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Alba Cemetery, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Modern stones: Route 14 to Cemetery Road

Name Dates Comments Photo Link
Edna N. Rexford d. 1947   Tombstone
Bert D. Rexford d. 1944   Tombstone
Susie E. Freeman d. 1967   Tombstone
Arthur D. Freeman d. 1931   Tombstone
Horace Dwight Freeman d. 1889   Tombstone
Silvey C. Freeman d. 1902 w/o Horace Dwight Freeman Tombstone
Carrie Mandeville d. 1930 w/o T. C. Cooney Tombstone
T. C. Cooney d. 1928   Tombstone
Harriet Freeman d. 1907 w/o T. C. Cooney Tombstone
Arthur L. [Freeman]   front of stone Tombstone
back of stone d. 1882 s/o L. & Nette Tombstone
Elma M. Packard d. 1935   Tombstone
James A. Packard     Tombstone
Freeman and Packard no dates   Tombstone
Winfield S. Packard d. 1936   Tombstone
T. Phelps Freeman d. 188[6] s/o H. W. & H. E. Freeman Tombstone
Earle V. Freeman d. [illegible] s/o [illegible] Tombstone
Stewart S. Freeman d. 1913 s/o Charles & Adell Freeman Tombstone
Adell E. Freeman d. 1926 "Mother" Tombstone
Charles L. Freeman d. 1934   Tombstone
Florence Freeman McConnell d. 1917   Tombstone
Mary Greenleaf d. 1881 d/o J. W. & L. E. Greenleaf Tombstone
Clara Freeman Tomlinson d. 1946   Tombstone
George P. Freeman d. 1826   Tombstone
Samuel Thomas d. [sunken] "Father" Tombstone
Lydia P. Thomas d. 1890 "Mother" Tombstone
Wilmot Thomas d. 1882 s/o Samuel & L. P. Thomas Tombstone
Thomas M. Scott d. [blank]   Tombstone
Martha A. Scott d. 1921   Tombstone
Allen E. Thomas d. 1893 s/o W. A. & W. E. Thomas Tombstone
Wrexeville E. Long d. 1908 w/o W. A. Thomas Tombstone
Jane A. Thomas d. 1872 w/o W. A. Thomas Tombstone
Alice T. (Thomas) Harris d. 1874 w/o J. R. Harris; d/o W. A. & Jane A. Thomas Tombstone
J. R. Harris d. 1887   Tombstone
Alice T. Harris d. 1961   Tombstone
Jnnie [as is] H. Monahan d. 1958   Tombstone
Lydia Boyce d. 1873 w/o Wm. Boyce Tombstone
William Boyce d. 1876   Tombstone
Harry E. Reynolds d. 1951   Tombstone
Lena B. Crandall d. 1900 w/o H. E. Reynolds Tombstone
Cora E. Reynolds d. 1975   Tombstone
Chas. L. Crandall d. 1936 Co. H, 10th NY Cav. Tombstone
Florence M. Crandall d. 1928 w/o Chas. L. Crandall Tombstone
Sarah Crandall d. 1891   Tombstone
Allen Crandall d. 1876   Tombstone
Nelson Wood d. 1900   Tombstone
Semantha Wood d. 1905 w/o Nelson Wood Tombstone
Stanley Van Horn d. 1877   Tombstone
L. D. Randall d. 1910   Tombstone
Amanda Randall d. 1901 w/o Daniel Randall Tombstone
Charlotte Randall d. 1881 w/o Daniel Randall Tombstone
Fanny Kiff d. 1897 w/o Charles Kiff Tombstone
Theodore Smith d. 1927   Tombstone
Flora F. Smith d. 1927   Tombstone
I. H. Smith d. 1890   Tombstone
Malavy Smith d. 1891 w/o I. H. Smith Tombstone
Adaline Dikeman d. 1891   Tombstone
Mabel R. Haflett d. 1964   Tombstone
A. Lincoln Haflett d. 1946   Tombstone
Lydia E. Haflett d. 1915 w/o A. L. Haflett Tombstone
Nelson Wood Boyer d. 1966   Tombstone
