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Alba Cemetery, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Old section: Fence corner to Route 14

Name Dates Comments Photo Link
Melvin Wood d. 1843 s/o Amasa & Olive Tombstone
Ornan Randall d. 1864 26 Feb 1793 - 8 Nov 1864; 1812 flag Tombstone
Arminda Rolison d. 1864 w/o N.H. Rolison Tombstone
Ida Eugenia Rolison d. 1865 d/o John & Sarah Rolison Tombstone
Lucie J. Manley d. 1872 d/o A.S. & W. Manley Tombstone
Alvin W. Thomas d. 1858 s/o Lorenzo & Hannah Thomas Tombstone
Reynolds d. 1842 d/o Wm. & Reynolds Tombstone
Charlotte R. Porter d. 1892   Tombstone
Edwin Spencer Porter d. 1894   Tombstone
Frances A. Pettes d. 1912 w/o John F. Pettes Tombstone
Robert Mason d. 1858   Tombstone
Irad Wilson d. 1884   Tombstone
Sally Wilson d. 1848 w/o Irad Wilson Tombstone
Sally M. Wilson d. 1848 w/o Irad Wilson Tombstone
Delphine Wilson d. 1848 d/o Irad & Sally M. Wilson Tombstone
Irad d. 1856 "We loved him" [?] Tombstone
Irad Wilson Jr. d. 1851   Tombstone
Clinton E. Wilson d. 1852 s/o Irad & Sally M. Wilson Tombstone
Emma Manley
also "Their Dau. R. M."
d. 1868 w/o E. H. Manley Tombstone
O. P. Wilson d. 1864 Co. C, 50th NY Engineers Tombstone
Phidelia Mason d. 1839 w/o George Mason Tombstone
Fanny E. Palmer d. [1864?] d/o David & [?] Palmer Tombstone
David Palmer d. 1850 s/o David & Clarinda Palmer Tombstone
Clarrinda Palmer d. 1859 w/o David Palmer Tombstone
Bolivar Palmer d. 1851   Tombstone
Betsey Elliott d. 1849 w/o F. S. Elliott Tombstone
Alexander Bothwell d. 1889   Tombstone
Sirmantha Bothwell d. 1864 w/o Alex. Bothwell Tombstone
Adaline Bothwell d. 1853 w/o Alex. Bothwell Tombstone
James A. Bothwell d. 1888   Tombstone
Polly Lilley d. 1890 w/o J. A. Bothwell Tombstone
Phoebe Blackwell d. 1842 w/o J. A. Bothwell Tombstone
Justin Bothwell d. 1842 s/o James A. & Phoebe Bothwell Tombstone
Zeruah Case d. 1844 w/o Samuel Case genealogy Tombstone
Samuel Case d. 187[X] genealogy Tombstone
Samuel and Zeruah Case
missing stone
  Missing stone may be son Jacob T. Case d. 1843 Tombstone
Elmer Thomas d. 1856 s/o E. D. & M. L. Thomas Tombstone
Thomas K. Hewitt d. 1849 s/o H. W. & Huldah Hewitt Tombstone
L. Delphine Hewitt d. 1845 d/o H. W. & Huldah Hewitt Tombstone
Susan Slade d. 1862 w/o E. M. Slade Tombstone
Chas. B. Thomas d. 1862 "Killed at Battle of Fredericksburg" Tombstone
A. W. Thomas Jr. d. 1862 "in the U. S. Army" Tombstone
Alvin W. Thomas d. 1870   Tombstone
Amy Thomas d. 1881 w/o A. W. Thomas Tombstone
Hiram D. [Thomas] d. 1868 broken stone Tombstone
Susannah Thomas d. 1859 w/o Jacob Thomas Tombstone
Jacob Thomas d. 1840   Tombstone
Alonzo Greeno d. 1850   Tombstone
Milton A. Greeno d. 1851 s/o Alonzo & Sarah J. Greeno Tombstone
Charles Greeno d. 1850   Tombstone
Betsey C. Elliott d. 1849 w/o F. S. Elliott [newer stone] Tombstone
Emerson Greeno d. 1861   Tombstone
Anna Greeno d. [1861] w/o Emerson Greeno Tombstone
Betsey Rockwell d. 1841 w/o Laban Rockwell Tombstone
Malachi Shoemaker d. 1837   Tombstone
Dr. Reuben Rowley d. 1834 Morse Funeral Home marker; field stone
[New stone placed in October 2003]
