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Case Cemetery, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Tombstone Listing

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Beginning at the Lower Tier

Name Dates Comments Photo Link
Stephen E. Case d. 1888 s/o H. A. & E. L. Case Tombstone
Hiram A. Case d. 1900   Tombstone
Eunice L. Case d. 1922   Tombstone
David W. Case d. 1932 Co. L, 1st NY Vet. Cav. Tombstone
[Harry Z.] Kennedy d. 1929 Co. H, 345th Inf. Tombstone
Veteran's flag     Tombstone
Daniel C. Carnright d. 1906   Tombstone
Phoebe H. Carnright d. 1916 w/o Daniel C. Carnright Tombstone
William Carnright d. 1880 s/o Daniel & Phoebe Carnright Tombstone
George L. Carnright d. 1883 s/o Daniel & Phoebe Carnright Tombstone
Timothy N. Case d. 1864   Tombstone
Delia Cowell d. 1891 w/o Timothy N. Case Tombstone
Alonzo R. Case d. 1865 1st Lt., Co. B, 107 P.V., killed in Battle of Petersburg Tombstone
Henrietta d. 1848   Tombstone
Experience Rockwell d. 1846 w/o Philander W. Rockwell Tombstone
Laura C. Rockwell d. 1844 d/o Philander W. & Experience Rockwell Tombstone
Josie Decker d. 1893 d/o C. & Mary Decker Tombstone
Gracie   front of stone Tombstone
[Gracie] d. 1879 back of stone Tombstone
Ida L. Green d. 1936   Tombstone
Nathaniel B. Green d. 1918   Tombstone
M. C. Green d. 1953 metal marker Tombstone
Reuben Case d. 1882   Tombstone
Statira Hugg d. 1895 w/o Reuben Case Tombstone
John Sims d. 1878   Tombstone
Charlotte M. Sims d. 1898   Tombstone
Charles S. Sims d. 1846   Tombstone
George F. Sims d. 1846   Tombstone
Olive C. Sims d. 1859   Tombstone
Orrin S. Sims d. 1860   Tombstone
Harry N. Sims d. 1866   Tombstone
Cemetery view     Tombstone
Reuben R. Case d. 1858 [blown up from above view] Tombstone
Charles [R]. Strait d. 1860   Tombstone
Irene Case Strait d. 1885   Tombstone
[James Strait] illegible illigible; information from earlier reading Tombstone
Sally M. Vanbuskirk d. 1894 w/o L. Vanbuskirk Tombstone
Julia F. Case d. 1849 infant d/o Nathan P. & Sarah M. Case Tombstone
Wm. Penn Case d. 1846 s/o Elihu & Charlott Case Tombstone
[Allen Searle Case?] erected 1861 [Illegible] child of Elihu & Charlott Case Tombstone
Lucy M. Case d. 1848 w/o Edmond Case Tombstone
E. Charlotte Case d. 1859   Tombstone
Charlotte P. Case d. 1881   Tombstone
Genl. Elihu Case d. 1865   Tombstone
Elihu and Charlotte Case   Rear of monument Tombstone
Cornelia S. Case d. 1907   Tombstone
Edmund Case d. 1894   Tombstone
Sylvia Merritt d. 1887 w/o Jacob C. Merritt Tombstone
Jacob C. Merritt d. 1866 [from an earlier reading] Tombstone
Broken stone     Tombstone
Susan Case d. 1894   Tombstone
Harriet and Ephraim Case stone   "Father and Mother" Tombstone
Harriet R. Case d. 1876   Tombstone
Ephraim Case d. 1876   Tombstone
Footstones and monument top     Tombstone
Horace Case d. 1935   Tombstone
Nicholas A. DeLauro d. 1999 Korean War veteran Tombstone
Carole C. DeLauro blank   Tombstone
Korean War marker     Tombstone
Elorena S. Sims d. 1989 w/o Paul R. Sims, md. 1943 Tombstone
Paul R. Sims blank   Tombstone
Infant son Case d. 1859 s/o Jareb & Louise Case Tombstone
Robert M. Case d. 1863 s/o Jareb & Louise Case Tombstone
[Oscar] Case d. 1864 s/o Jareb & Louise Case [from earlier reading] Tombstone
Louise S. Case d. 1912 w/o Jareb Case Tombstone
Jareb Case d. 1894   Tombstone
Milton P. Case d. 1897   Tombstone

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