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Descendants of Benjamin and Mary (Tilton) Gifford

Generation One

     1. Benjamin1 Gifford; born circa 1766 in Dover, Monmouth Co., NJ;1 married Mary Tilton, daughter of John Tilton and Mariam (--?--), say 1791.

     In his affidavit in support of Mariam Tilton's claim for a widow'spension, Benjamin Gifford states that "he became aquainted with John Tilton and Marium his wife at the age of about fifteen years and afterwards married Mary Tilton the Daughter of John and Marium Tilton." An interesting added comment suggests that Benjamin's father also served in the Revolutionary War. "[He] has often hered his Father say that he served in the army of the Revolution with John Tilton under Capt Bigelow and Capt Jenkins and under Colnel Samuel Forman and General David Forman Majors name was John Crook."1

     Benjamin Gifford moved his family from Monmouth County, New Jersey, to Cayuga County, New York, in 1806. Unfortunately, there are no 1790 or 1800 federal censuses for Monmouth County, so the first picture of this family appears in the 1810 U.S. census of Cayuga County.2 It shows a family consisting of a father and mother, three boys under ten years of age, and four girls: one between 16 and 26 years old, two between 10 and 16 years old, and one under ten. By 1820, Benjamin and his family have removed to Ovid in Seneca County, New York.3 The three older girls are no longer part of the household; probably they have married. The youngest daughter is now shown as age 10 to 16 years and there is another girl under ten years of age. There appear to be five boys: two age 16 to 26, one age 16 to 18, one 10 to 16, and one under ten years of age. In all probability, the boy shown age 16 to 18 is also counted in the 16 to 26 category. If so, the three boys from the 1810 census are accounted for and one boy has been added to the total. By 1830, only this youngest boy, now age 15 to 20, remains in the household. The youngest girl is no longer present, possibly having died in the interim, or perhaps residing with an older sibling. The elderly female found in the household in 1830 would be Miriam Tilton, Mary Gifford's mother. She was widowed in 1826 and is known to have been living with Benjamin and Mary in Ovid in 1837.4

     Benjamin Gifford has not been located in the 1840 federal census index; however, this census is not well-indexed. His son William was found residing in Covert in 1840, but the town of Ovid has not yet been searched. It is possible that he died sometime between 1838 and 1840, but not enough research has been done to justify this assumption.

     Mary Tilton was born circa 1769 in Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ.1 She was living in Seneca Co., NY, 28 December 1837 when she signed an affidavit in support of her mother's pension application.1

     The only identified child of Benjamin1 Gifford and Mary Tilton was:

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