Betty Mingos Boyer d. [blank]   Tombstone
Herman R. Boyer d. 1961   Tombstone
Eliza A. Boyer d. 1944   Tombstone
Meade T. Case d. 1966   Tombstone
Louise B. Case d. 1963   Tombstone
Bernice B. Thomas d. 1980   Tombstone
Harry A. Thomas d. 1978   Tombstone
Milton A. Case d. 1937   Tombstone
Eugenia E. Case d. 1909 w/o Milton A. Case Tombstone
Bertha E. Case d. 1918   Tombstone
Arthur Mason d. [blank]   Tombstone
Kate E. Mason d. 1913 w/o Arthur Mason Tombstone
Harry Thomas no date Co. L, 7th CA Inf., Spanish-American War Tombstone
Jacob Thomas d. 1924   Tombstone
Mary E. Thomas d. 1912 w/o Jacob Thomas Tombstone
Myrtle F. Thomas d. 1949   Tombstone
Frank H. Thomas d. 1957   Tombstone
Francis P. Thomas d. 1963   Tombstone
Ruth J. Thomas d. 1998   Tombstone
Merrell Freeman stone     Tombstone
Merrell L. Freeman d. [blank]   Tombstone
Betty L. Fay d. 2000 w/o Merrell Freeman Tombstone
    married 4 Nov 1944 Tombstone
Lizzie N. Thomas d. 1959   Tombstone
Meade Thomas d. 1945   Tombstone
Margery Thomas Roman d. 1990   Tombstone
James Albert Thomas d. 1923   Tombstone
Sherman Meade Thomas d. 1974   Tombstone
Florence Scott d. 1978   Tombstone
Harry S. Freeman d. 1929   Tombstone
Pearl H. Freeman d. 1959   Tombstone
Charles L. Freeman d. 1921   Tombstone
Dwight Freeman stone     Tombstone
Geraldine Freeman d. 1992   Tombstone
Dwight Freeman d. 2003   Tombstone
N. Byron Case d. 1916   Tombstone
Eliza A. Case d. 1907 w/o N. Byron Case Tombstone
Jane Williams d. 1883 w/o Erskine Packard Tombstone
Erskine Packard d. 1906 Co. K, [?] NY Eng. Tombstone
Luella J. Packard d. 1915   Tombstone
Marie M. Freeman d. [blank]   Tombstone
Daniel O. Freeman d. 1975   Tombstone
Marion I. Freeman d. 1989   Tombstone
Adelia O. Elliott d. 1921 w/o C. H. Reynolds Tombstone
C. H. Reynolds d. 1936   Tombstone
Fenimore C. Packard d. 1925 "Father" Tombstone
Ida M. Packard d. 1931 "Mother" Tombstone
Theodore H. Manley d. 1912   Tombstone
Etta M. Manley d. 1906 w/o Theodore H. Manley Tombstone
Randolph H. Manley d. 1884 s/o Theodore H. & Etta M. Manley Tombstone
Nelson A. Maynard
Theodore M. Maynard
d. 1914 [twins] Tombstone

Behind the hill

Name Dates Comments Photo Link
Grant Jiggs Palmer d. 1989   Tombstone
Irene S. Palmer d. 1988   Tombstone
Horace G. Welch d. 1912   Tombstone
Mary E. Welch d. 1923 w/o Horace G. Welch Tombstone
Charles Ayers d. 1905   Tombstone
Maude W. Palmer d. 1946   Tombstone
George F. Dunbar d. 1953 "Father" Tombstone
Cora A. Dunbar d. 1942 "Mother" Tombstone
Lawrence A. Dunbar d. 1915   Tombstone
Eva G. Dunbar d. 1900 d/o George & Cora Dunbar Tombstone
Fannie L. Dunbar d. 1908 d/o George & Cora Dunbar Tombstone
R. W. Phillips d. 1916   Tombstone
Fannie Phillips d. 1926   Tombstone
Augusta Lilley Bates d. 1904   Tombstone
John P. Bates d. 1930 Co. K, 15th NY Eng. Tombstone
E. Franklin Bates d. 1920   Tombstone
Ada F. Bates d. 1946   Tombstone

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