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Production of the Genealogy Reports

The genealogy software program I use is The Master Genealogist, commonly referred to as TMG. All the family narratives were produced by this program's Custom Genealogy Report sent directly to an HTML file.

The Master Genealogist is a wonderfully powerful and flexible database program. It has allowed me to place my narrative "rough drafts" within the program in a way which allows me to easily update the narrative without compromising the software features required to adequately analyze a large, complex relational database. If you are dissatisfied with your current genealogy software program, please visit the WhollyGenes web site and consider giving TMG a try.

Please note that my database, carried over from very early PC days, reflects the constant improvement in both genealogy software programs and in my skills as a researcher. I am in the process of extensive data base editing, but some sections of these narratives still show the poor language found in "canned" narrative output. As my editing and research continues, these pages will be updated.


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Some hints on Navigating and Searching These Sites

Although I would like to imagine that every visitor to these pages reads every carefully chosen word, the reality is that most people visit in search of some particular ancestor. Therefore, any genealogy needs an index or some method for a reader to find a given name.


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How I Determined the Individuals Included in These Genealogies

Because every family I am researching was present in the United States by 1920, I am using the National Archives' census cut off date for inclusion in these genealogies. I have not included anyone born after 1 January 1920 in these pages. In other words, if an individual could not be found in the 1920 U.S. census, he or she will not be found here. Please keep this in mind if you are browsing through more recent families. The family picture will be the family as it appeared in the 1920 U.S. census.

In addition, details for anyone born before that date but still alive have been suppressed. I have also removed all addresses, e-mail or snail mail, from the bibliographies. If you would like to contact living members of these families, please let me know and I will forward your address to the relevant family member, if possible.

All researchers should take the time to read the National Genealogical Society's Standards for Sharing Information With Others. It is very important to protect the privacy of living family members and friends. For additional information on privacy concerns in genealogy, please follow the link below to the Cregan Ancestry site's page entitled "Privacy Issues."

I support my 
living relatives' right to privacy!


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Source Citations

After much thought and discussion with other researchers, I decided originally to omit specific source citations from these pages. One consideration was the manner in which TMG produces its endnotes. Long strings of superscript numerals after each statement of fact is esthetically displeasing. To create a pleasing appearance would require one of two things: massive database editing yielding an end result which might compromise analysis of the research; or massive editing of each HTML report which negates the ease with which these "rough draft" reports are currently produced. I have not been completely happy with this decision, however. How often we genealogists discover an undocumented work which includes information we have not been able to verify in original records. How can we evaluate that information when we don't know the source? I did not want my work to be one of those manuscripts, so I have revised my original intention and will be updating these pages to include source citations, although I will still be omitting specific page references, etc.

Citations are necessary in scholarly works for several reasons.


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