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A Few Families of Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Susan Goss Johnston

The origins of Bradford County predate the Revolutionary War when it was part of Northumberland County. In 1786 the area became part of Luzerne County and later became part of Lycoming County. In 1810, the region became Ontario; but this county never officially organized, and in 1812, Bradford County became a reality. Aaron Case and his family left Washington County, New York, probably around 1799, and followed his brother Reuben to the Troy area. These two brothers were joined by younger brother Samuel and the three men raised large families, leaving many descendants in the area.

Although I do plan to add additional families to this site as well as many original and transcribed documents found during my research, readers who are interested in the Bradford County area should become familiar with Joyce M. Tice's website, Tri-Counties Genealogy. There is no need to duplicate the considerable resources available on Joyce's site here.

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