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Case Cemetery, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Case Cemetery

Case Cemetery is located in Troy Township at the corner of Fallbrook Road and Farmers Valley Road. It's easy to miss as it's hidden from the road by trees. The cemetery is well-kept and rises in tiers to the tall pillar monument in the center marking the grave of General Elihu Case and his wife Charlotte Palmer Case. Despite the care taken with this cemetery, many of the tombstones have worn to illegibility and several are broken. Also, some stones were so shadowed that legible photographs were difficult to take. This photograph is taken from the bottom of the hill. The picture serves as a link to a larger picture.

Case Cemetery

This photograph shows the back of the cemetery. The tombstones almost fade into the trees at the edge of the cemetery. Broken stones are propped up against the tree trunks. Like the photograph above, this picture serves as a link to a larger picture.

I took about 60 picturess in this cemetery and planned to photograph every stone. When I returned home, however, I discovered that I had missed a few legible stones. Oh well. I like visiting the area and will get those pictures next time.

Names grouped together by a blue or yellow background appear on the same tombstone. Stated relationships appear on the stones. All names are written as they appear on the tombstone. Additional information on many of these people can be found in the genealogies on this site. Navigation links within these cemetery pages appear near the top of each page. Major navigation links and contact information appear at the bottom.

Case Cemetery map

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