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Cemeteries of Bradford County, Pennsylvania,
and Tioga County, Pennsylvania

This site is intended only as a reservoir for tombstone images, not a transcription of all tombstones in a cemetery. Visit Joyce Tice's Tri-Counties Genealogy site for cemetery transcriptions. Use this site to compare the transcription with the original stone, if available. Please note that there are many differences between the online transcriptions and the actual tombstones. In comparing these photographs with cemetery transcriptions made several years ago, I made an alarming discovery. Many stones I transcribed have disappeared. Many are now illegible. Others have been replaced by modern stones. Before we lose these stones, it would be nice if all could be photographed. As helpful as cemetery transcriptions are, they don't compare with the information inherent in the actual tombstone.
The tombstone links are arranged in "visitation order". I began at one point in a cemetery and walked up and down the rows taking photographs. In other words, adjoining photographs were next to, or near, each other in the actual cemetery. This means that names are not presented in alphabetical order. To find a given individual: (1) use your browser's "Find" feature on each page; or (2) use the FreeFind search engine located here. Note that it indexes all site pages, not just the cemetery pages. Search for names under all spelling variations and search for both maiden names and married names. Tombstones are evidence and I have not included assumptions or information from other sources on these pages.
Each tombstone link will open a pop-up window containing a photograph, hopefully legible, of the tombstone. Don't forget to close that window before continuing your search. Other icons may be present. These represent links to individual biographies, family trees, and transcribed or scanned documents.

If you do not find the person you are seeking, please contact the author. This site is not a complete copy of my database.
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