY, in the household of John Fralick as his daughter-in-law.76

     The two known children of Lloyd S.4 Fralick and Dianna Conkey both born Medina, Orleans Co., NY, were as follows:

     23. D. Clark4 Rumsey (Matilda3Gifford, William2, Benjamin1); born 9 January 1870 in Sullivan Twp., Tioga Co., PA;24,80 married Daisy Levalley 16 November 1892 in Covington, Tioga Co., PA;24 he died 18 February 1894 in Sullivan Twp., Tioga Co., PA;147,24,80,148 buried in Mainesburg Cemetery, Sullivan Twp., Tioga Co., PA.

     D. Clark Rumsey was the only child of Charles and Matilda (Gifford) Rumsey to reach adulthood. He was six months old at the time the 1870 U.S. census was taken. The enumeration of his father's household in Sullivan Township states that Clark was born in December [1869].14 However, the date of birth stated by his father was 9 January 1870.80 His tombstone also gives his year of birth as 1870.79 Clark lived his entire life in Sullivan Township and was by occupation a farmer.148 In December 1892 he was acknowledged as one of the heirs of his grandmother, Eunice Gifford. However, very few papers were found in the administration file and it is unknown if he received anything from this estate.18 Clark married in 1892 and fathered a daughter, Matilda (born 1893), probably named after his mother. He died only a year later, 18 February 1894, at the age of 24 years 1 month 9 days. Death was caused by consumption of six months' duration.148 Clark was buried in Mainesburg Cemetery, Mainesburg, Pennsylvania.79

     The only known child of D. Clark4 Rumsey and Daisy Levalley was:

     26. William4 Gifford (Hiram3, William2, Benjamin1); born March 1870 in Mansfield Twp, Tioga Co., PA;14,87 married (1) Eliza Ann Bonney 20 September 1892 probably in Thompsonville, Benzie Co., MI;150,77 he and Eliza Ann Bonney were divorced between 1902 and 1910;87 married (2) Christine Nelson after 18 April 1910 in Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., MI.96,151

     William Gifford, only son of Hiram H. and Sarah Gifford, was born in Mansfield, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania, in March 1870, a birthdate supported by all other evidence found to date.77 While still very young, William moved with his family to the state of Michigan and probably had few memories of his birthplace, his grandmother's home in Mansfield. William and his parents were living in South Branch, Crawford Co., Michigan in 1880,58 but the family had moved to Thompsonville in Benzie Co., Michigan, by 29 February 1892, the date on which William witnessed his father's Declaration for Original Disability Pension.91

     Later that same year, William Gifford would marry Eliza Ann Bonney 20 September 1892.150 The couple was married almost nine years before the birth of their only child, a son Hiram. At some time between the birth of this son and the 1910 U.S. census enumeration, the couple would divorce. The two live in separate households at the time, William with his parents in Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., Michigan,87 and Eliza with their son Hiram and her widowed father, M. E. Bonney, in Thompsonville.152 On this census, William lists his marital status as "divorced;" Eliza lists herself as "widowed."

     William Gifford remarried in 1910, some time after the census enumeration date of 18 April, to Christine Nelson,151 mother of a learning disabled daughter Myrtle. If Christine had been married prior to this date, Nelson may have been her marital name. The 1920 U.S. census enumeration shows William, still a resident of Traverse City, in a household consisting of himself, wife Christine, stepdaughter Myrtle Gifford, daughter Eunice, and his son Hiram, now eighteen years old. William was employed as an electrician, his lifetime occupation, for the Queen City Electric Light company.96

     William Gifford's wife Christine died in 1961 in Traverse City, but William's death has not been found in the death record index of Grand Traverse County, Michigan.

     Eliza Ann Bonney was born 27 June 1874 in Baileyville, Washington Co., ME.150,152

     The only known child of William4 Gifford and Eliza Ann Bonney was:

     Christine Nelson was born 1879 in MI.96 She died 24 April 1961 in Grand Traverse Co., MI.154,151

     The only known child of William4 Gifford and Christine Nelson was:

     27. Edith E.4 Gifford (Hiram3, William2, Benjamin1); born September 1872 in Mansfield Twp, Tioga Co., PA;77 married Charles C. Blackman 1890 probably in Thompsonville, Benzie Co., MI;77 she and Charles C. Blackman were divorced between 1904 and 1910.87

     Edith E. Gifford, daughter of Hiram H. and Sarah Gifford, was born September 1872 in Mansfield, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania.77 However, by 1877, her family had moved to the state of Michigan and are enumerated in the 1880 U.S. census in South Branch, Crawford Co., Michigan.58

     Edith married Charles C. Blackman circa 1890, probably in Thompsonville, Benzie Co., Michigan, the couple's residence in the 1900 U.S. census.77 The couple had four children, a son Clarence, and three daughters, Vera, Shirley and Coral. Clarence, born in 1892, died some time between the census years of 1900 and 1910, and the marriage itself ended in divorce sometime between the 1904 birth of daughter Coral and the enumeration date of the 1910 U.S. census. This census finds Edith now living in Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., Michigan. She is head of her own household, age 37 and divorced, a dish packer at the Oval Wood Dish Company. She is the mother of four children, three still living, her daughters Vera, Shirley and Coral, all living with her.96 Perhaps the marriage was destroyed by the death of the couple's son. She had 4 children, 3 still living in 1910.87

     Edith and her daughters have not been located in the 1920 U.S. census. It is likely that she remarried and left the area. No marriage record for Edith or her daughters was found in the Grand Traverse Co., Michigan, records index.

     Charles C. Blackman was born December 1870 in MI.77

     The four known children of Edith E.4 Gifford and Charles C. Blackman all born Thompsonville, Benzie Co., MI, were as follows:

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