Noah Wilson d. 1844 Morse Funeral Home marker; field stone
[New stone placed in October 2003]
Row of field stones     Tombstone
Robert McKean d. 1852 s/o Robert & Martha McKean Tombstone
Jeremiah Smith d. 1851   Tombstone
Sally Smith d. w/o Jeremiah Smith Tombstone
Esther Armstrong d. 1875 w/o James Armstrong Tombstone
Martha McKean d. 1862 w/o Robert McKean Tombstone
Mary Ann Rockwell d. [1836] w/o Laban Rockwell Tombstone
Thankful Sophia Thomas d. [1855] w/o [Chester D.] Thomas Tombstone
Thirza Allison d. 1897 w/o Zerah B. Steevens Tombstone
Zerah B. Steevens d. 1867   Tombstone
Robert Lilley d. 1886   Tombstone
Lucy P. Lilley d. 1889 w/o Robert Lilley Tombstone
Fidelia A. Lilley Gould d. 1868 [probably d/o Robert & Lucy P. Lilley] Tombstone
E. W. Lilley d. 1864 s/o John & Lucinda Lilley Tombstone
Myron A. Thomas d. 1836 s/o Chester & T. S. Thomas Tombstone
Fidelia A. [Lilley] d. 1868 [name broken, but date matches above] Tombstone
[?] Williams     Tombstone
Thomas P. Williams d. [1816?]   Tombstone
David Williams d. 1849   Tombstone
Ratchel Williams d. 1865 w/o David Williams Tombstone
name broken d. 1855 age 69 years 2 months 26 days Tombstone
D. G. Greenleaf d. 1898   Tombstone
Elmina P. Greenleaf d. 1901 w/o D. G. Greenleaf Tombstone
Julia Ann Elliott d. 1840 d/o Wm. & Betsey Elliott Tombstone
Amanda V. Freeman d. 1856 d/o H. D. & S. C. Freeman Tombstone
Lucy Provin d. 1837 w/o Shepard Provin Tombstone
Albert Dewey d. 1893   Tombstone
Emaline Dewey d. 1892 w/o Albert Dewey Tombstone
Polly Ward d. 1876 w/o Eliphalet Ward genealogy Tombstone
Eliphalet Ward d. 1865 genealogy Tombstone
Allen T. Ward d. 1840 s/o Eliphalett & Polley Ward Tombstone
Ellen McKean d. 1866 d/o A. J. McKean; d. Marion, Iowa Tombstone
Ref. Ebenezer Loomis d. 1872 ordained New London, CT, 1823 Tombstone
Susannah Loomis d. 1874 w/o Darius Manley Tombstone
Darius Manley d. 1862   Tombstone
Nabby Manley d. 1829 w/o Darius Manley Tombstone
Esther Bovier d. 1854 former w/o Dea. Wm. J. Greenleaf Tombstone
Churchill S. Rockwell d. 18[51] s/o Samuel & Betsey Rockwell Tombstone
Samuel Rockwell d. 1847   Tombstone
Betsey Rockwell d. 1880 w/o Samuel Rockwell Tombstone
Belle E. Freeman [sunken] w/o H. W. Freeman Tombstone
George P. Freeman d. 1867   Tombstone
Emoline Palmer d. 1902 w/o George P. Freeman Tombstone
Susan Phelps Freeman d. 1860   Tombstone
Mary S. Freeman d. 1863   Tombstone
Daniel Cosper d. 1912   Tombstone
Lucy J. Kiff d. 1914 w/o Daniel Cosper Tombstone
James L. Bothwell d. 1899   Tombstone
Sally M. Warren d. 1885 w/o James L. Bothwell Tombstone
Freddy Bothwell illegible child stone Tombstone
Jefferson Loughhead d. 1902   Tombstone
Esther Palmer d. 1911 w/o Jefferson Loughhead Tombstone
Fred J. Loughhead d. 1870 s/o Jefferson & Esther Loughhead Tombstone
Freddie no date   Tombstone
William H. no date   Tombstone
Orrin P. Ward d. 1912   Tombstone
Paulina A. Wright d. 1901 w/o Orrin P. Ward Tombstone
[Orrin P. Ward]   Co. F, 11th PA Cav., flag Tombstone
--- Green d. 1867 top half broken Tombstone
Betsey Smith d. 1872 w/o Alford Smith Tombstone

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